Burger King Grilling Up More Xbox 360 Games

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Y'Know what? I want to see what they come up with. Bumper Cars was better than most other licensed crap and who knows, maybe these new games could be really addicting.

I hate the Burger King's mascot so much, its one of the most creepy faces I have ever seen. Would you really trust a burger trademarked under that face?!

Would you rather DEFY the will of one with such a face?
I'll have 2 burgers to go, thanks.

cos video-games and fast food go hand in hand.
i'm only jealous cos we Brits can't get 'em

I'm actually excited.. Sneak King was fun.



Sneak King is amazing. Fuck Sam Fisher. Fuck Snake. Fuck Batman.

The greatest stealth hero is...


I purchased all 3 games at release and have played them somewhat.


Microsoft should try there hand at making Burgers, it could turn out better!

Hahaha. I hope you were joking, imagine what a RROD or BSOD death would do in your stomach.

I know how that was let's just say I stuck on the toilet for a few days
O.T. I never played the first three but hey I'm ok for a second round the first three looked fun and plus what happened to the chicken guy you know the guy who promoted the chicken fries

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