Spore Meets Diablo: EA Announces Darkspore Action RPG

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Spore Meets Diablo: EA Announces Darkspore Action RPG


During its EA Showcase today, EA Maxis announced Darkspore, an action RPG in the vein of Diablo inspired by (and using) the Spore creature creation tech.

We'd heard rumors that EA would be announcing a new Spore game today during its EA Showcase press conference. As it turns out, we were half-right: Maxis is working on Darkspore, a game that - while obviously inspired by some of the Spore idea - isn't actually a new Spore title.

It isn't "an extension" of Spore, but uses much of the technology including its famed creature editor. The game is about "building genetic heroes" who are living weapons and hunting down loot - you know, like Diablo and Torchlight.

Also like Diablo, it's a game heavily based around co-op online play. Darkspore is scheduled for February 2011. Stay tuned for more details as we learn more.


That... actually might be a very good idea. Taking the basics of Spore and focusing on one key gameplay aspect instead of spreading it thinly all around. This could be really good...

Sounds interesting... I'll have to keep an eye on this one.

in my mind it looks like oddworld

im excited! cant wait! by "dark" do they mean like blood and stuff? or the literal colors will be darker?...i gotta ask =P

Diablo = Awesome

Spore Creature Creator = Awesome.

This could be brilliant, especially if you can create the skills of your character aswell.

Interesting... Is it possible that something good might come out of Spore?

As long as the part placement on your character actually matters and not simply the quality I can see this work just fine.

Sounds awesome to me. Though the story will probably be hard to take seriously since you're controlling cute little Spore creatures.

Haha Awesome. Spore, the main PC game, is awesome. its like the worlds simplest RPG, and thats exactly why I loved it.

Diablo? diablo is uberawesome too.

FATE is better

Sounds awesome to me. Though the story will probably be hard to take seriously since you're controlling cute little Spore creatures.

Unless they're very ugly little spore creatures (like mine).

That actually sounds like it might be good. My only problem with the original Spore was that it got boring very quickly in space. I don't think that will happen in this thing.
Edit: Hoho. Starting from my next post, I move up to a larger variable type.

Yeah... Problem with that picture: Spore was nothing like that at all.

Not too interested in it though. It's probably going to be as butchered as the original Spore anyways.

"It's like this, only *dark*."

That made my day...

This does actually sound quite good... and here I was ready to be disapointed and angry

That's the kind of application I've been waiting to see from the Spore tech. Good job EA, I hate you less today.

I like spore, have never played diablo though, this doesn't sound like a bad idea

im sorry i heard this and laughed...
darkspore...man how long did it take them 2 think of that
its spore
but more hardcore
more extreme
more dark
i have an idea...
ow dear.
an rpg based heavily on character creation however is a good idea
i just dont thinck this will be the right version of that idea.

Very interesting indeed, I'll be sure to keep my eye out for this one.

Sounds interesting. I'll probably get it. I should probably post an announcement on that user group...

Just so long as they implement it well, this could be really cool. I really enjoyed Spore, but I agree that it didn't reach its potential. The character creation was always fun, but the everything up to the space mode went way too fast... but whatever, you all know that. I'll be interested to see how this works.

this could be awesome at worse it could be good.

Dark spore, the evil cousin! Hehe...Looks intresting, something like Spore, and Diablo could make a real evil combnation!

It's not called DarkSpore by any chance? I read that EA might be making something called that in OPM

*ahem* Called it (with help from OPM).

Right, now this looks pretty fun. I enjoyed Spore Creatures for DS, which was kinda RPG-ish, and I really liked Torchlight so much that I'm thinking of getting the old Diablo games to try out. Let's hope that they make something good out of this.

This might possibly be quite good
-General Vague

Now this does look interesting the spore creature creator tech built inside an actual game this time around

Spore's Creature Creation (like)
Spore's Actual Gameplay (dislike)
Diablo-esque Gameplay (like)

Sounds like it has potential. Given my disappointment with the original game, however, I'm still a bit wary...

After seeing some screen shots, I have to say... what the hell is with all these colorful "dark" games... Where are the good old gray, dark gray, darker gray, super dark gray, red for blood, and more gray colored games?

I want to play this, and I wanted it yesterday.

"focus on online" is code for "no meaningful single player" and "$ub$cription"

This has the potential to be my favourite game ever. O_o

Darkspore meets my raised thumb: Rarhnor announces genuine exitement

This is actually a good idea, I think. They're taking the one thing they did really well with Spore, and putting it in a new environment that has been proven to work with games like Diablo. I'm gonna keep an eye on it.


I hope they don't fuck up my expectations like they did with Spore. It looked so awesome at the begining, but they just started changing everything.

This could actually turn out both ways, but since it's Maxis it'll probably become something like a kids version of Diablo..

Hmmm.... If they revamp the creature creator so that it's actually more than a sub-standard number game, excellent.

Might be good as long as spore keeps to creature makeing and doesnt leave it

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