Sega: Sonic Games Don't Suck, You Just Don't Understand Them

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Sega: Sonic Games Don't Suck, You Just Don't Understand Them


According to Sega, it's not that the 3D Sonic games are bad, it's just that your expectations aren't right for them.

Sega is facing an uphill battle these days with fans' perceptions about Sonic the Hedgehog. While the publisher's mascot is still popular enough to move a few million units at a time, the games tend to not be well-received by many people. As a result, the character has become the punchline to a bad joke, one representing a franchise that has suffered a steady decline of quality over the past decade or so. Speaking to Eurogamer, Sonic Team's Takashi Iizuka stated that the real reason Sonic games haven't been well-received is because fans of the original games expect something different than the newer, 3D titles can deliver.

According to Iizuka, "Sonic is all about the speed and the platforming. It just comes down to how the gameplay differs when you're playing in 3D and 2D side-scrolling. I understand there are differences in the ways users interpret the 3D side than the fans who particularly like the 2D classic side of the game.

"Those fans are not positive towards the recent 3D Sonic games because we've been releasing only 3D Sonic games in the past couple of years. It's hard to please both 2D and 3D fans at the same time, in the same title for instance."

Iizuka went on to explain that these differing expectations are the reason that Sega has two totally different games in the works. Sonic Colors, which is due out for the Wii and DS, seeks to emulate the daytime sections of Sonic Unleashed. Meanwhile, Sonic 4 will be a downloadable title for consoles that returns Sonic to his 2D Genesis roots.

Personally, I think Iizuka is refusing to acknowledge the obvious: Many people have hated most of the 3D Sonic games because they haven't been good. It's been a long time since Sega released a great 3D title starring everyone's favorite hedgehog. The latest such games have received mixed reviews at best. Sonic Unleashed received many blistering reviews because the werehog sections of the game were so unimpressive compared to the standard racing/platforming levels that took place in a daytime environment. Meanwhile, last year's Sonic and the Black Knight also earned a scathing reception from many reviewers who took issue with the game's short length and "broken" combat system.

Both of the upcoming Sonic games sound promising, but it's hard to be enthusiastic about them because of Sega's track record for the past several years. However, if these games are well-made and fun, then it probably goes without saying that players will embrace them, regardless of 2D or 3D expectations.

Source: Eurogamer


anyone else think the title of this article is putting sega in a negative light? this actually sounds reasonable to me.

Oh, c'mon, even Sega should say that Sonic:Unleashed sucked. The next two do look promising, but I have to admit I'm still sceptical.

Really sega? you gonna pull this little move?
alright go ahead if you want to but i dont see why you would.

That's a little cheap, Sega. Trying to blame the bad reception on your fanbases' incompetence.

Iizuka: "This is why we're releasing two different types of Sonic games this year"

I suggest they try putting more than a year into the development of their games.

Or perhaps hire someone who actually understands why the Sonic franchise used to be good.

Preferably both.

Sega wouldn't be Sega without this:


They took two years to localize Yakuza 2, never made another Shenmue game after the second one, continue to pump out horrible Sonic games and rarely give their good IPs the attention they deserve (where is my next-gen Shinobi sequel?)

Is this a joke? xD

I've played the 3D Sonic games clearing my expectations on tons of occasions and found it incredibly hard to enjoy them. Even after making an effort to find the fun in them i was still left thinking "meh".

Get this, the first Sonic game i played was 3D and i thought that sucked so you can't pull the 2D Sonic card on that one.

This is priceless.

I think Sonic games suck because they design team just have their heads stuck up their asses. Idk, it's possible.

Iizuka may be 'refusing to acknowledge the obvious,' but he did not say anything even remotely as inflammatory as the title of this post suggests.

What a joke! They have been negatively received because they are terrible, terrible games.


Ugh Sega have dropped rapidly in my estimations now, I hope they wake up back in the real world sometime soon.

Change the topic title, he didn't say anything nearly that bad.

The only 3D Sonic I liked was Sonic Heroes.

Didn't like Adventure, Adventure 2, or the night time half of Unleashed.

Don't even get me started on Sonic the Hedgehog 2006.

Same could be said about any bad game. It's not bad if you were expecting a bad game. That way, you get just what you expected!

