"Star Wars Subway Car" Outtakes Are Bizarrely Heartwarming

"Star Wars Subway Car" Outtakes Are Bizarrely Heartwarming

There's something endearing about watching Darth Vader stand and wait for a train, but I don't know what it is.

In case you missed it last week, freestyle public improv group Improv Everywhere made the lives of New York City commuters that much more entertaining with a live subway reenactment of the famous scene in Star Wars where Leia meets Darth Vader.

These are the "behind the scenes" shots and outtakes that didn't make it into the final cut.

There's something bizarrely endearing about them, honestly - and I can't really place it. Maybe it's Vader standing on the platform waiting for the train. Maybe it's the obviously befuddled shopkeeper watching the stormtrooper browse through leaflets. Maybe it's the hilarious way that the stormtrooper manages to convey an expression purely through body language while listening to a busker at the end.

Who knew that the Imperials could be so ... cute?


The Force is strong in these outtakes.

But the poor 'trooper couldn't get the coin into the hat.

Heh, that was funny.
Poor Stromtrooper, he just wants to help the busker, but he cannot.

Love it, hehe. I would be like "O.O" if I saw Darth Vader waiting for his next shut--I mean train!

Hehehe, that was almost as good as the video itself :3
Funny when the Stormtrooper dropped the coin, and couldn't reach down to pick it up x3

These guys are truely wonderful, I'd love to be able to organise or participate in something like this in the North Of England (going to london to do shit like this would be far to expensive :D).

Still I think it's just fantastic that they go around doing this making everyones days just a little more fun :)

Well I lol'd

Now we know why Storm Troopers die so easily and quickly, they cannot crouch behind cover due to poor uniform design :-P

I'll raise you a Grocery Wars

Aw, my heart is warmed. It wasn't quite as funny as the subway car video though. :)

Poor stormtrooper, he couldn't pick up the coin he dropped.

That Video honestly made me laugh from the centerof my heart, not like the usual hammed fisted, with all force, humor that you find on YouTube. ^.^

Was that Pat Cassels? Cool!

Possible line dubs:

Vader: I find your lack of train schedule disturbing.

Trooper: No kidding, Brangalina adopted a Gungan.


Could someone explain to me why this is so apparently endearing?

Was that Pat Cassels? Cool!

I saw a bunch of people from College Humor there. Plus Improv Everywhere and College Humor are both based in New York, so I guess a lot of them would be friends or at least know each other.

This one is quite equally hilarious and entertaining. Forwarding the RSS feed towards my friends now.


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