Church Protesting San Diego Comic-Con For "Idol Worship"

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Someone needs to gather a group together and do a counter protest.

I would seriously love to see the look on those nut's faces if they saw a crowd of a 100 or so all dressed in Spiderman/Batman/w.e super character with candles, kneeling in prayer to the sky xD

If God does exist, I've this slight feeling it's not going to tell these people they were doing a good job.

Also, if God does exist, it's name must be She Hulk. Hubba hubba.

As a comic fan and catholic, I hope a group of people dressed as the Justice League and/or Avengers do something funny to these assholes.

Honestly, why can't these freaks do what all other overzealous religious nut-jub cults do?

"I'm normally not a praying man, but if you're up there, please save me, Superman !" - Homer Simpson

Lost In The Void:
Man I wish I was going to this or had the money just to travel to San diego, just to see the nutters since they're banned from my country

What country do you live in? Can I be shipped there via large box? That fact that these zealots even are alive makes me feel sorry for humanity.

I'm a Christian, albiet not a deeply spiritual one. I think these guys take things too far and are more a group of rabble rousers than anything.

What's more it seems like they don't even take their message seriously, and are acting like a group of bullies. Going after comic-con on these grounds seems a bit weak, even as they explain it. The logic just doesn't follow since I've never seen anyone pray to comic book characters that I can think of.

I suppose if your a super hard core Christian and think that you should ONLY be reading The Bible, well I can see how they could argue that comics take away from that, but then again so do most things (TV, Books, etc...).

If I agreed with the message (which I do not), I would probably have chosen to go after "Star Wars" to be honest. The reason being that people have allegedly been forming religions based off of it. I read a while ago that enough people on the Canadian census (I think that's what it was) answered "Jedi" when queried about what their religion was. Supposedly after this a few people took the steps to actually get Jedism (various versions) recognized as a valid religion. How many people are actually signed up for it I have no idea... but all jokes aside (since this strikes me as being a stunt) you could actually use the logic to claim the corruption of Star Wars since people are actually claiming to be practitioners of a fictional school of mysticism.

Of course they won't go after these guys because chances are there aren't enough of them gathered in one place (or acting seriously enough) to picket, and there just isn't the kind of media coverage that they get from harassing a big time comic convention.

The overall point being that I think this is all about the attention.

For my part despite being a Christian I pretty much let people do their own thing. I don't believe in trying to convert people. I might think it's ridiculous, but honestly if someone DID want to worship Superman or whatever, I'd pretty much take a 'more power to you' attitude.

Despite what the Bible says at points, I believe god is a fundementally good being, and I don't think that such things would go beyond his abillity to forgive. Just as I don't think people who write fiction that might portray him in a negative light for the purpose of making a point or whatever are going to be damned (ie Spawn, Preacher, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Incarnations Of Immortality, and stuff like that... it's all fantasy and understood to be fantasy). I could be wrong, but that is my gut feeling on things and I guess it comes down to faith (this is what I think when I think about such things).

So basically what I'm getting down to is that I don't think this paticular "Church" is right in what their doing. They seem to be out to get attention and nothing more. I cannot see much good that could be expected to come from this paticular rally given that I can't think of ever having seen the behavior they are protesting. Even if there are some people out there who follow say "Superman" as a religion in a literal sense, I can't see them being numerous enough to warrent a full on protest at Comic-Con.

You know, the only way you can ever hope to fight crazy on that kind of level is to do your damndest to one up it. Where are my fellow Pastafarian brothers and sisters? We must unite and show these people the way of the FSM.


Time to break out my motto:

HG131's Motto:
"You are a goddamn idiot"
- Leonard L. Church of Red vs. Blue.

Carry on. Pay no attention to these whores.

Whats the difference between Westborough Baptist Church members and most comic book fans? The Comic book fan is aware that his favourite read is a work of fiction.

This...makes me irritated. Its groups like these that give organized religion a bad name, wish these people would practice that which they preach!

