ThunderCats Writer Missing and Feared Dead

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ThunderCats Writer Missing and Feared Dead


A strange disappearance has nicked the perfect record of enjoyment ThunderCats once brought to the world.

Stephen Perry, an author of several ThunderCats episodes, recently went missing amongst a mysterious and somewhat disturbing situation. MyFox reports that Perry disappeared from his Zephyrhills, Florida home and that grisly discoveries were made in the surrounding area.

For one, a van was found nearby with a man's severed arm inside. More human remains were found in a dumpster at a gas station two miles away. Perry's home, which he shared with two roommates, was found ransacked.

The roommates, Roxanne D. Davis, 49, and James W. Davis, 46, had gone AWOL but were found and arrested presumably in relation to the still unfolding incident. Both have been charged with various crimes including possession of controlled substances, violation of parole, grand theft and burglary. Perry's whereabouts remain unknown.

ThunderCats is an awesome animated series that ran from the mid-to-late 1980s that is sort of like a sci-fi He-Man starring cat people. Perry wrote seven episodes of the show, also worked on SilverHawks, and had a brief stint at Marvel Comics. He had been struggling with cancer and finances, with fans assisting him to pay rent and other bills. It doesn't seem like Perry would be the prime target for a robbery, but the situation here is quite odd and grisly so let's just hope he ends up okay.

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Wow, what a way to go...

Unless the remains are from what Lion-O did to the crooks who were trying to kill Perry.

One can only hope... snarf snarf

I think one of the fans didn't like his episodes.

Oh shit.

Thundercats was awesome. I hope they find him. Hell, I'll join in on the investigation. I don't live too far away

I owe that man so much for introducing the world into the wonderful beings that is catgirls.

Holy shit... Since when are we living in Liberty City?

Wtf? Since when robbers dismember their victims for kicks?

Why don't the Thundercats help us save him!?

Obligatory heroes joke aside.

My god no. I'm joining the search. He must be found.

First Frank Frazetta, then Dio, now this!? I don't think I can take anymore man-grief this month without making some comfort purchases, most likely 80's cartoons box sets.


The guy that planted the furry seed in a thousand unexpecting children...

Time will tell as to his wellbeing, doesn't sound rosy though.

The guy wrote for ThunderCats not Voltron...(Bad taste?) though it's a bit barbaric to dismember a person for any reason.


The guy that planted the furry seed in a thousand unexpecting children...

You know, I was thinking the exact same thing as I wrote this.

Lead Detective: "SWORD OF OMENS...GIVE ME SIGHT BEYOND SIGHT!, no seriously, lets find this guy"

What the hell? I hope he's fine, but I doubt he is.

Hm. What a shame. I never watched Thundercats, but it's never nice to read about a death, especially when it's one of those really creepy ones that seem to have an answernto the mystery inprinted within the report.*

There's almost no chance that the man isn't dead; my heartfelt condolances to all his fans.

*Overactive imagination, or psychic powers? You decide!

Ironically my first thought was of "Alan Wake", you know.... maybe the Darkness got him (dum dum).

Still, unless I'm misreading this, it does seem like they are saying that the human remains aren't his. They say he's missing and say they found "An arm" for example, not HIS arm. I would think they would be specific about that.

Other than that, it does seem a bit hokey to me on another level. To be honest this guy did *7* episodes of a multi-year animated series, worked on "Silverhawks" (unknown how many episodes), and then apparently had an aborted career with Marvel. Most of this seems to be decades ago, and none of it strikes me as being massive success... yet somehow he had "fans" helping him to pay bills and such. I'm not sure how many fanatical fans he could have generated off of that career. He strikes me as an "almost made it" guy as opposed to a genuine geek icon who had fallen on hard times.

So basically I'd be guessing that this guy borrowed money from the wrong people, and passed it off (for the paperwork if he was questioned financially) as money gifted by fans. A bunch of loan sharks might dismember him like that (if it is his body parts), but this does seem a bit over the top for that given the location. Not to mention the fact that even loan sharks ultimatly want to make money (unlike how it seems in some movies), they generally speaking are only going to lend money to people they know can either pay them back, or will still be able to pull in enough consistantly to make them worth squeezing payments out of. By all accounts this dude doesn't even seem like he would have been a good investment.

Jesus! That's just HORRIBLE

Why do I have to think of Watchmen right now? Does anyone know about any other writers gone missing recently?

This is not good news. Hiphophippo is now very sad.

Damn :(
My condolences to his family, and to all the Thundercat fans.

Oh man, this sucks. I love ThunderCats. I hope he's found alive and well.

I guessing Perry probably snapped and started butchering people up and down the florida coast. You know a guy that writes about cat people isn't exactly a picture of mental health. :P

Let's hope he is found safe...god, thatvis certainly not a way to go

Wheres Horatio when we need him?

Seriously though, i hope they find him alive and well.

I'll find him >:|


Holy shit, what?


The guy that planted the furry seed in a thousand unexpecting children...

You ninja you. I was going to post exactly that.

Holy crap!

That's right by where I live! I never even knew he lived near me. I would have totally gotten his autograph.


Track him down, David Caruso. Track him down.

Onyx Oblivion:

Track him down, David Caruso. Track him down.

This. Caruso, use those shades and find him!

OT: Damn that sounds beyond messed up, this whole news letter creeps me out.

The only thing i can really say is... damn. I loved thundercats when i was a kid.

Tom Goldman:


The guy that planted the furry seed in a thousand unexpecting children...

You know, I was thinking the exact same thing as I wrote this.

Thanks for not pointing it out in the article, all the same. :)

My hopes and prayers go out to Perry, and that he is found safe and sound shacked up with some cutey. Who bears a resemblance to Cheetarah.

Fucking NO!

Beginning thoughts aside, I'd like to know who would sever a man's arm that they had allegedly kidnapped?

Snarf snarf...

yikes =.< not a fan or anything, guess I never did and still don't watch much tv, but hope things don't turn out...uh, more grisly

Thats a really unfortunate event. I have some of my fondest childhood cartoon memories watching his work. So I hope he is found or justice is at least served in this incident.

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