Tekken Head Honcho Hates the Tekken Movie

Tekken Head Honcho Hates the Tekken Movie

The director and producer of the latest Tekken games isn't very fond of the film adaptation - in fact, he thinks it's downright "terrible."

We all know that most videogame movies aren't very good (to put it charitably). Still, some gamemakers get a kick out of seeing one of their creations on the silver screen anyway, no matter how terrible it might end up being. Tekken game director and producer Katsuhiro Harada is not one of them.

"That Hollywood movie is terrible," Tweeted Harada. "We were not able to supervise that movie (It [was a] cruel contract) I'm not interested in that [movie]."

That's slightly disheartening, actually. I mean, as far as I could tell from the trailer, the Tekken movie didn't seem all that concerned with extraneous concepts like "plot," "narrative," or "acting." It seemed to just be about crazy people in bizarre costumes beating the crap out of each other in a fighting tournament.

Sounds like the games to me. But then again, I never saw it myself, and from the looks of it I'm not missing much. If you're curious to see what Mr. Harada hates, IMDB has it listed for DVD release in the States on November 5th and the UK on September 1st.



maaaan if they don't like it, maybe I should just save my money. And judging by the trailer, seemed like just a mindless popcorn movie to me. But hey, it's based off a fighting game? whatcha going to do?

So when is Capcom vs Marvel the movie coming out? We already have Mortal Kombat movies

I saw the movie and all I can say about it is this:

- The fighting is tastefully done compared to most of the movies out there.
- The narrative / plot is actually tight. It makes sense and actually helps newcomers and veterans to ease into franchise even more. Hell, in this movie, I discovered some key references that I never could figure out by purely playing the game.

I love the movie and the cast, they represented the characters from the game very well. But it's a shame that the Tekken Developer didn't appreciate it. I did.

In other breaking-news, the Pope has revealed himself to be a Catholic.

Well, dosnt surprise me. The people who make the games put so much work into them, and then see people try and rip them off for movies...heh

Seriously, that movie was like that street fighter crap.

...Lateef Crowder was made to play Eddy Gordo, I mean damn.

I didn't see the movie yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

I want to know what his expectations for the movie were. Was he hoping it to be as good as all those other amazing fighting game movies. Also, you could tell how bad the trailer was going to be just by the guy at 0:13 saying/shouting "this is iron fist!"

Dr. wonderful:
...Lateef Crowder was made to play Eddy Gordo, I mean damn.

I didn't see the movie yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

I noticed that as well. He was awesome in The Protector and when I first heard about the movie, I had hoped it would be him playing Eddy.

OT: I haven't seen the movie, but the games creators opinion won't stop me. I love movies like this. Not bad enough to be bad, but not good enough to take seriously.

Street Fighter the Movie = Crap
Mortal Kombat the Movie = Crap
Dead or Alive the Movie = Crap

I see a trend here so it's only fitting that Tekken the Movie follows the trend. it's not like anyone expects it to do otherwise now is it.

ps. sorry if I missed out any other fightng game movies apart from shitty sequels.

If the guy who made the series says it's crap, what right do you have to argue?

I didn't give a sh*t about how it related to the games. I just saw it like any other movie.
To be blatantly honest, it had one of the coolest action scenes I have ever seen. The fighting was just awesome, really loved it. And there was plenty of it.
As for the, plot and acting 'n' stuff, it was ok/below ok.

It was a great experience. When I watch action movies, I'm in it for the, yes, oddly enough, action.

There were some hot ladies in rather revealing attire, if that interests anyone.

Addendum; Obviously he distances himself if it didn't do very well...

There was a Tekken movie?


There was a Tekken movie?


Oh good, at least I wasn't the only oblivious one here. I didn't even realize this even existed until now.

I'll probably see this eventually, I am still reeling from the old Tekken anime movie which I saw years ago on VHS... The Trauma... the pain... OMG I must stop thinking about it. Must get image of Heihachi biting a tomahawk blade into pieces....


