Molyneux Calls Fable 2 Messy and Rushed

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Molyneux Calls Fable 2 Messy and Rushed


Got a list of things you didn't like about Fable 2? Well, so does Peter Molyneux.

Fable 2 has come under fire today from the strangest of sources: the guy in charge of making it. Speaking at the Develop conference, Peter Molyneux said that the game had plenty of problems, and said that Fable 3 wouldn't repeat them.

Molyneux said that Lionhead had rushed in the latter stages of Fable 2's development, which meant that some things were inevitably messy and others had to be cut. At one point, Molyneux said, the game had a staggering 67,000 bugs, more than any game that Microsoft had ever seen. He thought that Lionhead had failed to focus on the Fable 2's unique selling points, and that research had revealed that gamers had used only 60% of the game's features.

"We had this terrible phase where, the world looks this beautiful with this many game features, and then slowly transitioned into being less beautiful," he said. "That's why we had to reduce down what we had. But, to be honest with you, there were also huge design flaws in Fable 2."

Not everything on his list was quite so serious though; one of his complaints was that he wasn't happy with the game's female characters, saying they looked like "Russian shot putters," and that Fable 3's women would have "curves and soft bits."

Lionhead hasn't been able to address all of his concerns however, and he said that he was sure that Fable 3 would be criticized for its loading times: "I hate loading. I really hate it," he said. "We tried to minimize it. But we've got a big problem. Because a lot of our world is persistent, we can't afford the memory. We tried and experimented with trying to stream load it, but we didn't actually get it working."

Fable 3 is due to be released on 26th October for Xbox 360 and PC.

Source: Eurogamer


At least he's being honest.

I certainly hope fable 3 is better.

I see Molyneux is off his meds again. Or on them. I'm never entirely sure. It just seems that the man will spout just about anything, at any point, and actually believes that Milo is a real boy.

That's good news for me, because I absolutely loved Fable 2, so hopefully, Fable 3 will improve on many of the points.

Isn't the same with Fable 1?

I never liked Fable, the games always felt messy and rushed. But at least he agrees with this. Maybe Fable 3 will be different, but I do not have my hopes too high, somewhere in the center of the earth like every one of my hopes.

I'm glad he acknowledges them... he just sets the bar too high.

Give him the most powerful computer to date and he'll probably create a new earth.

Peter Molyneux, admiting that his game is short of perfection?!?


And Fable 3 is boring (at least the gameplay videos make it out to be), I moved on.

Yea! PC Release!

Oh wow. I respect his honesty. Good for you, Peter Molyneux. Hope you would be able to admit that you are an overhyping game designer.

Fable alwasy seemed like a rather shallow series, anyone agree?

You can't put a deadline on art, which is what Peter is trying to create here.

yeah he's being honest ... after it made the money ...

That's good news for me, because I absolutely loved Fable 2, so hopefully, Fable 3 will improve on many of the points.

Same here, Fable 2 was REALLY fun.

I get the sense that Fable 3 will be more rushed than 2.

I do like Molyneux though, you get the feeling that he really enjoys what he does.

What does that make Fable III, then? "Fable II: The Good Edition"?

Er... Okay. Better late then never I suppose. Honestly I think he's only doing this to get more sales for the third installment. Peter Molyneux should switch his career from game developing to developing a high priced sales pitch of some kind... or write speaches for politicians... or become a lobbyist. Pretty much anything that makes vague promises sound great.

Having said that, I enjoyed both the Fable games. They weren't what we were promised, but good enough to keep me interested to the end a few times.

I love him. I love the Fable Franchise. I love his honesty and his enthusiasm. Sure it's contagious but I don't and never will blame him. I don't focus upon the hype, I will get this game regardless. I need to build an import save though!

Everyone complained about Fable 2 women on their official forums, so I'm sure we'll actually get some good looking ones this time around.

Haha, I really wanna see this list actually, at least some of the more light hearted ones.

