Comic-Con Hilariously Strikes Back Against Hate Church

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Comic-Con Hilariously Strikes Back Against Hate Church


When the Westboro Baptist Church showed up to protest San Diego Comic-Con 2010, the SDCC con-goers showed up to protest right back - and they had much better signs.

About two weeks ago, we learned that the hateful protest-happy Westboro Baptist Church would be picketing this weekend's San Diego Comic-Con because it equated comic-book fans loving Superman with idol worship or something like that. Well, the WBC showed up as promised - only they weren't the only ones holding protest signs.

Comic-Con attendees were there in full force to hold a peaceful counter-protest, and according to one self-described "embedded journalist," the Westboro Church members were "outnumbered, outgunned and police-protected." Their signs were also significantly more boring, with the usual "God hates the USA/Gays/the Troops/Muslims/etc."

Meanwhile, the Comic-Con crowd had some genuinely entertaining signs. The TF2 Spy proclaimed that the Almighty "[Hated] Sentries," an anti-mutant activist exhorted Congress to "Pass the Mutant Registration Act Now," and someone else just reassured everybody that God did, in fact, love "Gay Robin."

And then there was Commander Shepard, endorsing this as their "favorite protest on the Citadel."

Thanks to the creative signs and funny costumes - where else will you see a pink TF2 Pyro protesting alongside Lady Gaga? - I think it's clear to say that in this case, good old-fashioned human compassion and peaceful-if-sarcastic humor beat out rampant hatred.

Nerds 1, Westboro Baptist 0.

(Many more pictures: BleedingCool)


In the name of Ronnie James Dio and the comic book and alternative art community world, take that you monotheistic shits!!

Saw this earlier at another website, loved it. Especially the spy, who was also making rounds at a furry convention.

Gotta love that Gentleman.

Yeaaaah! That's how ya do it!

Apparently, if I'm interpreting correctly, God hates everything. So...

Blessed be the Nerds, We.


In spy, we trust.

Gentleman, I salute you.

Nerds: 1
Bigots: 0

Your move, Phelps.

I lol'd at the "Is this thing on?" sign.

Oh that just gives me so much joy to know that when someone decides to troll the greater nerd community, they'll just troll back twenty times harder.

My day has been made :)

I can't wait to see if we hear any reactions from the WBC protesters about the counter protest.

It doesn't get any sweeter than this.

Once again, Humor and brain's beat blind religious inspired racism!

Go Comic-Con!

Read this earlier but the website I saw it on had neglected to publish the Commander Sheppard sign. Oh man that's gold.

I really think the important lesson here is that you don't give geeks time to prepare a counter to your crazy bid for attention, because we're a heck of a lot better at it. :p

Gentleman, I salute you.

Nerds: 1
Bigots: 0

Your move, Phelps.

I think he's a bit old to be able to move.

I dig it alot. Though I have to admit, amongst flak, that I do support the Westboro Crazies simply because it shows the beauty of Freedom of Speech. I'd rather have nutters saying that some nonexistant deity hates something rather than some nutters strapping on explosives.

Go Comic-Con! Show them who's boss! Or in the words of George Carlin: "My God's got a bigger dick than your God!"

Oh this is hilarious. Best way to combat it methinks. Just wish I could see more of the signs...

Comic-Con Nerdz is DOMINATING WBC-HateU.

I need a bullseye to put in front of that. Or maybe a picket-kill icon.

Awesome. Is there a gallery of the signs/protesters?

Well done Comic-Con attendees, fight fire with better fire. Make those hatters pay!

You guys have earned my respect.

Heh. This is almost as good as the counter-protest that somebody organised, which donated its proceeds to a LGBT organisation [I think. Something God-hated, anyway] in the name of these bigoted chumps.

My faith in humanity is restored.

I'm pretty sure Bigots are in the hole quite a bit. This may be the first time Nerds have scored on them, so I think the score is more like:

Nerds: 1
Bigots: - 17

Edit: heh heh. Bigots are in the hole quite a bit.

They win. No contest even. That is too freakin' good.

Epic, simply epic. This is nerdiness done right, laugh it off and be the better person for it.


Good to see us doing our part to ridicule this rather silly church!

I don't see a pink spy :( Where?!

WBC these are not the nerds you seek...

Is there any place showing more of the counter-dipfucks signs?

Brilliant. This is why nerds are my kind of people.

That is the funniest thing I've heard all day. Glad something is finally being done against the WBC. Although some of the other shit they've pulled is a bit harder to 1-up.

WIN... Overload...

I wish I was there...

This is one of the most awesome things I've ever heard :)

Go nerds

So there is hope for this world. Great job, nerds. I salute you.

Thats how you need to respond to these idiots, not with violence but with funny protests, humiliate them and send them back with their tales between their legs

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