Street Fighter Producer Bolsters Namco vs. Capcom Rumors

Street Fighter Producer Bolsters Namco vs. Capcom Rumors


Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono teased that he would be announcing more than one project tomorrow at Comic-Con, lending weight to the rumors that he would be unveiling a pair of crossover fighting ganes.

Earlier this week, it was rumored that Capcom and Namco were working on a joint project - a pair of crossover "Versus" fighting games. According to the rumors, Capcom vs. Namco would be developed by Capcom in the style of Street Fighter, whereas Namco vs. Capcom would be developed by Namco in the style of Tekken and Soul Calibur. The games were supposedly scheduled to be announced this weekend at San Diego Comic-Con 2010.

Now, a trio of tweets from SF4 big boss Yoshinori Ono - whose teasing of the crowd at the EVO fighting game tournament helped fuel the rumors in the first place - have only lent credence to the idea. Speaking about his panel tomorrow at SDCC, Ono said that he'd be announcing more than one new project:

"I'm not only announcing one new 'something'," said Ono, "Nor just two. But I would like to talk about a few of our recent endeavours."

The specific phrasing "nor just two" seems to indicate that Ono is well aware of the vs. Namco rumors, and the announcement that he will in fact be announcing multiple projects gives those rumors some extra weight. However, the news that Ono would be revealing more than two projects is new. Other than the Namco collaboration and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (which doesn't exactly count as a "new" project), what could be up Capcom's sleeve?

We'll find out tomorrow: Ono's panel at SDCC is scheduled for noon PST (3:00 PM EST).

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Having really enjoyed Super SF4, almost ever Capcom Vs. _____ game that has been produced most recently Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars (How that made the light of day in the west i will never know) and i egerly await Marvel Vs. Capcom 3.

I Namco Stlye SF crossover would also be very welcome in my book seeing as their tekken formula could do with a little bit of a shake up (the beat 'em up mode was nice in Tekken 6 but there needs to be more).

Crossovers are becoming the latest craze with capcom and for good reason, they seem to work. Like really really really well. I only hope Ryota Niitsuma is involved on the capcom end as he is behind Tvs.C and Mvs.C

Marvel vs Capcom vs Namco?

That would be pure epic.

Crossover fighters seem to be all the rage at the moment...not that I am complaining! Would love to see a huge compilation of all fights in one game though!

8-bit Megaman vs Pac-Man, go!

Does anyone remember Namco x Capcom by any chance? If you do I hope they have Xiamu and Reiji as playable characters! Heck I hope Haken browning gets in too but that's pretty unlikely. Haken is owned by Banpresto right?

Oh please be a Konami VS Capcom or even better yet Atlas VS Capcom. I want me some Chie galactic punting some Ryu.


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