Team Fortress 2 Gets Attacked By Laser Cats

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Team Fortress 2 Gets Attacked By Laser Cats

The Laser Cats are back, but this time they're in a videogame and actually funny.

The "Laser Cats" sketch has gotten pretty played out on Saturday Night Live, not that that's stopped the show from continuing to keep on making new performances. Even though the concept isn't that funny on TV anymore, it still has the potential to spread some laughter elsewhere, like Team Fortress 2.

A custom map in Team Fortress 2 featured an unlockable sequence where giant feline cardboard cutouts rose out of the ground and started firing lasers at all the players. While players were confused by the situation at first, you can hear them laughing and loving the epic nature of the scenario.

"The Kittygeddon was indeed set up by me," said YouTube user Thecorp303, "and named 'achievement_all_v4' was released on my server under the name of 'House of matsys_regressiontest' (later renamed 'Grind for stuff') starting June 19th and ran it once every day until I posted this video. In the future I might make some tutorials on Map-based particles."

Personally, I think it's kind of awesome that a user in TF2 was able to take something that was never terribly funny from Saturday Night Live and make it a riot.

Source: Geeks are Sexy


Well, I could imagine this is fun the first few times, but it'd get boring after a while.

Still, good effort on the part of the creator.

A bunch of us TF2 escapists went into one of those things.

It was brutal.

Best. Achievement server. EVER!!


that was amazing!!!!!

Wow, this was so awesome. They need this in all the maps.

Ah yes, I remember playing this with the Halolz folks, nice group of people.

Now however, everybody's sick of the map, really, it had it's run about a week ago, but people asking for "the cat map" get a collective groan as a response on that server...

Good times...

Erm... Lazor Cat? From Doomsday Arcade?


Long cat is rising up, salvation is upon us!

Wasn't there are thread a while ago. With the same thing?
This may be put together better, but oh well. Perhaps I R Rong

Anyways, it looks like it'd get a bit boring after a while, but cool idea.

Sounds like a laugh, but also sounds like it would get very boring very fast. I still should one day get tf2, or half life 2, or CS:S. I still have cs1.6 somewhere around here, damn I did love that game back in the day.

Laser Cat is credit to team!

....>.>. I can see it being funny like once or twice, but doing it over and over would make it tiring pretty quick, x.x

Looks interesting, perhaps I'll give TF2 a try again.

Holy shit this is awesome.

That's probably the most hilarious map I've ever seen.

I smell a new gamemode.

That is hilarious!!

But what's up with the bees?

its fun the first two times you play it, but when a server reset is required every time you go blind, and you realize there isn't much more to it than fancy death, it gets old quick. if the cat had HP and had a chance of being killed, would be SO RAD.

This does sound amusing, actually. If only the Steam servers would let me play TF2 :/

Hehe! Looks lik alot of fun, gave me a chuckle at least

Oh jesus that looks great.

I saw this like a week a go. Still funny.

I unashamedly declare this made of win.

I unashamedly declare this made of win.

Even Better than made of win, it's...


That's just bloody awesome. What triggered it though?

That is the most amazing thing i've ever seen...ever.

I think my pants just creamed themselves, which is weird. But such is the power of Laser Cats!!

Too. Awesome. To. Describe.

OFC it's funny only the first/second time, but as a surprise it rocks.

Woah, I had Obelisk of light flashbacks, only cuter.

As said earlier in the thread, after a few times that would be annoying.

How could you possibly think that Laser Cats on SNL isn't funny? The most recent one was one of the funniest things I've seen on the Internet.

I saw this a few days ago. Sooo epic.

I really don't se the "awesome" and "amazing" in that it looked really boring get killed by a cat picture over and over again no thanks. (no offence for nearly everyone else who liked it)

That's just bloody awesome. What triggered it though?

i want to know this too. i was playing on the server for about 2 hours... nothing happened. i was sad =(

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