Blizzard Predicts Renewed WoW Growth in 2010

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Yea I might jump back in once it hits since I stopped playing I'm really behind on the raiding eight ball.

But only if the expansion looks good......and I can afford it -.-

EDIT: Woot new page, good luck :D

Andy Chalk:
"Whenever we launch an expansion we usually see some win-back from players who have set WoW aside temporarily," he continued.

Proof that you never quit WoW, you're just on break from it.

if that stays the norm to guilds i wont even look at WoW

WOW is an ok game a 6/10 but the way there guild system is set up means that you need to brain wash yourself into thinking that the game is a job or be a "casual"

I'll probably end up going back, yet again. I went back after a few months off it when Wrath came out, got to 80, raided a little, then quit again soon after Ulduar came out, haven't been back since.

I imagine it'll be a similar case with Cataclysm. I'll probably roll a new character, as I do every time I return. How long I'll stick to it this time is anyone's guess. But I can guarantee I'll be running back to Blizzard for every expansion they bring out in the future.

Once a WoWer, always a WoWer.

The Eastern market has been the mythical goal of every major corporation since Marco Polo found and Eastern market. Maybe China will get them huge gains, I think they should see it as their retirement for the game and setting. Once they have sold them in America, they can resell the games in China and use the servers that are then no longer in use because the West has stopped using them, having moved on to WoW2.


Can I buy Cataclysm without buying all the other expansions?

You can experiance the Cataclysm changes even without buying it, for level 1-60, however You won't be bale to be Worgen or Goblin, and maybe not some of the new class/race combos (eg: Tauren paladin)

I played WoW for over four years and quit almost a year ago now and Catacylsm has not really done anything to make me want to come back, that being said i will wait until it has been out for a few months to see what it is really like and then decide if i want to go back but it will have a lot of competition for me, especially from Guild Wars 2 and Final Fantasy 14.

Been playing Wow on and off for ages and from what I can tell, they are effectively going to be releasing an entirely new game, from the bottom up. So yes, there will be new playerts, but I suspect not as much as returning ones. Because really, once blizzard has its claws in your soul, you're trapped forever.

I've been playin WoW for a while and honestly, when everything was announced for Cataclysm last year, it pretty much killed my motivation for playin any more WoW. It seemed to me like this x-pack is pretty much changing the whole warcraft lore to something that i just don't like.

I was the kind of person that always read the quest logs and got into the little story arcs for different zones, but with this giant shift in the game and the changing class/race combos... i just don't like what they are changing. It seems to me like they are grasping at straws, adding things that people have been crying to have for ages just so they can keep people from leaving their game and moving to a better one.


Can I buy Cataclysm without buying all the other expansions?

Really doubt so. You needed TBC to install WOTLK so i think you need all of them.

Because of Cataclysm in some part I reactivated yesterday, after 5 months of away time.

2 years i played WoW ........a serious waste of time and money in retrospect my mate still plays so ill just look at the changes in cata when he gets it shrug and go back to EVE or The Old Republic if its out

I still have my sub.....but as it stands im probably going to switch to SWTOR instead, but before I do, i plan to have my warrior up to 85

There is not a force on earth that could make me play that game again.

Ugh, Azeroth is in WoW? It was destroyed in Warcraft 1. This is exactly why i hate WoW and will never buy it.

Holy necro, Batman!

Aye, I'll be back. But the thing is, I never left because of gameplay issues or quitting on principle. I had to put down the WoW due to circumstances beyond my control, and now I'm stuck out in the middle of nowhere with no usable internet. I do have plans to correct this, and return to playing WoW when I am able. So I may come back before Cataclysm hits, fate permitting.

I know you're all likely to go spare at me for reviving this but I feel like mentioning that you can get the expansions pretty cheap at the moment with the best price for WotLK being on Amazon.

I keep tossing around the idea of returning to Wow after cata but I think im pretty much done. I played from 6 months after launch all the way to right before ice crown patch came out and I think im done, most of my guild were the same way. I think that Blizzard is gonna have to realize that a large portion of the old guard is retiring Wow and they need to think more of rotating in new players. With cata and star wars coming out very close together (for the mmo market) itll be interesting to see how the competition for new players turns out. Personally, Im a Bioware AND Star Wars fan so looks like im gonna be surrendering the next 3 years of my life (and hopes of getting another girlfriend)to the Old Republic

I think that if they mannage to get WotLK in china it gonna get them more people then cataclysm all over the world.

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