How to Make a Sandwich Like the God of War

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How to Make a Sandwich Like the God of War

This is how Kratos makes all of his PB&Js.

In honor of it being Friday - the last (and therefore the best) day of the work week - I'd like to share with you all an astonishingly silly video.

If the God of War series is known for anything, it's its brutal, over-the-top violence, most obviously present in the quick-time event finishing moves. This is one gamer's take on how perpetually angry God of War protagonist Kratos would use said finishing moves to make a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich.

Yes, this is silly. This is very silly. But it's also kind of spot on the mark. For those of you who like to read deeper into things, it can also be seen as a clever parody of quick-time events in general. But really, I'm just going to see it as absurd and yet somehow amusing.

Also, I have to give credit to anyone who is willing to stab a knife like that anywhere in the general direction of their fingers. Ouch.

(Via Destructoid)

Permalink That's great...yeah, that's....that's great.

I suppose I've seen time less better spent o.O

Hahaha, I was in stitches from the start. This takes the ticket from that electric organ thing. This is the most awesome thing I've seen all day.

That was bloody hilarious! One of the funniest videos I've seen in a long while. I also like how the camera angles strongly resemble the ones in the games. Thank you, Funk, you made my day.

That was awesome, really captured the God-of-War-ness.

Although the only sandwich I want is Heavy Weapon Guys...

The camera angles were absolutely perfect. That's probably how the real Kratos makes a sandwich.

That was... special.

Wow o.o Thats made my Friday! lol

That was freaking hilarious!!! The camera angles, the actions and buttons pressed... everything was just like the real thing. And how it all went fucknuggets at the end. This made my day!!

That made my day.

Achievement unlocked: Sandvich of War!

Man, that is one seriously scary-looking butter knife...

I was literally in stitches, though. Reminds me of Man Cooking. And that's by no means a bad thing... :D

Haha, that was a good one!

You are dead! Not big surprise!


Not G. Ivingname:

Achievement unlocked: Sandvich of War!

that ones fucking brutal to unlock, grats dude!

Oh my god that was hysterical! The Dan Forden reference absolutely killed me!

So much win.

Haha, that tickled me probably more than it should have. Damnnit, I'm hungry again.

awesome <3

I lol'd hard from beginning to end. Amazing.

HA! I actually loved this more than I expected. I really loved how the motions were really drawn out like in the game. Very well done, and very funny!

Just as Kratos would do it :P

That was funny, but the ending killed the mood. Would have been funnier if he succeeded and a bite was taken ala God Of War execution style.

Bwahahaha. Makes me wonder how kratos would make a BLT.

...also made me hungry

I laughed in real life at that.

Nah, he just makes that slut Aphrodite make it for him. She gives out that sammich to everyone.

That was great... We need more people like that making videos like this.

Was fun to watch. Thanks Escapist! :)

i love it

the you are dead made it perfect!

see if that was a women and not a man. She would have made that sandwich

because women are good at making sandwiches

fat guy trying to be cool over the internet. where have i seen this before?

Best thread I've seen on the Escapist in a long time. =] Nuff said.

That made my morning.

Thank you, whoever you are. Now, if you don't mind, I have to lose my own battle with a sandwich.

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