Kinect Touring the U.S. Like a Rockstar

Kinect Touring the U.S. Like a Rockstar


Microsoft has packed Kinect into a dirty old van and will be touring the North American continent.

It was somewhat short sighted when Microsoft was demoing Kinect in only four Microsoft Store locations, but now Microsoft has widened its view. Over the next 14 weeks, Kinect will be demoed in 32 cities across the U.S (in addition to random Macy's, by the way).

Though many have already written Kinect off due to the extremely casual-sounding game lineup that includes titles such as Kinectimals and Dance Central, I'm trying to keep an open mind until I actually use the device. After all, Wii Bowling ended up being a lot more fun than it may have sounded at first, so Kinect Sports or Kinect Adventures may have a few gems in there as well. It's worth a shot at least, because I'm sure Kinect will eventually be lowered from what most people would deem the absurd price of $150.

The Kinect Tour will take place simultaneously on both the east and west coasts on the following dates in the following cities:

East Coast:

July 17-18 Manhattan, NY Macy's
July 20-22 East Falmouth, MA Barnstable County Fair
July 24-25 Manhattan, NY Seaport-Lower Manhattan Entertainment Area
July 28-Aug 1 Washington, DC Six Flags America
Aug. 4-6 Canton, OH Football Hall of Fame - Rib Burnoff
Aug. 7-8 Canton, OH Football Hall of Fame Festival Weekend
Aug. 11-15 Chicago, IL Air Show/Navy Pier
Aug. 19-21 Detroit, MI Woodward Dream Cruise - Auto Festival
Aug. 26-30 St. Paul, MN Minnesota State Fair
Aug. 30-Oct. 24 Tampa, FL Westfield Citrus Park Shopping Mall
Sept. 3-6 Indianapolis, IN Rib America Festival
Sept. 10-13 Nashville, TN Tennessee State Fair
Sept. 15-16 Atlanta, GA Atlantic Station - Entertainment Plaza
Sept. 18-19 Atlanta, GA Atlanta Arts Festival
Sept. 23-26 Charlotte, NC Festival in the Park
Oct. 1-2 Orlando, FL Disney Wine and Dine Marathon
Oct. 8-10 Valdosta, GA Wild Adventures Theme Park
Oct. 14-17 Dallas, TX Texas State Fair
Oct. 21-24 Shreveport, LA Louisiana State Fair

West Coast:

July 15-Aug. 22 Minneapolis, MN Mall of America
July 25-26 San Diego, CA Youth Surf Cup - Soccer
July 28-Aug 1 Sacramento, CA California State Fair
Aug. 6-8 Portland, OR Bite of Oregon Food Festival
Aug.10-11 Seattle, WA Woodland Park Zoo
Aug. 13-15 Seattle, WA Taste of Edmonds - Food Festival
Aug. 19-22 Vancouver, BC Summerfest
Aug. 27-Sept 1 Pueblo, CO Colorado State Fair
Sept. 3-6 Denver, CO Elitch Gardens
Sept. 9-12 Albuquerque, NM New Mexico State Fair
Sept. 16-19 Salt Lake City, UT Utah State Fair
Sept. 24-26 Los Angeles, CA Universal City Walk
Oct. 1-3 San Diego, CA Miramar Air Fest
Oct. 7-11 San Francisco, CA Fleet Week - Military Ship and Air Festival
Oct. 15-17 Phoenix, AZ Arizona State Fair
Oct. 20-24 Las Vegas, NV PBR World Finals

I guess I won't be trying it out. Ever heard of Philadelphia, Microsoft? Apparently all of the previously mentioned games along with Kinect Joy Ride will be available to play, so get out there and try the device if you can. Hey, you never know, Justin Bieber might be there too.

Kinect will be released on November 4, 2010.


Thanks for demoing this outside of America, Microsoft!
Oh right, you aren't.

Wow...really want to sell this, huh?

Also...why only US? Come to the EU so I can make fun of it!

Really appreciated you think USA is your only userbase in the world. I just love you guys, sincerly.

Yay? I get a chance to see it in october? I don't have any reason yet to want to invest in it. If I do go I will write a review for all of you that microsoft forgot about, what there is life outside the usa????

i cannot wait for it to snort up cocaine and Overdose

Ever heard of Kansas City, Microsoft? Or the Midwest in general? No? Have fun on your road trip, then.


Hey, some canadians would like to try the new toy too! ...self centered bastards..

Some Canadians should read closer.

Aug. 19-22 Vancouver, BC Summerfest

Some Canadians should read closer.

Aug. 19-22 Vancouver, BC Summerfest

Oh great! Good thing we all live in Vancouver!

Thanks for demoing this outside of America, Microsoft!
Oh right, you aren't.

Is that a bad thing?

OT: STAY OUT OF CANADA! lol. We don't want it. Yes i speak as the collective mind of canada lol.

Some Canadians should read closer.

Aug. 19-22 Vancouver, BC Summerfest

Well my mistake then.
That's still about 2,000 kilometers away from me... but I guess they are going outside the states!

Cool they are coming to Portland, if I do not have work either of those days I think I may go check it out. I still haven't decided what I think of kinect yet.

Its not worth me driving all the way out to Detroit just to see it.

Kinect Touring the U.S. Like a Rockstar... being very undeserving.

Only North America? Must be due to the lack of pre-orders elsewhere.

Sweet they're coming to the Minnesota State Fair! Unfortunately it's a huge event so the line will be ridiculously long...oh well, i'll wait in line while the parents look at all the useless products sold there!


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