Ninjas Battle Aliens in Hilarious Japanese Movie Trailer

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Ninjas Battle Aliens in Hilarious Japanese Movie Trailer

Sometimes things are so bad they're good, and sometimes they're so bad they're awesome.

A martial arts movie where ninjas do battle with killer aliens, funded by a Japanese studio that made porn for nearly twenty years and released on its extreme gore label sounds almost too strange to be real. Luckily for us however, it's entirely real, and the first trailer is available to watch right now.

Alien Vs. Ninjas looks like a silly, fun action movie, without much of a budget but making up for it with tons of character. The studio behind the movie, NIkkatsu imprint Sushi Typhoon, has signed a deal with FUNimation Entertainment, the company that brought Dragon Ball Z to the US, which means that Aliens vs. Ninjas should be available on DVD and Blu-Ray sometime early next year.

Source: Sci-Fi Wire


So bad it's awesome indeed! I think I'll be looking forward to laughing my ass off watching this.

That actually looks decent enough for me to want to buy it, kind of like a Japanese Starship a way

Yea, thanks for the heads up. I'll be adding this to my collection of awful gore flicks. Including, but not limited to, "The Story of Ricky", Battlefield Baseball, and "Tokyo Gore Police."

Best. Movie. Ever.

Logan Westbrook:
funded by a Japanese studio that made porn for nearly twenty years

I'm intrigued.

May i say...
Looks... intesting.
Might rent it but yeah...

Wow, that was indeed bad. Which makes it, like anyone who can handle math to a limited extent knows, fucking awesome.

Do a pirates vs. ninjas sequel next :D

lol. My boyfriend and I watched this together and got a good giggle out of it. :)
Looks like guilt free fun.

... and sometimes they're so bad they're horrible.

Best. Movie. Ever.

Logan Westbrook:
funded by a Japanese studio that made porn for nearly twenty years

I'm intrigued.

Nikkatsu stopped making porn films in 1988, just FYI.

Not as silly as Surf Nazis Must Die.

Thank you Netflix.

One of my favorite movies is Tokyo Gore Police... and this looks like it could be almost as good. Just the title alone is great.

Hot damn. AWESOME sauce.

Definitely worth seeing. :D

A true B-movie made by a former porn studio? Did the planets align or something?

This is going right next to Versus in my DVD collection.

It looks like a really well made April Fools joke.

MUST.....BUY! That looks so cheesy it just might work and its Japanese so its gotta be interesting at least.

"It's not a fight, it's a war"?
More like a slaughter :P

Id watch it. But did I spy a ninja dradel?

That was the single greatest movie trailer I have ever seen. I wonder if they have the rights to use the "Alien" label in the title.

So it's essentially Predator, only instead of commandos in Central America, it's ninjas in feudal Japan... I'm game!

The aliens looks so....

xenomorph don't they?

That was ... interesting. This looks like a fun way to blow an afternoon.

Is it just me or does the black haired guy look like the guy that played Light in the live action Death Note?

Other than that, looks super cool.

Wow...all I can say. But fuinny! AND Entertaining!

That thing with the sushi in the beginning made me laugh... i hope they don't expect to be taken seriously.

This is either the worst or best thing I've seen in a long time.

It's odd how often the two seem to blur together these days. Still in it's own over the top campy way this looks kinda cool though I'm getting flashbacks to that old Bruce Campbell film 'Alien Apocalypse'.

...I think my pants just crapped themselves.

Lol awesome trailer. Shame about the spelling mistake though.

That...actually looks pretty frakkin' awesome.

I must see this movie.

Something that could possibly rival Alien Vs Hunter me thinks :P

Wait is this a joke? Please god let it be true.

lol is the only thing that describes this lol.

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