Tron: Evolution: When a Tie-In Looks Awesome

Tron: Evolution: When a Tie-In Looks Awesome

The new trailer for Tron: Evolution looks amazing, which isn't something any of us expected from a game that's a movie tie-in.

Tron: Legacy is an upcoming film about a world based on videogames and computer programs. Tron: Evolution, meanwhile, is a game based on the movie. Based on the trailer, the game looks like it's going to be just as action-packed as the film.

As of right now, not much of the game's plot has been revealed. Based on Bruce Boxleitner's narration, players apparently aren't going to play as Sam Flynn. Instead, they'll take on the role of a program created to help fight off the forces of evil. The trailer shows light cycle racing, vehicle combat, free-running, and disc combat. On top of that, it's implied that the player will receive some help from an unspecified user who appears at the end of the video.

The Tron franchise is certainly getting some star treatment from Disney lately. After years of a hinted sequel to the 1982 film and the popularity of 2004's Tron 2.0, fans are getting a proper movie follow-up this December. As a result, Disney Interactive is releasing Evolution in November for both the 360 and the PS3.

Tron: Evolution is being developed by Propaganda Games, the studio behind 2008's Turok and the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned. While some footage of the gameplay has been released so far, the title is going to be on major display at Comic-Con in San Diego, where more details are expected to be revealed.


I read of this something like a month ago in a gaming magazine.
Very promising, very ambitious.

Looks kinda cool. Too bad all of that is CGI, and as such doesn't show anything of the actual gameplay, and as such doesn't tell us if it's gonna be good, or if they spent their entire budget on that cgi part.

Really cant wait for the film! I loved the original, and, well, if its anything like the trailers! Epic!

I'm so pumped for the film, I loved Tron 2.0, I dearly hope they can follow this up.


Could this be the best tie-in for a film, i would like to think so but i'll have to see the final result.

Just wanna say this, with Disney buying Marvel and all they've put themselves in a very great position for cross polonization of film and video game mediums. As Split Second proved, the new Disney Interactive team are very talented individuals that are able to design great interactive experiences. Remember when the Wachowski brothers put out the Enter the Matrix as a story tie in? It failed because game was so poorly designed, but the concept was great, if anything else.
I think we should get ready to see some great tie in products from Disney Interacting in the coming years. Stuff that pushes the boundaries of what 'tie in' games are. Now shallow cash grabs but genuine articles, like a little but of Grey Pupoun on your Big Mac. You know that what you're getting isn't then best out there, but it tastes a hell of a lot better now.

Scott Glasgow

Tron 2.0 was a good game but not a great game. It was a really good mix of light rpg and shooter elements. The levels were well designed, the weapons and enemies had a good variety.

However the story was severely lacking but it didn't matter so much because the motivation to play through was to see the cool stuff and to get your last upgrade.

Wow it's Bruce Boxleitner from Babylon 5, awesome.

That looked nice.
Wonder what the actual game will look like though.

Do you see my hand? Do you see it?

Down my pants it goes!



My inner seven-year-old just agreed with you

Looks sort of cool, but the marketing department already made a huge mistake with the trailer before this, because that looked horrible.


The Rogue Wolf:
My inner seven-year-old just agreed with you

My inner eight-year-old just lost his innocence.

It's a cool trailer, sure, but it doesn't show any gameplay, so for now i'm remaining skeptical.

No way could it be any better than glTron!

The guy's accent on this review really made my day. Can't tell if it's Yorkshire or Lancashire. Plus he seems to have a little bit of a stutter when he gets excited.

3:40 "There's only one left, and it's a blue one, and it look-- looking at the map, it looks like it's stuck him in-- it's stuck in himself! I've never won a game of this before. I've just gotta be-- I've just gotta-- bide me time... I think-- I've won! Player one! He wins! Yeee-- ahh! I can't-- cha! I've-- ah! I can't-- ahhh I've never-- ahhh! I've never won-- I've never won-- I've never won on this, ever! Oh, I've been playin' this all afternoon! Ahhh! I'm gonna come off it now. Quit whilst-- quit whilst ye-- quit whilst... you're 'ead, that's the saying."

He gave it 9.5/10!

Also there was a lightcycles game on the Acorn Archemedes I think it was, that we used to waste time on in school. That was awesome.

EDIT: After watching a few more of his videos it seems than giving every game 9.5/10 is a running joke. He is some kind of crazy genius man.

Looks sort of cool, but the marketing department already made a huge mistake with the trailer before this, because that looked horrible.

Yes, definitely doesn't sell the game well. How long ago was that posted though, it's probably changed a lot since then, judging by the E3 Videos

Okay, we know that DI can pull off good games, but Propaganda doesn't have the best track record on games to begin with, so I'll be cautiously optimistic.


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