G4's Olivia Munn Trying Out For The Daily Show

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G4's Olivia Munn Trying Out For The Daily Show

Olivia Munn is trading in her Chun-Li costume for something far cooler: a microphone at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.


Olivia Munn, star of G4's Attack of the Show, is apparently looking to broaden her horizons as both an actress and a comedienne. Hot off her role as reporter Chess Roberts in Iron Man 2, Ms. Munn is auditioning to be a regular cast member of The Daily Show.

Munn appeared on the show as a "Senior Asian Correspondent" who was reporting on the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and how it was affecting Vietnamese fishermen operating in the area.

The video itself was kind of funny, but more because of the general premise and the appearance of other show regulars, not so much because of Munn herself. She was obviously trying, but there was definitely an air of nervousness surrounding her.

According to Reuters, who contacted Comedy Central, the on-camera report was essentially a live audition: "A Comedy Central spokesperson characterized Munn's appearance on the show as a 'tryout,' something the network has done on occasion over the years with various performers."

For Munn, this could be a huge boost to her career, putting her in front of a massive mainstream audience on a regular basis and surrounding her with some very big names in the entertainment industry. If she gets some more camera time, hopefully things will go a little smoother.

Source: Reuters


... "And now our Asian reporter Trisha Takanawa..."

Good to know, I guess. I have no idea who this person is.

The bit itself was funny but like you said not really because of Olvia. She seemed really stiff throughout it, which is wierd considering she does AoTS pretty well. Guess she was actually nervous about being on the Daily Show.

I would suggest against this because I am pretty sure they don't want to get the G4 virus, the ability to turn the funniest things on earth (tech TV, Space Balls, etc.) into garbage that would of been cut from Disaster movie (Xplay, Space Balls: the animated series, etc.)

Good luck to Olivia! I love the Daily Show and think she would make a great addition.

He's so Asian, he's a ninja!!

I hope she does great, but I would be very disappointed to see her leave attack of the show.
But best of luck anyway.

Great... Not only did she ruin AOTS, but now shes trying to ruin the Daily Show?

Shes not funny. THe only thing she has is her looks. Like I said, she single handedly brought down AOTS, which used to be a great show. G4 itself fell apart, really... Although I cant blame ALL of that on her.

She should keep to ruining G4, the Daily Show is for people with TALENT for making people laugh. People might accept the lack of entertainment in AOTS because she shows off some cleaveage; but certainly not the Daily Show.

I was quite surprised when I saw her on. She was ok but the other corespondents were way funnier.

Also I wish they bring back Mick Foley. He was on only twice but he was great.

I'm all for anything that would help this poor girl escape G4's horrible writing.

Yeah I watched it last night, she really only had a couple predictable jokes on Vietnamese translations. Aasif Mandvi was the star of the clip.

"I'm the real Asian correspondent! I'm a ninja!"

I like her on AOTS but it just felt wrong seeing her on the daily show.

I honestly don't care for this woman. I don't find her funny, and she wrecked the Star Wars Panel at Comic con last year.

With all due respect to Olivia Munn, I'm sorry but I don't find her funny and she has gone so far to be immature and also be sex appeal that essentially makes AOTS so lowbrow despite the few times there can actually be some real great interviews.

To me she is one of those people who was essentially picked, not because of her skill but because of her looks and her ability to be able to be in front of the camera and not flinch. While the latter does take a certain amount of skill at first it later becomes habitual where anyone who wants to can learn how to do that and anyone on youtube or blip.tv can demonstrate this as a fact.

I personally don't find her attractive and I do wish for anyone to be successful especially how long she has been committed to television but I don't see her being anything more than being the role of the poor actor fool. Her daily show skit didn't even have her say many lines or even act, she was the straight man but a straight man is only funny when there is actual conflict between the oddballs and they had four oddball characters with her and there was no real interaction just analysis on each archtype. That isn't funny, what is funny is when the straight man actually tries to fight for the right to do his job as boring as possible and Jon Stewart did that for Munn. So even with that shocking surprise last night there wasn't allowed to do anything but speak to my knowledge "faux" Vietnamese and translate that and the only reason that was funny was because of swear words.

