Capcom Upping Production on Major Titles

Capcom Upping Production on Major Titles


Capcom's big hitters will be coming thick and fast in the future as the company unveils plans to double its major releases.

Capcom plans to increase the number of big games it releases from major franchises like Resident Evil from two a year to three or four. Capcom's goal is to try and stabilize its sales and avoid drops in earnings by releasing more software over the course of the year.

In order to maintain that level of output, Capcom plans to outsource much of the development duties to other studios, primarily in Europe and North America. Capcom hopes that this use of external resources will also let it cut its development time down from four years to just two or three.

It's much too early to call this news either good or bad, as a lot will depend on how it's implemented, which studios are involved and a whole host of other factors. It's entirely possible - and quite likely - that it will be better for some games than others. But while there's a lot to be cautious about here, there's also a lot of very interesting things that could come of this, and for some franchises, this might be the best thing that has ever happened.

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It worries me that they may begin to up production. I hope they don't think quantity>quality. I believe that's be proven untrue.
I would like to see more Resi games, but just please make them good.

Here's a thought: instead of pushing old IP's ... MAKE A NEW ONE. Still, if they don't milk franchises and keep the sequels respectable, then I guess this could turn out okay.

Cutting production time to two years is cutting it fine. If Capcom thinks a bunch of half arsed rapid efforts will help, they're wrong (Sonic Team comes to mind). They'd better keep the quality up if they want to cut the time down. Most consumers will catch on to a name they can't rely on.

I hope that means more Monster Hunter games for the Wii. Those things are like crack cocaine for my tiny dino killing mind.

It's an interesting idea, splitting up the labor for a AAA title over a few different studios. I hope it works out.

Please let this mean a new megaman that isnt Starforce or BattleNet, God knows those were bile.

Hmm...more outsorcing usually means that the name associated will be viewed as a mixed bag rather than one to rely upon.

Still...if they hope to come across reliable partners with their outsorcing and focus on the ones, with whom they find to have a good relationship and steady profits, who knows...might indeed work. Either way it's a risk, but an understandable one I guess.

Well. Ive always liked Capcop titles for the most part...I just hope it wont sacrifice quality in this ramp up

I would like to see more Resi Evil games except I would like to see Barry and Rebecca Chambers be the main characters in it, or even HUNK

Capcom... have I ever told you how much I love you?


Well I do... really.

More Lost Planet! More Resi! Less Nero!

I like capcom, but they really need new ideas, not more of the same.

Just make more god damn Devil May Cry's, we're tired of shooting stupid mutant zombies with a camera that is so close to your character that he hides half the screen..

It's all well and good to announce upping production but that inevitably means that one or two of those 4 games a year will be awful or at least not up to snuff.


well if the creativity bucket is empty, just re-release Resident Evil 4 for XBLA and PSN (or via special edition with Resident Evil 6...66 for added evilness) to really boost sales


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