Sony Patents Split-Screen Multiplayer That Keeps Screens Whole

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Sony Patents Split-Screen Multiplayer That Keeps Screens Whole


Sony has filed to patent a futuristic technology that will show multiple people different images through the same screen at the same time.

3D televisions may be useful for more than increased depth perception or a new visual experience in gaming and movies. Patents filed by Sony detail a system through which those wearing 3D-style glasses and watching a 3DTV can play multiplayer games together with different images shown to each player.

The term used for the technique is called stereoscopic screen sharing. It translates different images to different viewers of the same television filtered through shuttered glasses. It was easy to cheat in GoldenEye 007 multiplayer on the N64 by looking right over at your friends' screens. Stereoscopic screen sharing would change all that.

The patent was filed with many different images that show the types of uses this technology could have for even more than gaming. Let's say mother wants to watch American Idol, but little Jimmy and his friend Bobby are in the middle of playing Killzone 3. This screen sharing method could enable both of the children to massacre each other while Jimmy's mother votes for the nation's next pop star.

The idea is quite compelling and adds to the reasons that one might buy a 3D television. Though it seems like the issue of sound would have to be worked out too (probably through multiple headphone sets), relationships everywhere could be saved by this technology. The unwilling may never have to watch Glee again.

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I figured Sony would try to pull something huge to get people to buy 3D TVs, and I have to say, this does interest me.

So maybe, with this technology combined with headphones, two people could watch different things on the same TV? That would be awesome.

Whoa, so this would essentially kill those frustrating multiplayer games where the screen was too small?

Do go on.

Holy shit Sony made something cool... My world is falling apart. This would be a definite plus if they put it in their next gen consle.

Crud, sorry for the double post.

Yes, but what about the sound issue? I don't fancy hearing Coronation Street while I play Metal Gear, and I'm sure the other person doesn't either. For splitscreen though, this will be awesome.

Calumon: Jack's a screenwatcher anyway.

Wow. Could this..could this be an interesting and useful outlet of the whole 3D fad?

Now THIS is a better use for 3D technology than making games and movies prettier. Sony gets my stamp of approval.

This.........actually looks awesome. works well, and isn't ridiculously expensive then I'm definitely interested.

I always disliked how easy it was to cheat by glancing at the other half of the screen....this would be a masterpiece.

Cool idea. Now they just need to patent the stereoscopic couch that multiple people can sit/lay on by wearing shutter pants. In the same spot, I mean. Now everyone can have the optimal viewing spot while watching/playing whatever they want to watch/play!

Man, me and the wife are very pleased about this.

How f**king cool is this? My expectation of 3D just happened.

...fuck, what about the people who can't see in true 3-d?

Now this is some innovation that's actually impressive. Come up with some more stuff like this, and I may actually buy a 3D TV.

People probably still do look over at the other person's screen while split screening to determine where they are. It does sound nice though. The 3d glasses and "3d"ness of it's gonna be a problem to some people though. Step forward in inovation though.

Most intriguing. This idea actually does sound useful in the long-term rather than probably just remaining at a gimmick level until the next best thing comes along.

Becoming Insane:
Now THIS is a better use for 3D technology than making games and movies prettier. Sony gets my stamp of approval.

Ninja'd. You seem to be taking revenge on me here ;)

I'm in as long as I never have to watch Army Wives ever again! blurrrrg! Not to mention being able to share the TV a lot better with the little one.

Now THIS is the future.

...fuck, what about the people who can't see in true 3-d?

I believe this is caused by an inability of the brain to interpret two distinct images and overlap them, which wouldn't be a problem because each person would only be seeing one image as long as you were playing/watching a 2D game/show. It WOULD be a problem if all the games and TV shows were being played in 3D.

I love this use of 3D. Completely love it. I always thought it'd be impossible to watch two completely different things at once, as the screen still has to technically show it, albeit it's all blurry and not watch-able without glasses. I suppose if it is possible through the filtered glasses, the actual screen without the glasses would look a mess. But who cares.

Well this seems interesting, but then again alot of things seem interesting, like a tiger eating a deer...but that doesnt help that the tiger can turn on you at any second. What happens if while your playing, the 3d effects go wonky or something, and your screens switch...

P.S I dont have anything against 3d, because i do love the idea of 3d t.v, but its not addressing my main issue with 3d t.vs....i do not like wearing glasses, because they are uncomfortable, and very annoying to wear

...fuck, what about the people who can't see in true 3-d?

That isn't what it's doing It's basicly making the images all red or all blue instead of 3-d red/blue some if you have the 1st pair of glasses you only see red and if you have the second pair blue I'm guessing the frame rate might suffer some and anyone without glasses may get a headache (or vastly different images may cause seizures.)

OR they mean they play at the same frame by frame but the glasses filterout the other viewers images. which would keep frame rate high but sounds trickier to me.

Edit And if 3-D TVs do take off I hope there's a feature to disable 3-D to view it as a 2-D so not everyone would need glasses to see or if they break and you can't replace them at the time.

For the first time in quite a while, I'm genuinely impressed.

This is insane...

Win. Pure win.

*gasp* 3-d being... innovative...*'splode*

... im still not buying it though

Impressive, but somehow I get the feeling if the glasses are that potent, why not skip the tv altogether and just imprint the images into one's brain?

Interesting. It will steal my advantage though, as the people I play against in splitscreen are usually a lot worse than me at the game in question (younger sister, parents, cousins etc).

Admittedly, that is neat, but not enough to make me want to actually buy a 3D TV.

It sounds good, but I am a little worried that the quality of the images will be lower or something.

One of the reasons not to buy a 3D TV now? $4,500.

In the future when 3D televisions become as common as HD televisions are today, this will definitely be practical.

Good job Sony.

Wait? So do you see different things depending on where you are sitting?

Also would 3d still work or in some magic way is the 3d used up....or something

I'm impressed at how marketing as created a society where currency is wasted on complex designs that only benefit to stop someone from screen peaking...

Subliminal messaging...

But that's actually a pretty brilliant idea...

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