Aion Asks Players to Be In-Game Journalists

Aion Asks Players to Be In-Game Journalists


NCsoft wants YOU ... to sign up to be a "Battle Reporter" and write about in-game happenings in Aion.

When it comes to specialities within the field of journalism, war correspondance is generally regarded to be a pretty badass form of reporting. It's the speciality that makes journalism look sexy: Not only are reporters often placing themselves in a great amount of physical danger halfway around the world, but such journalism has a much greater potential to win major awards. NCsoft's MMOG Aion is helping players to get a (virtual) taste of such an experience by becoming "Battle Reporters" in the game.

"Lord Kaisinel has instructed me to approach you, my fellow Daevas," said a post on the official Aion website, "with a unique proposition. We wish to attach unique positions to our Legions, Battle Reporters who can relay real-time information back to everyone involved in the Elyos war effort. With this information, our Legions can truly act as one; our efforts can be coordinated, concentrated, and when our Fortresses feel the strain of the enemy's presence, you will be able to flock to them and drive the scourge from our lands."

In order to apply, players will need to send the team an email with their full name, character/server, and a 400 word sample article covering something that's recently happened in their specific area of the game's world, "written in a journalistic and objective fashion."

The position is open to one person per faction and server, though the community team will be continuously hiring and keeping promising applicants on file in case a new position opens up. At the moment, there's nothing promised to players for this work other than bragging rights, but maybe there will be some exclusive in-game loot or abilities for these in-game journalists in the future?

Source: Massively


That's fairly interesting... perhaps not a great PR thing that they really need ta rope in more people but still very interesting

I can see why they'd like to see this take off: EVE Online already does this, and it's largely what shoehorns the game out of being a spreadsheet in space to being an Epic Space Drama.

I can see why they'd like to see this take off: EVE Online already does this, and it's largely what shoehorns the game out of being a spreadsheet in space to being an Epic Space Drama.

The ISD indeed does very good work in EVE, providing fight-reports and news from around the game universe.

Ok, who's gonna be the first to ask Jerry Lawton?

Intresting idea, suppose takes playeer developer interactions a little further which is always fun!

That sounds very interesting. I was already considering doing an in-character diary of the next character I played in an MMO, but this sounds better.

Sounds like a good idea and might help improve gameplay

It's always great to see roleplay being promoted.

If they want to advertise, to get new players, a free trial might be the faster way :X

I want to see Geraldo Rivera do a report on this...

Sounds like an amazing roleplaying experience for anyone who really is in this stuff.

I remember when I used to be a Battle Reporter in an old mech game Starsiege. I basically ran a Minotaur with some weapons, commenting on the battles in the Costum-Made campaign battles the community made. I even had a cameraman to record all of this.

Good times and amazing roleplaying experience, I really hope someone can fill in this rol properly.


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