Ummm, well that said writing has never been Tekken's strong suit. I mean the entire drama about the Mishima [SP] family got kind of ridiculous, and the new brother they pulled out of nowhere for "Tekken 6" was just kind of "huh?".

I mean no offense, they are a great series of fighting games, it's just that like most fighting games nobody is going to convince me the plotline is anything all that special (and yes I understand it), and as much as I respect the Tekken "Honcho" as a game designer, I can't see how you can actually produce something worse than what the game had in it.... though I fear I might find out going by the LAST attempt to bring Tekken to video.

Of course I might very well agree with the "Tekken Honcho". I am wondering what he thought of the Anime though (which is one of the reasons I take this tone) because I don't remember him actually going out of his way to talk about how horrible it was... and really it was almost like the haunted tape from "The Ring" except you don't die after watching it, only wish for death. :P

Meh, looks.... shit. Still, I might watch it, cause hey, look, there's fucking Yoshimitsu! holy crap!

Tekken>Titanic 2. Actually I didn't think Tekken was all that bad to be honest. I could watch it by myself without having people taking bets on if I could.

Well, Lateef Crowder makes every fight scene good. However, a skinny ass Jin doesn't, but I might check it out.

Tekken already had (some?) Anime adaptations, which I recall from very long ago.
I think it/they where not bad ;)

What did he expect? Fighting game movies are BAD. The only reason Dead or Alive was watchable is because Holly Valance was in it, and she's hot. Mortal Combat and Street-Fighter are forgiven, because one is a cheesy Van Damme film, and the other is based on one of THE best beat-em up ever. Aside from SSBM on the 'Cube.

Seriously though, the Tekken series wasn't that great anyway, I know they had a big fanbase, and who am I to disagree with them, but, tbh, the games were crap, so the movie is gonna be crap, and ever crappier if the guy behind the games thinks its crap. Thats a lot of crap. That aside, I love crappy movies, you know, the ones that are so BAD they're good, so I may go see this.

Videogame films are nothing special. Filmmakers should call it quits on the whole thing.

I dunno, looks good to me. At least it seems faithful to the, erm, 'plot' of the series... which only makes me shudder worse when I think about the upcoming King of Fighters movie. Alternate realities... ugh...

Didn't know Tekken was still popular enough to warrent a film. I mean, I haven't known anyone to play the games since Tekken 3 on the PSX. Or maybe Tekken 4 on the PS2 when there was pretty much nothing else on the system to play.

Wait, wait... it was never released in theaters and is going straight to DVD? Well, shit, of course it sucks in that case!

Where are all the non-human (and partially human characters), they were always my favorites, like;
Panda, King, Mokujin and Roger (Jr.)?
Is it just me who thinks that these humans are to mundane, sure their fighting skills will be awesome, but who doesn't wanna see Panda wuppin' some fighter ass.


Come on...

I've seen AngryJoe's tweets bout this movie and I think he doesn't like th movie either.

Where are all the non-human (and partially human characters), they were always my favorites, like;
Panda, King, Mokujin and Roger (Jr.)?

Isn't King a guy in a wrestling mask?

You can tell by the trailer it doesn't live up to the game. Jin's doesn't look like his video game counterpart.

My Dad's currently directing a movie adaptation of the game King of Fighters.
He's going to be a bit disappointed.

Tekken>Titanic 2. Actually I didn't think Tekken was all that bad to be honest. I could watch it by myself without having people taking bets on if I could.

Wait, that needed a spoiler? ???

looking at the trailer, it looks like it has too much plot for what i've seen of Tekken

I remember seeing the trailer for it a while back and gave up any hope that it might be even close to decent.


Wait, that needed a spoiler? ???

Not really. I was being satirical about how they salvaged what little plot Tekken has and throw it into the movie for a reason for Kazuya to try and kill Heihachi and Jin to try to kill Kazuya and saddly there were no devil forms, although my friend kept insisting Heihachi was gonna go devil when he was about to be executed and i was constantly saying that he'd never even gone devil in the games. also im sure they kept calling the company Tekken, it's the Mashima Zaibatsu and the security force is called tekken and the tournament is the king of iron fist. its not hard...


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