Sucker Punch Kills InFamous 2's New Cole

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Sucker Punch Kills InFamous 2's New Cole


The new Cole Sucker Punch created for InFamous 2 wasn't well received, so he's off the island.

When we first saw InFamous 2 earlier this year, Cole, the game's hero, had a new look. It was so different, in fact, that fan outcry has apparently made developer Sucker Punch decide to change his appearance back to something fans should recognize.

I didn't mind Cole's changed look, though his new jeans were very fashionista. There's no denying that InFamous 2's Cole was hard to compare to the original, looking like more of a bad boy with longer hair and tattoos whereas the original had a shaved head and looked like a nice young man (unless you brought him to the dark side by killing innocents).

According to reports out of Comic-Con, fan feedback has nixed the new look, with Sucker Punch remodeling Cole to something more familiar. In a very James Bond-like situation, IGN received a "manila envelope" with images of the new-old Cole and said that "he looks more like the person we played as in the original InFamous and less like the man who was in all of those E3 screens and videos," but no official images have been released yet.

I'm not sure the look mattered all that much, at least it didn't to me, and it seems like it would be a fair amount of work to change Cole depending on how far along development was on cutscenes and whatnot. I guess fans were pissed off enough to make it worth it. Sucker Punch has said it wants InFamous 2 to be very good and on par with something like Uncharted 2, so maybe it doesn't want there to be any hitches. Still, can't a guy grow his hair out and get a few tattoos without getting criticized?


HUZZAH! Baldy's back!

Calumon: Hey baldy! You haven't got any hair, wanna know why? 'Cos your so bald!

Thank God. I don't know what exactly possessed them to change the character so much anyway. There was absolutely no point to the changes from my perspective, and while familiarity breeds repetitiveness in most cases, this really shouldn't have any affect on it.

I personally didn't mind the new look at all, as long as the combat is still fun and the parkour is awesome I'm all set.

Thank god.

It wasn't a look change. It was the fact that he appears to have lost 15 years of age. His voice (instead of going from high and teenish to older, more mature and gravelly, did the opposite.

THey tried to introduce a younger character in the sequal! I like that they listened! :)

Well, that's definitely not anything to complain about.

Now can we get rid of the stupid chase missions, please?

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Thank you god! The new look was so horrible that i took it for a joke the first time i saw it! YEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSS!


Developers need to stop making their characters look like Nathan Drake.

Fuck. I hated his look at first but I kinda got used to it. I don't want the same model in both games. Yes tribal tattoos are retarded and Yes his voice sounded bitchy but it wasn't that bad. I'm a glad he no longer looks like a tool but I hope they have some kind of mix between both models.

This 'new' Cole sure sounds like a pansy if it only took one sucker punch to kill him.

If they hadn't of actually remodeled his face (and included those ridiculous jeans), and just added hair to the old face then I doubt there'd have been a problem.



I didn't really mind the new look Cole but I did prefer the older one. Im glad Sucker Punch are listening to the fans though.

I don't mind if he wears something a little different but it's good that they kept him looking similar.

I'm glad they're sticking with the the old look (not because I like either look, but making your character no longer resemble himself is ridiculous).

What bothers me more is still the use of a different voice actor. Not all that often I really notice what Cole looks like anyways, but I certainly hear him...

Eh, I'm alright with either one, though the old Cole wasp more likable from what I've seen of the new one.

I don't get it, why do people so readily accept the protagonist just changing his looks from title to title? Is there some story-related explanation for it to happen? If a character looks the way he does, why can't people just go with it..

This stuff always ticks me off. I'll never forgive Blizzard the way they fucked Arthas up.

What? I liked the new look. It seemed a little more minimalistic then the look from inFamous 1.

Still, I liked the first so much that I'll probably end up getting the second even if they decide to dress Cole up in skinny jeans, a puffy shirt, and a 2 foot tall pink mohawk.

I was kinda peeved about Cole's new look. As in 'Zomg I DONT WANT TO PLAY INFAMOUS 2!!!!11' peeved.

But now my outlook on it has improved, just because they changed the main characters look

I wouldn't have minded the new look, just as long as they change his voice back.
If they leave it like they have in those trailers, I'm going to be sad. I'll get the game regardless, but I'd rather they kept the status with the quo.

The Thief:
This 'new' Cole sure sounds like a pansy if it only took one sucker punch to kill him.

Oh dude... you didn't... Why did you have to make that joke?

Thank god, he looked like a Nathan Drake clone. I hate Nathan Drake. Looking forward to seeing the new-old Cole.

I'm going to drag my post regarding the frustration with the developers here, from another thread.

Mr. Grey:
So they're still spineless... good to know.

And here I was hoping for a well written explanation to how Cole became the new version of himself, then they could have kept some credibility instead of practically confirming my suspicions that someone in marketing went "DERP!" at them and they bent over for it.

They might as well have kept everything originally as it was in the first if this is the case, now they really have no excuse for even having started this nonsense to begin with. In fact, they're bending so far backwards now that I'm starting to wonder if they acquired the Morphball.


The Thief:
This 'new' Cole sure sounds like a pansy if it only took one sucker punch to kill him.

Oh dude... you didn't... Why did you have to make that joke?

Just to punish you.

It's great to have back the original Cole, though I'd like to see a newer outfit, something between his original garb and Kesslers.

Hopefully we'll get something resembeling the old Cole now because I wasn't exactly digging the new design. I also hope that this doesn't push back the development of the game because I'm really looking forward to playing this next summer and not the holiday season of 2011.

Oh thank the lord. That new Cole looked irritating, and seemed like they were trying to make a grab for the tween kids honestly.

I was really disappointed with the new Cole, so I'm happy about this news, but it was never a deal breaker for me.

InFamous 2 is going to be awesome either way.

+1.7536 Faith In Humanity!

Thank you for actually listening to the fans Sucker Punch. Sure brooding Cole was cliche'd but it was certainly much better than Fashionista Cole.

Woot. What about the voice actor?

I really hope they dont change his voice back, It was too deep and gravelly, it just wasnt natural way over the top.

Honestly I'm glad for this. The other Cole just didn't make much sense.

He went from what seemed like an old, world-weary, mature, level headed character into a young, cocky, more immature character. Add on top of that what happened at the end of the first game

It just doesn't seem that Cole would pull that kind of character change after that. Plus he kind of looked like a douche, so yeah.

I like his new voice though. And it sounds kind of like Ellis from Left 4 Dead 2.

Thank God. The new Cole looked incredibly feminine/annoying; I don't really know if I would have been able to reconcile the two while playing.

Yes, the old Cole's voice was "gravelly", but I liked that; it made him feel more real, instead of some distant superhero with a booming, thunderous (pun fully intended) voice.

Plus, it just would have been weird playing two different characters that you're supposed to pretend are the same. I thought the first Cole was an awesome protagonist, and I can't wait to see him come back.

Few, I didn't not like the very generic new Cole, glad baldy is back.

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