Neither the less, I'm sure Fable 3 is shaping up to be just grand. Very happy Stephen Fry is back, also.

Any bets he'll give the same excuse for Fable 3 when they announce they're making Fable 4?

only flaw i saw in the game was lack of customization in the character and the ending was so fucking anti-climactic i had a negative orgasm

Id say so..the game started out fine then completely fell apart at the end.

Well, the Female character in Fable 2 did look fugly...

Well, that sucks about the loading times, but hey, at least the guy loves his work, and resonates fairly well with the actual gaming part of the game.

Well i have always respected Peter cause his games are usually of high quality and he is a great speaker, so i respect his honesty and believe Fable 3 will be fantastic...i hope

I totally get why Molyneaux gets so much hate. One truly has to wonder if the game he is talking about as his upcoming project, is even a game that hes ever seen. He is the unmitigated hype monster. Regretfully I will go ahead and assume this will be the case with F3.

So I get why Molyneaux gets such hatred, but what I dont get is why Fable as a series gets bashed as much as it does. Seriously, it truly was one of the best RPG franchises to come out last decade. It has a depth of play that can involve you for a very long time. The stories arent phenominal, and fable 2's story was borderline decent. A game is a collection of elements, Gameplay, controls, camera angles, story, complexity, replay value, ambiance, ect.

I cant help but to think that a lot of the people who utterly dislike fable tend to do so because the game turns out not as molyneaux described it would be. Molyneaux is much like George Lucas in he is his products own worst enemy, but honestly, even if the game doesnt live up to its hype, in perspective its easily separate but equal to its closest competition in the elder scrolls series.

That's what I kept saying!
(or rather that's what we all kept saying)

As long as that stupid leaning forward when you stop walking thing is fixed I'll happily throw money at the latest instalment.

Oh and maybe the stupid glitch that prevents your children from doing anything for the first four hours of their childhood... That Molyneux is why I only touched 60% of the games content.

From what I've seen of footage, Fable 3 is shaping up to be 'Fable 2: a little bit more'.
But to be fair, I think Fable 2 was a fairly decent game, like Molyneux said it's a bit rushed and crappy in places but I liked it, still play it sometimes.

And besides what's wrong with adding a bit more? People generally fork out for DLC which is just a little bit more, they buy expansions which is just a little bit more.

Lionhead already pulled this stunt with Lost Chapters and I thought about that what I think about Fable 3, it was Lionhead, admittedly cashing in on the fact that they just added the bits that the deadline cut off but it was still content I now couldn't imagine playing the game without.

I just hope that Lionhead don't screw themselves with their own deadline again, it seems to be the constant downfall for the Fable series...

Wait MORE THAN ANY GAME MICROSOFT HAS EVER [email protected][email protected]#?#
What about S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky (post patch) Fallout 3 and MW2???

He's actually being honest, which is good.

I didn't much care for the female characters. The NPCs were ugly as hell, and the PCs were fine for a while, but when you almost HAD to put points into their strength, they got all bulky and shit. I wish you could modify their strength without making them built like the Hulk.

What's the bet he says the exact same thing about Fable 3 when he's announcing Fable 4?

The only problem I had with Fable 2 was the poor excuse for a "story" it had.

It felt like one huge "fuck you" to the player.

Everything else was awesome. The side quests were, fun, funny, interesting, and varied. The world was large and interesting, it was full of dark humor.

Yeah, it was fun. Except for the "story".

Wait MORE THAN ANY GAME MICROSOFT HAS EVER [email protected][email protected]#?#
What about S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky (post patch) Fallout 3 and MW2???

And Oblivion. Holy shit Oblivion...

I love how developers admit that their games are bad only after every one has bought it. Don't give respect to some one who has successfully BS'ed you. Give respect to the person that says "Wow, this game sucks. Alright boys wipe the drives, we are starting from scratch again.", who then makes a better game from the ashes of the old one.

I like Molyneaux. He's so enthusiastic. And he's a damn sight more interesting than most of the folks in the games industry are.

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