Prince of Persia Opening Weekend Stumbles

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Prince of Persia Opening Weekend Stumbles


Despite the marketing budget of Disney and the well-oiled pecs of Jake "Manlychest" Gyllenhaal, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time wasn't as much of a success on its opening weekend as some might have hoped.

$38 million is a lot of money. It's more money than most of us will see in our entire lives combined. If you asked anybody here whether they wanted a cool $38 million, they'd probably agree in a heartbeat and live comfortably for quite a while. And yet, to some, $38 million is a disappointment - especially when you've spent hundreds of millions of dollars making and promoting a summer blockbuster film.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time may well have fallen into that "disappointment" category, raking in $37.8 million dollars in the US domestic box office over its opening weekend. This isn't a bad take, mind you, but it was far below the $55.7 million grossed by Shrek Forever After over the same weekend - and it's way beneath the Pirates of the Caribbean-level numbers that Disney had likely been crossing its fingers for, given that the firm reportedly spent $200 million producing the flick.

Given that the film was supposed to be one of the early "big hits" of the year, this lukewarm performance has to come as an unpleasant surprise to Jerry Bruckheimer and his backers at Disney. It also probably throws a big uncertain wrench into any plans for potential sequels.

This is a shame, really - I caught it with a friend on Sunday, and while not the best movie ever made, it was thoroughly entertaining. It was a great popcorn blockbuster flick that was much better than others I could name (that start with "T" and end with "ransformers").

That said, the news isn't all bad for Persia, which managed a much-more-respectable $61 million at the international box office over the same period of time.

Have you seen it yet? What did you guys think?

(Via Gamasutra and G4TV)


I saw it and liked it. It was a lot of fun, and it's the first good video game movie.

Awww man... Its actually a fairly good movie. Doesnt deserve this. Then again its better than most other shit now, so it will probably get a good amount of money... eventually.

Good movie overall, not great, but certainly better than Shrek. My only issues lie with the way the movie ended.

Very disappointed with the ending.

Pity. It wasn't great, but it was pretty good. It was far more suited to grossing tremendous wads of cash than a certain saga featuring shirtless werewolves tickling each other.

When I say I'm on Team Jake, I mean "Manlychest" Gyllenhaal, bitches.

I absolutely hated this movie, and to be honest, I'm glad it didn't do well.

A lot of the actors delivered their lines on the same level as high school plays, to the point it was cringeworthy.
I really wanted this movie to be good, I really did, but it was a huge letdown.

Saw of the mill summer movie. Moviebob pretty much nailed it, its not bad for a video game movie but...idk something was just missing.

Edit: And Gemma Arterton was lookin' HAWWWTTTT

It was pretty good. I went in not expecting much, and came out somewhat happy. My only beef was the lack of time travel during actual fight sequences. They could've been really creative there.

Oh, and some of the acting was so bad it was scary *looks at Princess*.

It was ok. I hate (HATE) shakey-cam fight cinematograaphy, and while it wasn't pervasive in the film, it was obnoxious. The romance plot was awkward and made some unbelievable leaps. But overall the film was fun and worth seeing. I would have liked more parkour.

Probably the best video game movie to date, but about on par with the summer blockbusters that usually hit in the last week of August or September. The weak ones they try to slide through after the big guns have come out. This was not a blockbester-season-opening calibre movie by a long stretch.


I haven't seen it yet, as I have no one to go with. My boyfriend has no interest, as he didn't like the games much (crazy, but true). Sadly, I don't really have any other friends in the area either. OH WELLS.

It was decent, nothing great but not bad either. The pacing was really good and the acting, for the most part, was acceptable.

My main complaint is the editing during a lot of the fight scenes. It was WAY too fast.

Also I didn't understand the romance between Jake and Gemma. It was a little too forced.

They could have prevented something like this by making a better movie. It was loud, boring, obviously didn't care about the plot, and completely missed the point of the games.

Very enjoyable film, too much slow motion.

Is a shame after all the adverts I have seen...but, I supposr to be expected. I hope it will pik up later down the line

Yeah not surprised it didn't do that well.

I think they should have focused more on the plots, and less on the ostrich racing.
The "assassins were once guardians plot" went nowhere, the sands of time themselves were mentioned by name only twice, and I reaaaaaaaaaly wanted to see Monica Belluci dressed in the Empress of Time outfit as a teaser for the sequel.

But it wasn't all that bad. I liked it more than Tomb Raider. Not as good as Mortal Kombat 1, but an infinite times better than The Legend of Chun-Li. I really hope the movie will do well, because The Last Express may also get turned into a movie.

Doesn't help that it was released right in the middle of my exams. That might account for a small fraction of the missing viewers.