It's like they're not even trying anymore... the one way to make better games? Make more games!

My god.

Isn't this the exact thing pulled in that stupid "Emperor's new clothes" fable?

No, Sega. The games are just bad. The stories suck, the gameplay sucks, the characters suck. Generally, it just sucks in every way.

Someone has their head up their ass eh Sega?

anyone else think the title of this article is putting sega in a negative light? this actually sounds reasonable to me.

I'm afraid not. The 3D games just suck. Too much crap, not enough good. This whole "The 2D fans expect one thing, the 3D fans another" is utter bullshit. Looks at Mario, who happily went from 2D to 3D; now, Sonic isn't as suited for 3D, but still, there's no reason for it to all suck as much as it does. Hell, I don't think the 'new' Sonic 2D game is going to be any good either.

I have no problem with the 3d sonic games they only suck in control and bugs, if they'd tighten the controls and play test it enough to fix the bugs then i'd be happy

~broke the demo of sonic unleashed when he ran into a building and got stuck in the building

no Sega their bad

Oh, I'm sorry.

I must be in the wrong because my expectations aren't low enough.

Some of them are cool for like 10 minutes, but I'm obviously not wasting my time buying or renting them just for that.

Sonic doesn't work in 3D for me. I feel more comfortable seeing him fly past a wall of repetitive jungles. Just saying, I haven't really liked any of the 3D Sonic games.

Poor Sales + Good Reviews = Underrated classic
Good Sales + Poor Reviews = Cult Classic

Poor Sales + Poor Reviews = A sonic game (after the 90s) but that's just my opinion.

No Sega. You are ignoring reviewers, fans and general sales.

The games are not fun
They are glitchy
Have terribly made hub words
Unlikable characters that really are annoying abominations
Werehog sections
Terrible controls
Pointless collections
Shit boss battles
Repitive music
Poor graphics
Dull generic enemies

So what bit don't I understand? Is it that I have standards?

I can only wait for sonic fanboys to see this thread before they all start to rage...

I don't think it's us not understanding them... I think it's the fact that the controls are all over the places. Hey, same art style, same 3D just controlled like the old 2D sonic games and yes... You have a good game there. Sonic just doesn't work in a 3D space... He's all over the show.

Though I would like to add how humorous I find it to see a grown man act like a school child.

NO SEGA. I loved Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, and I thought Sonic Heroes was a good game that turned sour part way through. However I hate some of the rubbish they have been turning out, like Sonic the Hedgehog '06, Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic Unleashed. You CAN make good Sonic games in 3D, as you have already shown us, Sega. You simply choose to do otherwise. No more gimmicks, just a good Sonic game please.

Sonic games suck because of the extra crap that is uncalled for. Sonic and the Secret Rings was so good if not for half of the useless features.

I noticed they didn't try to defend 2006. I dare them to try.
Quite frankly, I've made my criticisms enough times here and I can't be bothered to repeat them. But for Sega to say to the critics "you're wrong, our games are actually good", that's witnessing people not trying to please anyone.

I think it's combination of both. You can't release a game like Sonic 2006 and claim the bad reviews are just because the fans don't understand it. But you can't write out the "fans" that bitch about extremely trivial things and never even give Sonic a chance, either.

Besides, they seem to be getting back on track. A new 2D Sonic and a follow-up to the daytime levels of Unleashed? (Which garnered mostly positive reception, I might add. Why is everyone ignoring this?) Yes please.

Nope. Sorry Sega, but Yahtzee is right on this one. Recent Sonic games suck.

Which is why Mario fans still liked Mario after HE made the 3d jump, right?

Well, I noticed that the sonic games started getting bad once they renamed "Dr. Robotnik" to "Eggman." So maybe Sega should go ahead and rectify that first. =D

Edit: Yes I know this isn't the reason why the games suck, and I know he was originally "Eggman" in Japan. Was just joking around.

That's a little cheap, Sega. Trying to blame the bad reception on your fanbases' incompetence.

Hit the nail on the head.

The 3D games SUCK...except the Adventure series...those were actually pretty good...but after that they JUST PLAIN SUCKED.

Sorry Sega. You are not fooling anyone here.

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