The Week in Review

The Week in Review

In this week's edition, lady werewolves, absent foxes and a contrite John Romero.

Rockstar Tells it Like it is


Lazlow Jones of Rockstar Games has a message for people who buy games like Grand Theft Auto or Manhunt for their kids: You're terrible parents. "We design games for adults because we're adults," he said. "There's a lot of kids' games out there that we're not interested in playing. Just like you enjoy watching movies and TV shows with adult themes and language and violence, that's the kind of thing we seek to produce." (link)

Megan Fox! Transform and Roll Out!


A generation of geeks wept as it was announced that Megan Fox would not be returning for Transformers 3. Admittedly, they were tears of joy, but they were still tears. The official story is that she decided to leave, but after comparing director Michael Bay to Hitler in an interview, it's not all that hard to believe that she was pushed. Regardless, there's now a need to find another attractive young woman for Shia LaBeouf to be awkward at. (link)

Blizzard Shows Off its Lady Werewolves


If you're one of those people who dreams about being a female werewolf, well, you have stranger dreams than I. But if you've been wondering what they might look like in World of Warcraft, then you're in luck, because Blizzard has revealed what the female worgen will look like in the upcoming Cataclysm expansion. Worgen of both genders can be all classes except for shamans and paladins. Catacylsm has no fixed release date as of yet. (link)

Romero Backs Down From "Bitch" Ads


John Romero has apologized for the ads for Daikatana where he claimed he would "make you his bitch," saying that he regretted it and had never really wanted to do it in the first place. "I knew it was risky, and I didn't want to do it. It didn't make sense," he said, " I mean, there's the whole culture of smack talk that goes with games and especially the FPS's, and that was something I was known for." While his candor is appreciated, we've been teasing about it for ten years. We probably owe him an apology. (link)

Cliffy B: Gears 2 Could Have Gone Blind


Gears of War 2 played with itself too much, according to Epic's Cliff Bleszinski. "There's a couple of instances where you're fighting a bunch of guys and suddenly the chopper comes along and finishes them off and you're like: 'F*ck! I wanted to finish them off. You just finished the game for me'," he said. According to Bleszinski, Epic has learned its lesson, and Gears 3 will not make the same mistake. (link)


Logan Westbrook:
Regardless, there's now a need to find another attractive young woman for Shia LaBeouf to be awkward at.

Another? But they never had an attractive young woman in the first place... Just Megan Fox. :/

*Finishes crying.* Now how to get rid of Michael Bay? I heard a rumour that Mrs. Fox is actually the rancour.

Well, Rockstar are being honest. There games are certainly not kid material.

And as for Romero...only took a decade

1.Rockstar is honest and brutal towards parents, finally placing the responsibility on the persons who bear it, not the ones building the game. No parent can sue Rockstar for it.

2.Gears of War 2 didn't masturbate too much for me but the cut-scenes always had the most 'effin' fun. CliffyB is another honest and upright person I like
3.Daikatana was horrible but the advertisements are chuckle-worthy. He became our bitch.

Fun times, nice review!


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