Sucker Punch Kills InFamous 2's New Cole

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Had no problem with hair and tattoos, it was just his facial structure looked nothing like the first game. If they never said his name in the game, you could play the whole thing and not know it was Cole.

That's a pity in my opinion.
I prefered the new look for Cole but I haven't played the first game besides its demo so my opinion might change when I have a proper go at it.
It would be an interesting idea to release their orginal design for infamous 2 Cole as a side skin for 100% completion or something along the lines of that.

It wasn't a look change. It was the fact that he appears to have lost 15 years of age. His voice (instead of going from high and teenish to older, more mature and gravelly, did the opposite.

THey tried to introduce a younger character in the sequal! I like that they listened! :)

It's basically the max payne 2 thing, where it's just not Max anymore, you know?

Am I the only one that thinks the now-defunct Cole looks a lot like the guy from White Collar?

As you can see here:

I was fine with it if they explained it thoroughly in the continuity of the narrative, but I couldn't deal with it if they just changed his looks for the sake of a different character model to dick about with.

So in my mind, they couldn't come up with a decent explaination for the new look so have gone back to something easier to provide relative sense for.

(and I have used WAY too many long words in that paragraph)

So they went from the generic Nathan Drake look to the generic bald head look. Yay?

Well it's nice knowing they reacted to fan backlash, although his new voice is pretty much sure to stay.

Shucks though, I was just getting used to his new look :-(

Ah well, hope his revised look will be better!

What? I liked the new look. It seemed a little more minimalistic then the look from inFamous 1.

Still, I liked the first so much that I'll probably end up getting the second even if they decide to dress Cole up in skinny jeans, a puffy shirt, and a 2 foot tall pink mohawk.

I'd definitely play if he looked like that. We don't see enough lunatics as the protaganist...

I didnt see any problem with it,. but, I suppose nice to see the developers listening to the community

Its not that I didn't like the change its that I didn't like the massive change that they did and almost changed him into a completely new person.

Developers need to stop making their characters look like Nathan Drake.

quoted for truth. to many characters look and sound like Nathan Drake nowadays.

why did they change my gravely potato man in the first place though? i guess that will be a mystery for the ages...

Aww, I was really looking forward to watching my friend play was that guy.

*sigh* Oh well.


Developers need to stop making their characters look like Nathan Drake.

That's so fucking true >.>
They're doing it subtly now but soon enough


Batman with hair and tattoos on the costume.

OT: Cool, I really do hope this game is awesome, as I LOVED the first one.

Good! Now he actually looks like his original character, not some Nathan Drake rip-off. Not that I don't like Nathan Drake, but Cole should remain Cole.

Plus, it would have been strange playing as a character that looked so radically different from the original.

Well, I really didn't mind but for continuity's sake I'm glad it's back.
As for the voice, it made no sense for a bike messenger who climbs in the sewers in his spare time to sound like Christian Bale's Batman, so the new voice is an improvement. IGN have a video of the new comic style cutscenes that show off a little more of the newer voice and it's close enough to the original to still be Cole, but different enough to have a noticeable improvement.

Honestly I'm glad for this. The other Cole just didn't make much sense.

He went from what seemed like an old, world-weary, mature, level headed character into a young, cocky, more immature character. Add on top of that what happened at the end of the first game

It just doesn't seem that Cole would pull that kind of character change after that. Plus he kind of looked like a douche, so yeah.

I like his new voice though. And it sounds kind of like Ellis from Left 4 Dead 2.

Everytime I hear his voice I expect him to start with one of his storys.
"Did I tell ya about the time me and Zeke were on top of a roof fighting reapers?"

That's disappointing I liked new Cole. It was an interesting change.

I never had a problem with Cole's new look. My problem was with the personality makeover they gave him. In inFAMOUS he was a somewhat dark/brooding type and from what I gathered from 2's trailers they intend on changing him into a sarcastic jackass. That still doesn't sit too well with me (i'll still buy the game though).

Jack and Calumon:
HUZZAH! Baldy's back!

Calumon: Hey baldy! You haven't got any hair, wanna know why? 'Cos your so bald!

the the better to headbutt you with!

thank you baby jesus. I know its too much to ask for the same voice actor but, at least they changed his looks. Now he doesnt look like Nathan Drake

I hope they do the same thing with Max Payne 3... :/

Words can't describe how happy I am.

Jack and Calumon:
HUZZAH! Baldy's back!

Calumon: Hey baldy! You haven't got any hair, wanna know why? 'Cos your so bald!

Sorry, had to post this to respond, it seems fitting:


OT, I didn't really care that much. Maybe it would've been better if you got the tats and stuff if you took the more evil path, instead of removing it.

Allright! Can't wait to join up with the real Cole and zap some bastards xD

Damn it.
I preferred his new look.
Moot point anyway, considering I don't have a PS3 (yet).

They had better change his voice to in the first InFamous his voice just made you want to be evil now its just 3rd grade math teacher trying to be cool.

Well I didnt like the new Cole, but I hope they don't change him right back to the exact way he was before... He can have more hair for all he likes and as much tattoos as he wants... And a little change is cool.

Just the new cole was all wrong, he didnt even have the same body shape... HE seems taller and skinnier...

Well its still somewhat good news but until I see the new-new/old cole, I won't be jumping off my seat.

Why couldn't they just add buyable or customizable clothes that could effect your powers like metal gloves that make you punch harder etc

There was nothing wrong with the new character. However there was also nothing wrong with the character we grew to love throughout infamous 1.

I never really connected or identified Cole from inFamous apart from any other generic superhero kind of character- so I didnt mind this change- hell I didn't really think he looked all that different, except maybe all the crazy shit going down cut in on his time to continuously shave his head

i thought they brought the karma meter thing to a new level and his appearance drastically changed when he was good and bad. i thought that was cole when he's being good and then he'd go back to what he was when evil. i hope there are some more drastic changes in appearance when either good or evil but i'm glad he's no longer a younger, high pitched voiced knob anymore.

Jack and Calumon:
HUZZAH! Baldy's back!

Calumon: Hey baldy! You haven't got any hair, wanna know why? 'Cos your so bald!

Problem was when he grew his hair he lost the power he gained from having Bald Of Awesome.

Luckly he realized this before it was to late.

I like how everyone forgot how much they hated old Cole. Kind of the whole reason for the change. It's a case of "Be careful what you wish for" I guess.

I don't particularly care which of these two Cole looks like more, the game's gonna be awesome.

When I saw the 1st art for InFamous 2, I thought "Cool, new character with new powers." Then they told me it was still the same guy and I was not impressed. Really glad they shifted back towards the old design, though having the new one available as an unlockable would be nice.

Jack and Calumon:
HUZZAH! Baldy's back!

Calumon: Hey baldy! You haven't got any hair, wanna know why? 'Cos your so bald!

Thank you Calumon ^^

I actually kinda liked the new cole, eh go figure. either way i'll be happy with him though.

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