*EDIT* I meant in the form of Christianity, not so much in extremist views of 9/11, Comic con, etc.

Don't these fools know that Mario is already warshiped like a god?

If you really want to irk these folks; go there in a hybrid Jesus-Superman costume & dance around them.

San diego...Cans of paint and cowshit.

Crazy churches like this are the main reason that people in non-crazy religions are criticized so much. There is nothing wrong with religion, but this is just sick. These people aren't Christians, they're just crazy.

ok now I just think they're just attention whores not like they weren't first soldier's funerals then dio's funeral and now comic con

Fred why can't you die any time soon

makes me wanna go up to them dress as a superhero just completely screw with them of course I'm no where close to San Diego (why must they avoid Ohio)
EDIT: they're protesting a motorcyclists funeral maybe there are some 1%ers that will hurt them

I seriously am starting to think these guys get paid for whenever they protest. It's just a publicity stunt at this point. I really don't know if they take themselves seriously anymore.

Usually I'm disgusted by them. With the protesting at funerals of soldiers and most recently, afaik, the funeral of Dio... This time however, I actually laughed out loud at the sheer stupidity of it.

They actually think people worship comic book characters as gods.

Oh, WE worship an idol??

Can you please not call them a Church? I'm offended to be associated with such people...

The Austin:
Thanks for ruining the concept of "Religion" WBC.


[Insert Atheist stab at religion here]

Comic books? Didn't they stop saying those were bad in the 50's? Can these people actually believe in what they're doing anymore? Usually I get angry when I read about their protests... now I'd just dumbfounded. Is is absolutely ridiculous and holds no merit.

Fuck the WBC.

Urge to dress up as Batman and kick the crap out of these guys is rising veeeery fast.

Ok, here's what we do, we get a bunch of people to dress up like super heroes and anime characters then we beat the shit out of them to techno music.

OT: I hate religion, all of it, but I hate believing in something other than myself, that's why I subscribe to the theory that I made the universe and you're all figments of my imagination. Don't remember who told me that theory, but they were on the escapist.

Tom Goldman:
"so start calling on Batman and Superman now, see if they can pull you from the mess that you have created with all your silly idolatry."

Yeah, I'll start calling for God if that fails. XD

Hmm...I'll probably see them there, then. Sadly, the anime rooms were moved to a different building.

Really, not much else I can say. Someone beat me to it.


Ugh its these type of people who give Christianity a bad name -_-

No joke.
I hate seeing crap like this. More ammo for the zealous anti-theists, and more false information for those who don't know anything about the faith in the first place. People should just ignore them completely. This type of publicity only makes their obnoxious voices louder.

It's not our fault their god is idle.

You haven't prayed to the Dark Knight? What kind of weirdo are you?


My thoughts in a picture:


I find that the more "devoted" you are to the Bible, the less human you become, to the point where you actually go against what the Bible says because you're so twisted.

I'm not Christian myself, but is anyone honestly going to tell me that the more extreme a person is in a religion, the more likable they become? I don't think it changes too much before the midpoint of extremism, but after that it starts getting bad.

What's next for these assholes..protesting a McDonalds because an Indian man got sick off a french fry and had the liquid shits for a day?

Only if the Mcdonalds in question allowed a gay man to eat at their establishment.


You haven't prayed to the Dark Knight? What kind of weirdo are you?


Somebody needs to post that all around comic con in anticipation of WBC's arrival.

Maybe instead of protesting about this Christianity should learn from Batman an Superman. Comics come out all the time however the last issue of the bible came out in 382 AD, of course people are going to lose interest.

Well, they're right, of course: it is idolatry. Also, God does hate fags.

Thankfully, he's just as fictional as any comic book character.

A world without Comics and Manga...... that my friends IS HELL!!!

Hmm...I'll probably see them there, then. Sadly, the anime rooms were moved to a different building.

Really, not much else I can say. Someone beat me to it.



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