8-Bit Men Invade Real Life

8-Bit Men Invade Real Life


If you were walking down the street and ran into a pixelated 8-bit figure, what would you do?

Meet Gary and his twin, Gary. One Gary is normal, but the other has a debilitating disease, famicom pixelosis - colloquially known as "8-Bit Syndrome." The rare condition means that Gary will forever look like a blocky, pixelated rendition of his true self, bound to a world without anti-aliasing or normal-mapping. Tragic, isn't it?

Okay, I just made that last part up. Sorry, guys.

This is actually a costume made by Kiel Johnson and Klai Brown for an upcoming Toshiba commercial - and in fact, "he" is actually a "she," going by the person inside the suit. The Gary costume is made out of an "articulated cardboard suit structure" with joints that enable the wearer to actually move, covered in "pixels" cut from high-density foam.

According to Johnson, he'd cut "around 4000 pixels" for the project. However, not all of them were used for Gary: "[We] are building two more characters for a video project."

It may just be a costume, but if I see Gary walking down the street towards me, I'm going to cross to the other side. You never know if he's going to scarf down a mushroom and jump on your head.

(8-Bit via BoingBoing)


Ok, that is fucking awesome.

Round 1......FIGHT!

We'd go toe to toe Double Dragon style

Thats pretty epic, if not a little freaky, lol.

I approve!

Thats pretty epic, if not a little freaky, lol.

I approve!

Ok, that is fucking awesome.

Dayum, beaten to it

I wouldn't cross the street, I'd be frozen in place, baffled and amused by teh awesomes...

...Uncanny vally?

Some people may say no,...Maybe...*sniff* maybe...

For some reason the first thing that came to mind was a Simpsons tree house of horror episode where Homer ends up in the real world.
Am I the only one? Yeah, ok, moving on.

I must aplaude the creator of the suit it's an amazing artistic achivement. Now, pretty please make a 64-bit equivilent of Link form Zelda:OoT. Please?

That's awesome and all, but I wouldn't want to be the one wearing that suit.

Damn, now I want pixel boots.

Great suit, but just to clear something up, Normal Mapping is a process of making a flat texture appear bumpy using an extra UV texture coordinate on the texture itself. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Normal_mapping

So, he (well, she) looks pretty bumpy to me.

Now i'm gonna leave before i start spouting gibberish about anti-aliasing. ¬_¬

8-Bit, truly the best graphic everurzzz!

Awesome, but it looks like whoever was in the suit would be burning up.

Is this the beginning of a new costume trend? If so, I wonder where I can find an 8-bit Mario costume...


If I saw an 8-bit person coming towards me on the street, I think I'd probably break down on the spot. At that point I'd know I finally lost my marbles. I'm not sure the realization of it being a costume would really pull my broken psyche at that moment in time.

Seriously though, that costume rocks.


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