Kim Kardashian: Future Tomb Raider Star?

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No-one is ever gonna beat Alison Carroll

She even has the accent.


Umm what fuck-nut thought that was a good idea? One second no one minds if I kill her, I mean nothing personal but she is famous... for being famous and I hate that and I really don't think she should dishonour Tomb raider and instead...


Straying Bullet:
In all honesty, in every Tomb Raider game, I cared for the tits and ass. I am not going to lie, that was the main focus. I could care less if your actor skills were good or not.

Why not just watch free pr0n online? I mean spending $$ on a game of animated tits and ass seems excessive and unnecessary.[/quote]

I never spend money on these Tomb Raider games. They were free give-aways. And no, I am not talking about torrenting. And I had no internet connection at that age.

Like anyone actually watched Tomb Raider movies hoping for them to be anywhere near good. If they have some decent action scenes, it'll be a blockbuster, because they'll have the "hot protagonist + action" combo.

(I prefer to look forward to Scott Pilgrim Vs The World. Just needed to say that)

No-one is ever gonna beat Alison Carroll

She even has the accent.

I think I'll watch the movie(s) just because of that pic o.0

I though in order to star in a movie you needed to... be able to act?

Oh, hmm, well Never mind.

'scuse me, who the fuck is this?
Edit: Tomb Raider is bullshit to begin with, it has been ever since the 4th game. It was supposed to be about the puzzles (and the tits) but the puzzle part just got ditched. And Croft was supposed to be dead at the end of the 4th one! I'm calling evil corporate meddling!

No-one is ever gonna beat Alison Carroll

She even has the accent.

Totally agree. In my mind she IS Lara Croft

Hot chick. That's about it. I can't say I really care about her getting cast in a Tomb Raider movie, but I was never a big fan of the franchise. The first two were passable popcorn flicks that I watched on TV and was somewhat entertained. I don't see the new one being any better or worse. It'll be boobs, jumping around and bad accents. There, I predicted the future!

No-one is ever gonna beat Alison Carroll

She even has the accent.

zomg i think im in love...and her chesticles are awesome...

as for the bimbo...uhhh no...i don't think thats a good idea...can't picture this silly bint speaking with a british accent...maybe croft's doable american cousin but not lara...

besides who still plays tomb raider?

Well, she couldn't do a worse job than Jolie did.

But why haven't they thought of hiring an English star? Oh, that's right, because English actors are only hired to play Nazi germans in American movies...

Also, she's no attractive enough.

I don't understand what the hell Kim Kardashian ever did, either. It's like Paris Hilton getting famous without the sex tape... and then releasing a lethargic, piss-poor sex tape immediately after becoming famous.

Boggles the mind, yeah?

Her big screen debut was in the appropriatly named "Disaster Movie".

and i love that you started an artical with the words "Big Boobed".


Let's weigh the pros and cons here:
Good: Boobs
Bad: Everything else

Still, seeing a new tomb raider movie would be quite co

Did you say aimed towards teens? Late teens I hope. As in close to adulthood. And if they mess up the character of Lara, I'm going back in time and kick the father of the idiot that came up with this movie in the groin until he's sterile

doesnt she need a british accent?


just no.

No-one is ever gonna beat Alison Carroll

She even has the accent.

indeed, we should make a re-realese for tomb raider movie wait... they already did that to the game, the irony

Sadface. :(

Actually I didn't really like Angelina Jolie as Tomb Raider. In fact, I didn't really have an intrest in Tomb Raider since I was about 7 playing the first Tomb Raider.

The only reason I know her is because I've seen her on the internet naked. I'll probably watch the movie if she gets naked in that in some tomb. ;D

"Aimed at a teen audience."

No. NO! I am a teen, so this isn't just an old man rant here: DON'T AIM AT US! Every movie aimed at a Teen Audience is one more movie that we'll love now and be incredibly embarrassed for even knowing about within 5 years. Then the ridicule from our children will begin...seriously, don't pull anymore of this on me. All teens inevitably become adults, and pandering to us and us alone means that we will either become slavishly devoted or hate you for the rest of our lives, and the first always turns into the second eventually.

Since when was Tomb Raider not aimed at teens?

Am I the only one who thinks her lips look absolutely fucked up?
I cannot take my eyes off them. Just... are they even real?

OT: Never really cared for Tomb Raider. The games and character just didn't interest me.

But I really don't think the series deserves... this.

I'm sorry this may be inappropriate but...are her breasts natural or implants?

does anyone believe she's even 50% human flesh, looking at that picture, she's gotta be 50% implants and 50% photoshop, and I sense a rant incoming...

How much better would the movie and music industry be if good actors and musicians were publicised instead of all advertising being aimed straight at our dicks?

Bill Hicks had it right 20 years ago, Nostradamus had nothing on him and his rants on manufactured pop, religion, war, crappy movies, and advertising.

If nothing else, if you've got lucky enough to be blessed with the genes to look attractive, why should you get loads of other stuff just thrown at you for no effort.

The whole Paris hilton style 'oh you're rich and pretty, here, have all this free stuff!' just makes no sense to me.

All we can hope for is that this movie goes ahead with a huge budget and her in the lead role, and then bombs SO hard it bankrupts the studio, and then it happens again and again and again, until all the lowest denominator fuckwits are out of a job.

Don't get me wrong, I love a big dumb action movie, Kick Ass was great fun, but even big dumb action movies can be good or bad.

Keywords: "big boobs", "comic strip", "teen audience", "acting lessons". Well, can't blame them for inconsistency at least.

Tom Goldman:
She wants to make her big screen debut by putting these skills to good use filling the shoes of Lara Croft. I think she'll be filling more than that, am I right guys? Anybody? Is this thing on...?

I'm saying that she has boobs.

We call this a Peter Griffin.

give me a fucking break,they have a chance to reboot a franchise and they decide to cast someone who isn't even an actress as the lead? totally idiotic.


She is not a Lara Croft in the slightest and guessing she can't act to save herself either.

Stick to Allison Carrol - you know the person who fits the role so well she IS the Lara Croft at all the games conventions etc

EDIT: forgot to mention how does someone with Arabic (?) overtones intend to pass off as an English character?

Oh god no..this is just like the spider-man reboot all over again ):

I was perfectly happy to see a Spiderman 4, but nooo

Also, I would much prefer Alison Carroll to play her if they do a reboot

has anyone seen disaster movie? if you have, you will know that kim kardashian cant act. how is she going to pull off an english accent? this is going to suck (although jolie cant be much better)

Wait a second...

Isn't she dead? She was shot by some fat guy after he went crazy from reading "The poo that took a pee".

If there's a rule of thumb more reliable than "Video games based on movies suck", it's "Movies based on video games suck".

Wait... Kim Kardashian trying to speak with a British accent and portray a famous video game character?

God damnit, somebody's gonna have to fix this. Where's my shotgun?

I don't know much about her acting talents but Kim K in short shorts might be too tempting to pass up

Could they please stop it with all these reboots? And by what they mean by targeting a teen audience is that there just gonna show boobs instead of a plot.

Doesn't that pretty much describe everything even remotely related to the Tomb Raider series?

I thought the Tomb Raider games were only eye candy and crappy gameplay anyway.

So why is there so much damn fuss about them becoming eye candy and crappy acting?

"This will be something very different to Angelina's Lara. Kim is wanted to play a far more comic-strip version of Lara which would be shot in 3-D and aimed at a teen audience."


I didn't even like Angelina's take on Lara... but this is somehow FAR worse. Kim Kardashian is more than just a bad actor, worse than a non-actor, she is COMPLETELY CHARMLESS!

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