Real Life Superhero Patrols Tennessee Streets

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Real Life Superhero Patrols Tennessee Streets

Not exactly more powerful than a locomotive, but definitely worse-dressed than Superman.

If you live in Columbia, Tennessee, take heart. Your crime-ridden city streets are a little safer to walk. The supervillains who have terrorized the town for so long are now cowering in fear. A new champion of justice - known as "The Viper" - has risen up to defend the innocent, protect local businesses, and look just a little bit silly while doing so.

Police in Columbus recently spotted The Viper patrolling the city's town square while armed with shurikens and plastic batons. Unsurprisingly, the cops weren't exactly amused with the would-be vigilante's actions, telling both the young man and local news outlets that they don't need any help from amateurs.

According to The Daily Herald, "during his patrol of Columbia, [The Viper] donned Under Armor, carried two plastic sticks and wore a utility belt. On the belt, he stowed a screw driver, wrenches and a cell phone to quickly call police if he stumbled across crime. Officers also found ninja throwing stars inside his car parked near the Bicycle Shop, according to a police report."

The Viper's alter ego is Christian Tyler Hardee, a 20-year-old student pursuing art and chemistry majors at Union University in Jackson, TN. The young man's dream is to eventually become a comic artist after earning some money with his chemistry degree. Hardee admitted that he's a huge comic nerd, but whether he was genuinely trying to be a superhero or just pulling an elaborate joke remains to be determined. One thing's for certain, though: Superheroes that use throwing stars are hardcore and have my full-fledged support.

Source: io9, Red Dog Report, and TheDaily Herald


Probably not the best idea ever, but still, I'll give him props for trying...

And why does he carry a cell phone to call the police? A real superhero doesn't need backup.

Of course the first thing we all want to know is... has he had the **** kicked out of him yet?

That sounds hilarious. I wish my neighbourhood had a ridiculously dressed crime-fighter (we don't really have any crime to begin with, which is better.)

Holy. Crap. It's started.

Now I need to go find my cape...

After Kick-Ass, I'm not surprised.

Calumon: Hey Jack! Buy a Cape!

I support this dude.


Now that's interesting... more punisher than anything else... still interesting.

Well, he's no Coon, but I suppose he'll do as far as justice delivering goes.

Finally a super hero kids can adore!

Just. Plain. Awesome.

This guy have my full support

My, my, my...

I would pay to see someone running around town like that.

People do this stuff all the time

I'm just saying

The cops are probably pissed because the Viper gets to wear a cooler looking uniform. Oh, you didn't know? Uniforms are costumes too, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Just ask a police man some time how empowering (and potentially abusive on other rights when they misuse that power) it is to wear a mask when they suit up in the riot gear.

So essentially, the Viper is a more flamboyant neighborhood watch type person. As long as he carries weapons that don't require a permit, calls in cops, and understands how to properly utilize citizen arrest powers, he should be just fine to have around, could even be a way for city/town council to bring in tourism if they award him some bullshit award or something.

Its not like the guy is Wyatt Earp or whatever.

Oh well, I hope he doesn't try to write a comic book about his experiences, someone already did Kick Ass. Unless he gets to help out with a sequel perhaps?

I approve. xD

In all seriousness he's probably going to get his ass kicked if he's serious about this. He had a mobile phone though, so he had some sense. It's more likely that this was a joke, though.

In either case, I think I'd prefer my costume to consist mostly of riveted chainmail with a bullet-proof vest underneath.

All I want to know is why he's The Viper and not Mule Man. I used to live in Columbia and mules are all the place is really known for, other than this guy. It's the mule capital of the world and even has an annual Mule Day.


EDIT: And apparently, according to Wikipedia, he's already one of the city's notable residents.


Now that's interesting... more punisher than anything else... still interesting.

Wow, that's crazy

I'm going to TN I guess. Dressing as a Super Villain and calling out this Viper. Knock that super jerk down a peg!

now that I know his identity I can use my DOOM RAY on him

<evil laugh >

God, those news reporters just came off as sheer assholes.

I can possibly understand how the chemistry major might work to his advantage in this pursuit... had he actually USED anything that required chemistry. No smoke bombs or some sort of sprayable Super Glue to stop people?
Plastic sticks aren't going to get you far, unless you are beating on old people who shoplift at the Walgreens. And this is in Tennessee after all... is there really any crime that bad that it would call for this type of vigilante justice? If he was packing some heat and at least had something a little more deadly than throwing stars, he might actually be someone that criminals would be afraid of. Don't know too many art and chemistry majors that are very accurate throwing stars around. Thanks a lot, Hollywood. With this Linda Lovelace movie coming out, pretty soon we'll see a rise in amateur porn, too.
Just wait until you see the Justice League of Tennessee!

If I lived there I would be his arch enemy. But good luck to him, he seems to misunderstand the purpose of a mask though, it is to hide your true identity.

Any idea where I could get a costume to become the mongoose?

Hmm...I don't know...

Here's hoping he doesn't get shot.

Although, he's too awesome to die.

He didnt do a very good job of hiding his secret identity.

Now I want to go see Kick Ass again.

He gets props for having the balls to do it...but, its a major, it has noted. The police not too happy...someone who is obseesed much?

Well he is definitely no Shadow Hair.

Holy. Crap. It's started.

Now I need to go find my cape...

My thoughts exactly. Quick, to the hardware store!

Someone got influenced by KickAss?
I think so

*Dalek face palm* Dear Gods I hate Tennessee sometimes... what kind of superhero carries a damn cell phone anyways?! Besides, I'm just sure the police love to have some smhuck running around acting like he's batman or something.

My Girlfriend just told me that if she were to leave me for anyone, it'd be...


Idiot. Why would he reveal his identity? I can't support someone as stupid as this.

Good on him! We've all had those thoughts of being a vigilante! (Don't deny it.) :D

And here I am just listening to the Kick-Ass OST when I notice this article.

Honestly...I'd be amazed if more peeps like this turn up in the news...I dunno if that would be scary, inspirational...or just plain nuts. Either'll be something.

The ancors are kind of a deuches

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