Take the Comic Book Heroes Quiz!

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Take the Comic Book Heroes Quiz!


Greetings, true believers! Time for a quiz about some of our favorite comic book super heroes. Will yours make the list?

Some of them fly, some are fast, some are strong and some are just particularly clever. Whatever their power might be, we here at The Escapist have a spot in our hearts for those costumed crusaders fighting for truth and justice. I'm personally particularly fond of the X-Men, because I can relate to feeling like an outsider, and Batman, because I like believing that someone determined and intelligent can conquer just about anything. Granted, the fact that he's stinking rich doesn't exactly hurt matters any, but still.

As always, you can take as long as you like to complete the quiz, but your cumulative time will affect your position on the leaderboards. When you're done, make sure you tell us who your favorite comic hero is - I think it says a lot about you.

Ready? Excelsior! (Take the Quiz.)


I Have to say that since 1997 my favorite superhero is and always will be Iron Man. Although War Machine is the close second.

An easier quiz than I was expecting; I actually got most of them right!

Much easier than I expected...

I'm guessing that means there will be an impossible quiz in the future, right?

I know next to nothing about (western...) superheroes and got 100% on third go. Not too difficult.

33 seconds. That's kind of sad, when you think about it.

Susan Arendt:
When you're done, make sure you tell us who your favorite comic hero is - I think it says a lot about you.

The more I read and see of Iron Man, the more I like him. Read "The Five Nightmares" and "Extremis." Great, great stuff.

Quite a breeze. Will there be an impossible variant quiz? I am up to the challenge. :P

Hey top 10! (At this point)

The only question that slowed me down a bit was

I had to guess (using logic), but I got it right.

EDIT: Fave comic character?
From X-Men it's the AoA version of Blink.

But Milk & Cheese are awesome!

60% so not bad...although stumped at the lasso question. Total blank on that one ><

1min20sec. I'm such a dork :P Anyways. I've read X-men since i was 12, but I can't decide which is my favourite. I think I'll go with Cyclops.
100% in first go.

2mins, but my connection sucks, haha.

Woooo 16th place! With a time of 1 minute exactly. The X-men one stumped me for a second, I only knew the X-men from the cartoon, which I knew was different from the original comic lineup, got the right one though.

10/10 on the first go, it's been a while since that happened...

As for the favourite superhero, I'm going to pick the obvious and unpopular Superman, the character that got me into comics in the first place.

43 seconds and 2nd place for now!

Batman is by far my favorite. He has no super powers and uses his highly trained body and mind to defeat his foes.

I only missed the one about Tony Stark's college.

No clue on that one.

6 erbkaiser 100.0% (10/10) 00:48 1


Two of these were guesses, but apparently I guessed right.

Favourite character: err... I don't read current Marvell or DC comics. So I guess I'll pick The Sandman.

I only missed the one about Tony Stark's college.

No clue on that one.

I think it was even in the movie.

As for me, I haven't read a single comic book except for Ultimate Spider-Man and Deadpool.

As much as I feel bad for having 100%, I couldn't tell who wasn't the original X-Men. God, I'm really bad at X-Men.

60% on my first try.

Re-took it 3 times until I got all of them correct. (Dang Iron Man and X-men questions)

As for my favorite superhero comic its has to be Spiderman. I always enjoy reading them in the Sunday papers ever since I was little.

Goddammit!!! How the hell could I have 9 out of 10 on a comic hero quiz?! Aaaaaargh, curse you, X-Men!!! So many different versions of them with differing histories, how is that even a valid question?! RAAAAAAAAGE!!! D:<

Anyway, my favorite will probably always be our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, because the webhead got me into comic books when I was a wee lad at the age of 5.

My favourite comic book hero is actually Morph from the exiles.
I freakin' loved that comic series, and Morph was so awesome.

I got 8/10 on my first try, which is not bad for a kid growin' up in the nineties, who never got comics from his parents, (apart from an occasional Beano and Dandy here and there! XD).

Huzzah! Actually PLACED this time!

Currently 31st. At least I got them all right on the first try. As for my favorite superhero, that would be impossible to name. I love books like The Boys though, which involves guys beating the shit out of douchebad supes when they step out of line.

Favourite superhero? Either Deadpool (if we can count him as a "hero") or Rorschach. Or Nightwing. Batman, but less serious about the job? Yes please!

EDIT: 60th after my 2nd attempt! Combine time of 1:23(Wonder woman's lasso, really?)

would got this on my first try the only thing that messed me up was that x men question

100% and 16th place. Fuckin' A.

And favourite hero? Hmmm probably a tie between Batman and Spider-man.

Joint 3rd! Awesome sauce.
My favourite hero is currently a toss up between Tom Strong and The Question, Vic Sage flavour. The Question because I really like the reality of most of what he does: You could easily imagine him actually existing in the world, which is rare. Tom Strong because a) He's written by Alan Moore. Auto-awesome, b) he's a Doc Savage-esque science hero, the type of which I've really missed, and c) the series as a whole has this really idealistic tone and stories, which is a good balm for the sheer angsty-ness of a lot of comics today.

I guessed a couple and got 90%. Can't believe I got the XMen question wrong.

My favourite comic book hero? I don't read superhero comics, so that's far too dificult for me to answer. Most of my comic book knowledge is either stuff everyone knows, or was incorporated into movie adaptations.

Well...I was kinda dissapointed. A lot of the questions were common knowledge in my opinon and the ones that weren't obvious were simple enough that you could make an educated guess with them.

Only got the question with the X-men wrong. Never much been a fan of their comic versions, though the cartoons were alright. My blasted connection keeps lagging on me, too, I should have been done quicker.

Got 80% on my first go! ^_^
I feel like it's my personal duty to give a slap on the head to anyone who doesn't get the last question correct.

Lousey X-men question... 4th try for perfect can't never knew that about the series when I first got into it that part always seemed to be redacted.

2 tries.
90% on my first try.
Not bad if i say so myself.

Iron Man if my favorite superhero.

One of the things i love about Marvel is their Superheros are far from perfect.
And Iron Man is one of the best examples of that.

He may be a Genius but he struggled with a LOT of problems.

But he overcame them, like when he was struggling with Alcoholism he overcame it as a Person so he could continue to be a Hero.

He may seem like a Jerk and he deffentely loves being the center of attention but he really has the good of humanty at heart.

And he was willing to sacrifice his health and his privacy so he could continue to be a Hero.

I thought i was acctually goign to get a quiz right on my first go, then when i got 90% i was stumpted. I knew all those. So i thought! I did'nt know that about the x-men! Learn somethign eachday.

10/10 first try! Suck it Trebeck!

Wow, I thought I was going to get torn to shreds by this quiz because I don't read comic books, but this was ridiculously easy. Just watch the movies and the cartoons and you're fine for this.

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