Robot Chicken Creators: Star Wars Sitcom Will Be "Awesome"

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Glad to see I'm not the only person on the planet that is sick to death of the star wars and its fanwagon...
Was starting to feel kinda lonely here.
A sitcom? Why? Isn't TV shit enough with other bland novelty sitcoms?
Is it just going to be about Darth Vader and Yoda playing roommates in a scifi version of the odd couple?
I thought the star wars monopoly game was hitting the bottom of the barrel of unneeded tie ins to a decent trilogy about space ships and magic, but the series already annoying fans have finally out dweebed trekkies and their klingon weddings... good going "jedi knights".

I want the star wars soap opera

Admiral: Now you tell me that the child isn't mine? After I have been diagnosed with a rare tropical disease?

Female aliens 1: The child belongs to your brother, he loves me more *tears*

Next week see if darth vader comes out of Acoma.

I have little faith in this project.


God damn it. An official sitcom? People have made money making some brilliant Star Wars parodies and jokes from Spaceballs, to Family Guy, to Chad Vader.

Now Lucas is whoring out the franchise as a kiddie cartoon show and a comedy. Star Wars is dead to me now. You know I wasn't really on board with all this George Lucas hate. I mean a guy has every right to make money and he is a creative guy. This is too far. Damn you George Lucas and damn all those movie executives. The Sarlacc pit is too damn good for them.

The hate is swelling in you now. Give in to your anger. Use your aggressive feelings, boy. Let the hate flow through you.

So this is a scheme to get us to go to the dark side?

I'm pretty sure Seth Green is ALWAYS on drugs. He can't carry a normal conversation without sounding like a crack addict.


"Luke, don't slam the door like that!"

"Sorry, Han, I guess I used the Force!"

*laugh track*

No no no, that was 80's/early 90's sitcoms. You forgot to account that it's 2010.

*Luke slams door*

*Laugh track*

Han: Luke *laugh track* Don't slam the door like that! *laugh track*

Luke: Sorry Han. *Laugh track* I guess I used The Force *wild laughter track followed by applause*

you know there probly going to do that for the first one just for a gag

The Robot Chicken specials were hilarious; Admiral Akbar promoting his own brand of cereal and Palpatine's reaction when Vader tells him the Death Star has been destroyed.

I have a bad feeling about this.

I hope it is about chewbacca's family.

You just had to do it, didn't you? :P

I just hope it doesn't gets aired on Mexico...

I have a bad feeling about this.

Oh ho ho, I see whatcha did there!

The Robot Chicken specials were hilarious; Admiral Akbar promoting his own brand of cereal and Palpatine's reaction when Vader tells him the Death Star has been destroyed.

And the one where Admiral Akbar goes to a restaurant with Mon Mothma.

Wait, what? A Star Wars sitcom? How in the name of ever-loving-nine-hells is THAT supposed to work? Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good sitcom, but we're talking about STAR WARS here. What's next? A Warhammer 40k romantic comedy?

Oh my god. Make one about gay space marines. I would watch it.

Edit=accidental double post, my first post didn't appear for some reason so I tried reposting.

Joker, what are you doing? Who's piloting the Normandy?!

I can make up for the slacking of several human pilots, Commander.

That was a joke.


A sitcom? Why? Isn't TV shit enough with other bland novelty sitcoms?
Is it just going to be about Darth Vader and Yoda playing roommates in a scifi version of the odd couple?

"Honey, home I am!"
"*breaths* You are late for dinner. *breaths* I find your lack of date disturbing. *breaths*"

This could work... as another Robot Chicken scetch, clearly not as a Sci-Fi sitcom. I won't blame them, but this is probably going to be a disaster. I am astonished no crazy fan has shot GL yet for his shameless exploitation of his creation...

I love Star Wars. I love it to pieces, far beyond what could possibly be conceived as healthy. I've watched every movie probably dozens of times and regularly consume every derivative I can find. Currently I watch every episode of "The Clone Wars" despite finding it painfully average just because it's Star Wars (and because of Rex, but that's a different issue).

But THIS? I realise I shouldn't judge something that hasn't even been completed yet (except for Portal 2, but that has a 120 percent probability of being awesome), however I don't find any conceivable way this could possibly end well. Sitcoms are too often terrible for me to think so.

