The Portal 2 E3 Demo Will Give You a Headache

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The Portal 2 E3 Demo Will Give You a Headache

Valve has released its E3 2010 demo showing all of the new Portal 2 goodies, and the physics-based puzzler will probably break your brain.

Let's be honest here - there are a lot of people out there who didn't get to go to E3 2010 to see all the latest games. The Escapist certainly did (except for all of those manning the fort at home, ahem ahem), and as such it remains our duty to tell you about everything we saw on the floor and whether it was good or bad.

But why tell you when we can just show you?

Valve has released its awesome-looking Portal 2 E3 demo - which was enough to win the favor of Steve Butts - in multiple parts over the course of the last week, and it seems to be shaping up as a nice successor to the beloved first game. The trailers show a ton of different new mechanics showing up in the sequel. Above, you can see Wheatley, the new Aperture AI who is slightly more helpful to the player than our nemesis GLaDOS.

It's when we start getting into the puzzle elements, though, that my brain starts to hurt. For cryin' out loud, I had enough trouble getting my head around the idea of "Goes in Portal A, comes out Portal B." All of these new elements - let alone the new elements put together - are going to give me a freakin' aneurysm or something.

The Excursion Funnel, as you can see, acts as an antigravity tube of sorts.

The Aerial Faith Plates are springboards that propel anything that hits them into the air (or in whatever direction you please).

Here we see the Thermal Discouragement Beam, which is pretty much a big goddamn laser that you can use to your benefit, or (more likely) to be killed by.

The Pneumatic Diversity Vent sucks and blows. No, seriously. It also looks to be a great way to get rid of multiple turrets at once.

Repulsion Gel is like the Aerial Faith Plates in that it bounces things, except given its liquid nature you can use portals to spread it along.

And finally, we have Propulsion Gel, which makes you go really, really fast. Perfect for those times when you need to get past the non-OSHA-compliant parts of Aperture's laboratory.

It's making my brain hurt just thinking about them.


I can already tell that Wheatly is going to be a fan favorite.

That was a brilliant video. Great comedy.

So Wheatly is the new Companion Cube?

It looks scary man, just plain scary. I'm just waiting to see if our own beloved Yahtzee will like this game.

Valve, PLEASE STOP IT!!! The game comes out next year and it's already hard enough to wait!

I hope this doesn't end up like Trine did in Yahtzee's review, there's a completely complicated solution, but if you just do the most simple, obvious things, it works just as well

Hmm, a password..... 6 letters......

Hmm, Maybe it's


Brain... just... broke... must not contemplate the glory of Valve.

Holy crap that shit's mindbending.

I hope it's longer than the first installment. Looks fantastic though.

The Austin:
I can already tell that Wheatly is going to be a fan favorite.

I hate him

I'm glad valve revealed that its only a placeholder Voice acting so they had something in time for E3

Hmm, a password..... 6 letters......

Hmm, Maybe it's



Your avatar plus the way you worte made your comment awesome.

I got worried that it wouldn't be as good as the first one because the gimmick would be old.

I was wrong.

I'm starting to think that Valve have actually got Gods working in their level design...

Old, but these are better quality than the originals so whatever.

Also, for those of you who agree with me in thinking Wheatly's voice acting is a bit sub par it's because he's a place holder. The lines are good, the voice makes him sound like a patronising childrens tv host.

Oww brain is hurty hurty. Those are some pretty complex mechanics if you have to use them in unison.

Wait, so you can channel gravity beams, liquids, and strong air currents through portals?

Ow... my brain...

I like the complexity. Just when I thought console gaming was getting simpler, Portal 2 comes by and smashes our minds with a hefty reminder followed by a tumour.

ummm...all i can say is trying to imagine having to work all of that with a partner in coop? the timing some things will require?'s gonna be insane

It's not that complex actually. All it is is Goop, Platforms, and Tools. Easy to know. It's trying to understand how they work and how to make them that's complex.

Still, this looks epic... I am gonna get it.

The whole Portal thing still seems like the only difficult thing to get my head around. The portal puzzles weren't terribly difficult, it was the platforming that provided the challenge.

My love for GlaDoS is starting to reach unhealthy levels.

And bouncing looked crazy fun, makes me wonder if you can mix the gels.

WEEeeee- if GLaDoS couldnt get any cooler...she goes and makes a hair-raising return

No seriously, when GLaDoS starts speaking...i got goosebumps

Looks amazing. Every time I hear Glados's voice it makes me want the game more

On the topic of the Excursion Funnel, inb4 OM NOM NOM.

It looks sweet. I have the feeling I'm going to end up wasting time messing with the physics.

Personally, it makes my brain very, very happy, not hurty or breaky.

I hope this doesn't end up like Trine did in Yahtzee's review, there's a completely complicated solution, but if you just do the most simple, obvious things, it works just as well

Nah. If you've watched the developer commentary, the amount of work that went into level-design in the first one was phenomenal. Had every angle covered. I don't recall ever doing anything that felt 'cheap'.

No reason why it shouldn't happen again. I presume the team is the same, anyway..

the antithesis:
So Wheatly is the new Companion Cube?

Pretty sure he's just one character. There are supposedly tons of other personality cores that you talk to. I bet there'll be an evil one as a boss!

I always thought Portal 1 was a bit too shallow, it's good that they're making it more complex.

Well this game is on its way from the want list to the need list. It only has to hold up until my fellow gamers review it. "I guess I haven't killed you for thought". I love GLaDoS, msounds are TF2 and GLaDoS, I need more!

I'm know that I'm going to feel really dumb playing portal 2. It will be like THATS HOW YOU SOLVE IT?!?!uuuggghhh brain is hurting

Wow, I didn't think it was possible for that game to be more of a mindfuck than it already was. I can't wait to spend many an hour checking my physics books just to be sure reality hasn't collapsed in on itself because of the sheer awesome this game will bring to the table.

That looks so good, and the writing and voice acting is once again astounding.

Oh wait, I haven't killed you ket. Huh, food for thought.

Well, I just watched the first due to wanting to play this kind of game spoiler free-ish, and it seems good, I guess.
Wasn't a major fan of the first, but this could be fun.


I've been whining about the flood of sequels ever since the E3 started, and told myself I wouldn't allow myself to get all hyped up over a sequel.

And yet... I want it I want it I want it and I want it now!

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