Professor Layton Movie Lands in the UK in Style

Professor Layton Movie Lands in the UK in Style


Professor Layton fans will be treated to a stylish collector's package when the series' first movie hits UK shelves October 4th.

Back in April, the UK branch of localization firm Manga Entertainment announced that it had licensed the rights to Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva, the animated Professor Layton film released in Japan last winter. Today, Manga UK confirmed that the localized film will be released to stores on October 4th, shortly after the launch of Professor Layton and the Unwound Future for the Nintendo DS.

The film will be released in both single-disc DVD and Blu-Ray editions, but the real prize for series fans is the collector's edition. The DVD + Blu-Ray "Combi Pack," priced at £49.99, includes both the DVD and Blu-Ray discs, a disc of special features, and a book of storyboards, all packed in the beautiful fold-out package pictured to the right.

The story of Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva, written by Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino, begins with the professor receiving a letter from a former student, acclaimed opera diva Janice Quatlane, inviting him to accompany her to the Crown Petone Opera House. After an incident at the theater, the professor and his assistant, Luke, are drawn into investigating a series of mysterious kidnappings. The duo will have to dive into the history of the opera house and, likely, arrange a few matchsticks before a horrible fate falls upon the kidnapper's latest victims.

Although the movie is currently only scheduled for a UK release, eager importers can grab it from Amazon UK simply by signing into your existing Amazon account. The movie will be both dubbed and subtitled into English, so the primary barrier for Layton fans will be the potential region encoding on the discs. Blu-Ray discs are often released without any region protection on them, but importers are recommended to hold off until we receive some sort of conformation from Manga UK.

Source: Amazon, via GoNintendo


Crossing my fingers and hoping it'll come out in the U.S.

Who is this professor and where is is degree?

Well, saves me having to think what to get my dad for Christmas.

Didn't actually expect a movie. I was happy enough with the little cutscenes.

.... I didn't even know this had a movie. That's cool?

I love the cover of that book :)

I'll be sure to tell you all how it is, in excruciating detail and smugness that for once, Britain gets something first that's not called Doctor Who.

Calumon: I want that book :3

There was a Movie?
Ill haft to check it out.

I'm just glad something has came to the UK first for once. I REALLY want to watch this now.

Oh wow, they have gone to town on that! Nice to see UK been treated to something first rather than other way around as its always feels...

Well isuppose it took a while to get rid of all the tentacle rape before they could release it over here com ca.

while on Amazon if you really want this and any other UK only stuff look for a multi region DVD player they are quite cheap and will play US and UK DVDs

Huzzah! Amusing that something as exceptionally British as the Professor Layton series would come out here in Blighty first. Smashing.

Not sure if Manga region lock or not. Just checked my Evangelion 1.11 blu-ray and it says absolutely nothing on the topic. If anybody wants to ask though @MangaUK on twitter is usually excellent when it comes to answering these kinds of questions.


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