But then again and this is the sad fact it is harder for some reason to actually get women involved in acting and television compared to men so it's like reaching into a near dry well of rising talent.

No. Just no. Maybe I could see it on the Colbert repoert, but even that's big stretch. Mainly because I actually find Colbert funny.

Eh, Olivia's cute an' all, but once you're in Maxim magazine (Which I hate, according to a post I made about 5 months ago) you lose all respect from the Tinneh.

And I prefer Colbert!

Although I fuckin' love Stewart's "Go Fuck Yourself" bit.

Shes hot but thats about it.

She's more in her element when she's slinging mud. Or oil, if you will. The "translation" jokes just aren't her forte. I don't think she's quite ready, but she might work if she can get a bit more confidence.

Lol. I am watching that now.

It is kind of like how she is in Iron Man 2 as random reporter.

I saw the bit and I was actually disappointed. She didn't really say much at all. I think it might have actually gone better without the other comedians showing up. How funny can you be with only, like, 4 lines? Was it improve or something? Was she supposed to say more than that?

No. No. No. Fuck no. God, no. Oh dear god of all that may be considered holy in this world, no. Please oh merciful Satan don't let this be so....

She is just awful! She sucks in AOTS, in the bit parts I've seen her in movies, she's managed to fuck those up and now she's trying to ruin The Daily Show?

No Olivia, just no. Stick to AOTS. At least I don't watch that and it wasn't a good show to begin with.

It might be because she's so reminisent of this woman, but I don't find her in the least bit funny.

No video link?

She kind of sucked in the vid since it was mostly about everyone else.

the further she gets form that piece of shit G4 the better. also I hope adam sessler gets hit by a bus just for being a douche

Please don't taint The Daily Show, please don't taint The Daily Show, please don't taint The Daily Show, please don't taint The Daily Show, please don't taint The Daily Show...

She's nice looking and all, but dear lord I hope she doesn't being teh suck with her from G4 (if she stays at all, that is).

she's attractive, that's about it. one problem i see is that (being on AOTS and all) people will want to watch her earlier work. meaning AOTS. meaning G4. meaning more money for that pile of s**t.

I say fire her, and give her would-be salary to Aasif Mandvi and Wyatt Cenac. They're the only current correspondents that actually make me laugh. Her segment was contrived and unfunny, and for her sake, she needs to do a hell of a lot better to win me over. Even my compulsion to sleep with as many attractive asian women as possible (I keep score now) doesn't net her any leniency from me*: this is my favorite show, so don't fuck it up.

I'm giving her one more chance to convince me that she doesn't need to GTFO.

*Unless she's looking for a tumble.

Whoever wrote this knows little about comedy. Munn's role was written to be played the way she played it, as the rational person overcome by the nuttiness around her. It wasn't the funniest Daily Show piece ever, but that wasn't Munn's fault.

Hopefully this will mean that Alison Haislip will replace her on AOTS. Seriously, I overwhelmingly prefer the episodes where Olivia is on vacation. Hardwick/Haislip/Peirera are the hosts I think are actually witty and interesting.

Well, lets hope it goes well for her...and she can move forward with her career...she does make an awesome looking Chun-Li though!

she did a shitty job on the Daily show

She is so sexy.

Totally irrevelvant comment I am aware, but she really is just so hot.

I had no idea who she was when she appeared on the show. Wasn't really all that funny but it could have been nerves. I'm glad they try out new people though or I wouldn't know how insanely funny John Oliver is.

Eh. As someone who's never even heard of this women before last night, I say that she was decidedly 'meh'. You can tell she was nervous. Though there's not a lot you can say when she only had 4-5 lines in the whole segment. The only thing that segment really told me was that the Daily Show needs to get Aasif Mandvi more air-time.

No. This can only be bad for the show. Olivia needs to stick with what she does now. The Daily Show is fine as it is.

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