Rock Out With A Fantastic 52-Minute Street Fighter Mix Tape

Rock Out With A Fantastic 52-Minute Street Fighter Mix Tape


This Street Fighter mix tape may be the most awesome 51 minutes and 54 seconds of videogame-related music you will hear all month.

Between news posts about Vinyl Fantasy 7 and Commander Shepard's Mass Effect 2 mining rap, I think I've made it very clear by this point that I'm a fan of rap set to videogame music.

And now, it seems like I've hit the motherlode: UK-based producer/rapper/hip-hop artist (and gamer) Akira the Don released almost an hours' worth of amazing Street Fighter remixes on his site earlier this week. It takes a minute or two to get going, but once the familiar rockin' strains of "Ken's Theme" kick in, it's just fantastic.

The project, "A Tribute to the Music of Street Fighter," samples tons and tons of SF-related music from artists like Redman, Ras Kass and Double, and naturally pulls from Capcom's official Street Fighter tunes as well.

Amusingly enough, Akira says it originally started as "a simple, quick, fun thing [he] could do in a day and fulfill April's mixtape quota." The end result, of course, took over three weeks to splice together - three weeks of doing things that Akira says you can't (or probably shouldn't do) on an album: "Sample outrageously! Force self into corners! Learn fast! Scream at the horror of self-imposed deadlines! Push the maximiser too far! Learn from mistakes! Make new ones!"

Simply put: This is awesome. You can listen to it below, or download it for free at ATD's site.

Produced, engineered and mixed by Akira The Don at Don Studios IV
Cuts by DJ Jack Nimble
Extra guitars by Jeremy Allen

*Waking Up
*Theme From Ken
*Entertainers ft. Littles
*Be Brave
*The Title
*Winners ft Envy
*The Victory Boogie
*Ending 1
*Street Fighter (I Will F U Up) ft Big Narstie, Littles & *Lickel P
*Steal The Show ft Littles
*BONUS: Ken Will F U Up



Holy Shit!

Definitly going to download this one, sounds just amazing piece of work!

This is all sorts of epic. The kind of geek stuff I could get my clubbing friends into.

Wow, Akira the Don. This takes me a year or two back to his Hypocrite flash music video:

Just finished listening to it, and it was FUCKING awesome. I enjoyed it a lot.

Thats looks epic! D/Ling now!

Words can not describe just how incredible this is. Excellent stuff.

i just had a eargasm that was amazing

In the process of listening to it. Sounds pretty awesome, I'll probably download it after.

I have just 1 cat to say to this.

Ill download this as soon as i can.

John Funk:

This is the greatest thing to ever be created in the history of mankind. I can't believe it but this is better than Megaman 2 Rap by Duane and Brando. Wow... I'm amazed at how great the Theme from Ken is and I bet you the rest of it will be just as good. Thank you so much for showing me this John Funk and it makes up for the blasphemous Street Fighter High School Musical video that you showed on this site a while ago. You deserve an internet cookie for this so here's a stack of them, enjoy.


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