I trust Seth Green. I think this sitcom's gonna suck, but Seth will be no worse for it in my opinion. Robot Chicken is awesome, and Joker's one of my favorite fictional characters.

I'll just be happy when Robot Chicken Star Wars 3 comes out this december.


Perhaps Lucas Arts should just produce 'beat-me-up-dummies' of George Lucas, they'll sell like cakes.

whose selling the cakes anyway?

I'm a fan of his work as Joker, but really? Are you sure this isn't some sort of bad april fools' joke?

This reminds me of the conclusion I came upon after Knights of the Old Republic: Lucas' greatest contribution to the Star Wars franchise started and ended with the original trilogy. Anything after that, others have done better.

Oh Seth Green, does your awesome ever stopping growing?

If there is even the smallest remote possibility of it being good Seth will find a way.

Completely off-topic but I have to ask anyway: is there any reason why Mike Thompson is tagged twice in more or less everything Mike Thompson posts? Mike Thompson?

*sigh* robot chicken already IS a Star Wars sitcom. how many times can the same group of guys fap to the same damn series of movies?

Well that was a bold statement.

Har har har!

Seth Green is awesome. If he says the sitcom will be awesome then I take his word for it.

Doing random gags is considerably different than a sitcom.. This won't go down well. This will be the Robot Chicken version of The Cleveland Show.

but i love the cleveland show!

What's next? A Warhammer 40k romantic comedy?

That would be completely different, because that would be fucking awesome.

95% of the jokes in a Star Wars sitcom write themselves. That's a bad thing. I can't laugh at a show that trades almost entirely in tired franchise cliches and internet memes, and that is almost assuredly what this show will do.

I'm looking forward to this. I've loved Seth Green in everything I've seen him in, and I love Robot Chicken, and Star Wars even more. Except those other films which I do not mention. I hate you now Mr Lucas.

What's next? A Warhammer 40k romantic comedy?

Have you been spying on my paperwork?

OT: I think with all the Robot Chicken and Family Guy specials no more humour can be squeezed out of the franchise's just going to be embrassing.

I think the reason the Robot Chicken specials were....well... special, are the exact same reasons this will fail.

The fact is, Robot Chicken was a one off. And picked out some of the funniest ideas you could possibly do to rib the Star Wars franchise.

Going back to the well will be them thinking up B-level ideas that werent as good or as funny as the stuff they thought up for Robot Chicken.

The reason it was funny, was because it was standalone on their own distilled funny.

A sitcom about Star Wars means the Jar Jar and poodoo jokes will wear thin 2 episodes in.

An entire series? It'll dry up pretty quickly.

Good ol' George, though. Showing capitalist americans just how much the free market society they created can ruin something really good by whoring it for a lifetime!

dalek sec:

Count me in as well, I really wasn't on board with all the Lucas either but this just erks me. I could stand that crappy second Clone Wars series but this is the final straw. I'm just sticking to the first three movies and the first round of the Clone Wars cartoons made by that other artist who's name escapes me at the moment.

Gene Tartikosvky... or something like that... the creator of Samurai Jack. And yeah, that was a pretty good series, I just wish they didn't try to force it into a CG flick though, his style is still there, loosely, but the combat always looks rigid because of how they handle it.

What's next? A Warhammer 40k romantic comedy?

Eh, maybe. Ugly America has a normal human paired with a half-human, half-spawn-of-satan female. Maybe the romantic comedy could be centered around a male Space Marine medic and a female Chaos Marine soldier whose playing host to a rather insane (male) demon?

I just can't see this working. At all. It's possible that this is a good thing, a fresh of breath air, a creative force from beyond the pale that will blow us all away in it's awesomeness simply because we otherwise couldn't have imagined it. It's possible.

Somehow, I don't think so. You can have parody, or you can have drama. A comedy will simply destroy all the epicness that attracted the fans in the first place. How much can a chopped-off appendage matter when it's followed by a "Mostly 'Armless" gag?

Now, Star Wars and humor are not incompatible. Han Solo cracked jokes, HK-47 was awesome, as were other characters from KotOR. But the humor was dark, a reflection of the dark and difficult times the characters were facing. HK-47's gags revolved around assassination, for crying out loud. I'd like to see a sitcom match that.

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