The iPad Can Do Real Street Magic, Too!

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Wow that makes me want a Mac product far more than any douche bag spokesman Mac throws up on the T.V.

Yeah, we call them Apple, a Mac is a computer running on their operating system.
Just sayin'.

That was nothing more than simple (for a professional performer) sleight of hand while holding an iPad. He also did the X-rays and brain scans out of time with the iPad, and missed with the milk (which was covered with something transparent).

Magic or performance art, either way this is pretty cool. Watch out Steve, looks like he's after your job! (... That's not a pun on his last name. It just occurred to me why that sounded awkward.)

The only one that puzzled me was the bird one. That was impressive He fucked up the cheese one though, you can see him take it out of his sleeve.

I've always had a soft spot for illusionists, and that was put together very well.

Am I the only one who didn't think this was that impressive? I've seen much better street shows (though I like to attend busker festivals).

No, it wasn't very impressive.

He needs to practice alot more. I hate when magicians don't have a good command over their tricks.

It was imaginative and the timing (for the most part) was pretty good, but other than that, not really great. The tricks were all simplistic, as others have said, that basically rely on hiding things behind the IPad or simple sleight of hand (or camera tricks, there was a lot of camera work that involved making sure his hands or large parts of his body were out of shot).

The bird one was easy, it was in his jacket. Watch it again, you can see him prep the jacket (he opens it slightly with the thumb of his right hand) and then the bird comes out of it.

That was pretty stupid. And I still think the iPad is a load of crap.


That video is awesome. I'm a magician....this guy has made such a slick video! I've got a magic blog that I think you guys would be interested in. Please check it out -



The last bit where he turned into a different guy blew my mind...

Why? They just paused and unpaused the camera, you can see the cut.

Yeah, it's a good cut, but you can see the hands change.

I wonder why they cut it, wouldn't changing the iPad on the fly be possible (though hard)?

But still, a cool video.

Fiddlesticks! My eyesight isn't what it used to be (though it wasn't that good to begin with), can any of ye youn' ones point out the exact timing of the cut? Was it the moment you could see that bold businessman in the reflection? I just though the second guy was waiting there with another iPad and blocked Shinya's face with it and then they swapped, cause I definitely didn't see "hands change".

Good show old boy, good show!

The last bit where he turned into a different guy blew my mind...

Same here, that was a really cool trick

Holy crap.

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