Your Level Could Appear in the Next Trials HD Expansion

Your Level Could Appear in the Next Trials HD Expansion


The Big Thrills expansion pack for the critical-smash Trials HD includes fifty new levels, ten of which will be designed by fans.

Independent developer RedLynx has announced Big Thrills, a new expansion pack for Trials HD, the addictive motorcycle racing game chosen by Xbox Live users as their favorite Live Arcade game of 2009. Launching at some point in the fourth quarter of this year, Big Thrills will give players fifty new levels to master.

The interesting part is that, in addition to forty stages created by RedLynx itself, the Big Thrills expansion will include ten stages designed by fans. The studio has launched a contest, offering a number of substantial prizes to gamers that come up with the most creative levels. In addition to having their level featured in the expansion, the top winners will walk away with cash prizes of up to $5000.

Full contest details are available on the track creator contest website.

Despite being part of last year's heavily-promoted "Summer of Arcade" program, the massive critical and commercial success of Trials HD clearly caught the developer by surprise. RedLynx creative director and lead designer Antti Ilvessuo exclaimed, "Ever since we released the first Trials HD expansion, gamers have demanded more. They email us every day, they post on our message boards, and lately they've started calling my house and chasing me down the street. With this announcement, I can now emerge from hiding and get back to making games."

Source: GameSetWatch


I'd finally buy that game if I wasn't keenly aware of how EVIL it becomes in difficulty.


I didn't even get it when it was 560 MSP, instead of the usual 1200.

I will not buy a game like that again. Not after N+...

This is a very cool contest, and I hope the designed levels are balanced in a non-EVIL manner.

Yay for incorporation! That's a neat way to get mod community buzzing!!

Trials was always a game known for it's difficulty ramping up. It wasn't impossible, it relied on dumbfound luck or sheer skillz. 1337 for everyone!


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