I'd really rather have an entertaining game-based blockbuster than another shitty Shrek sequel (The only good sequel to Shrek is the second one). I actually saw the fourth Shrek with my sisters after Prince of Persia and it was pretty bad. I honestly don't get people's tastes anymore.

The movie definitely doesn't deserve this. Far worse movies have come out and made a whole lot more. My guess is "Prince of Persia" doesn't have enough of a mainstream name to attract attention, unlike Pirates of the Carribean, which was at least a Disneyland ride. But who knows? There could be an uptick next weekend as everybody gives up on Shrek and people say good things about PoP.

The acting was NOT bad. Megan Fox is the definition of bad. This was nowhere near that. It was more the story that was bland, not the acting. Very fun tho.

Seems like Prince of Persia might go the same route as The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons, both of which made much more money overseas than they did domestically. Granted, the aforementioned films did pretty well domestically (probably because of Tom Hanks), but PoP seems to be doing the same thing. According to Box Office Mojo, the film has made around $95 million in the foreign markets with a combined gross of over $133 million. Not too bad.

I haven't seen it, but I think it's because PoP is such unfamiliar territory to the everyman. While it was showed the same way as any other movie, it was partially made on behalf of the fans of the series. And while the fans are many, many of them were skeptics.

I want to see this movie so bad.

PoP was actually pretty good. Indeed the first good movie based on a game. I enjoyed it, and it deserves more money.

Its a shame that franchises like Shrek (the first movie was good, everything after that wasn't) get more money and fame.

The budget will be reached EVENTUALLY (DVD's/Blurays) but I'm not seeing any hope for a sequel.

I enjoyed it, but I never played the Prince of Persia games.

Good, not great. I know a few who refuse to see it out of fandom but overall it shouldn't do terrible.

Well the problem is who gives a shit that doesn't know about games? We aren't that big of a demographic since most of the gamer crowd thought it would suck and didn't want to hand over cash to be screwed over. I only went to see it mostly to be with friends and was pleasantly surprised.

I loved the Sands of Time videogame, and that's exactly why I didn't see the movie. There are some stories that I think should remain exclusive to the gaming public, because not everything can be done in film. Oh, and the Mass Effect movie is going to suck.

To be honest I thought it was pretty good, although the only PoP game I have played is the 2008 one and so I am only slightly familiar with the plot of 'The Sands of Time'.

A couple of annoyances though:

Firstly they did the typical Hollywood thing of "Oh no!, We lost the precious artefact. Oh no! We have been captured yet again". I don't understand what is so interesting about having the protagonists get caught or lose the thing they need to protect half a dozen times in a movie, it makes them look like morons.

Secondly, although it isn't a huge deal I found it strange that they changed the name of the princess for some unknown reason (I haven't even played much of the trilogy and even I know she is called Ferah).

It did have a few other issues here and there, and I would have liked a little more 'parkour' especially involving the dagger (after all, most of the game revolves around that) but considering it was based upon a video game, I'd say they did a fairly decent job.

it was a good film. never played the game so looking at it purely as a film and not a game made into a film may have made a difference to my opinion. i enjoyed it

I saw it, and while it was decent, for me, the biggest problem was that every single romantic scene, I couldn't help but supress a giggle at how ham-handedly awkward they all were.

Seriously, every single time the princess and prince were about to kiss, I had to actually try to not laugh out loud. They were so poorly done.

But other than that, the rest of the movie was pretty good.

Awww man... Its actually a fairly good movie. Doesnt deserve this. Then again its better than most other shit now, so it will probably get a good amount of money... eventually.

i think plenty of people were expecting it to be bad...and didn't trust any critics obviously, so they were hesitant to see it the opening weekend

i think it'll do good over the course of the next few weeks, once word of mouth gets out its pretty good for a video game movie, i personally liked it and if i wasn't stingy for money i'd possibly go see it again

How on Earth did it miss the point of the games? It was in the same "Arabian Nights" vein, written by the same guy, and featured the same McGuffin. It was a retelling, a new story with homages to the games. That's the only way to make a good video game film. Movie Bob was wrong; Maybe it didn't blow us away, but this is the best kind of video game film we're going to get (Which is not to say it is guaranteed to be the best one ever made)

You can't make video games into films. Not really. But what you can do is try to capture the spirit of the game, and this is what they did.

I saw it, and I thought it was pretty damn good to be honest. REALLY damn good actually.

and I wish people would stop saying that this was the "First good video game movie".
We broke that mold a LONG time ago with Tron.

Now the first good movie video game.... There's an achievement.

Unlike some people, I am not a snob about a movie. I expected a fun action flick and that is what I received. My guess for why it didn't do great, besides the bad press, is the movies it is competing with. Shrek, Sex and the city, and Iron Man.

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