Music Video Unlocks Hearts With the Konami Code

Music Video Unlocks Hearts With the Konami Code

How do you tell a gamer girl that you love her? "Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, select, start."

The Konami Code, you might be surprised to learn, isn't just for cheating at videogames and triggering news stories about a zombie invasion. It turns out that - when set to music - the code is a great way to tell a girl you love her, as seen with the song "Up, Up, Down, Down" by Kirby Krackle.

The song is from the Seattle-based nerd rock band's self-titled album, released last year. It tells the story of a guy who falls in love with a beautiful nerd girl that walks into his store, manages to score a date with her, and ... well, the ending needs to be seen to be believed. The chorus mentions the Konami Code and Legend of Zelda videogames, but references to THX 1138, various Marvel Comics characters, and even Hall & Oates all make appearances.

While the song is a year old, the video is actually a recent creation, with the animation created by local artist Betsy Lee. It was announced a couple of months ago on the band's official website and has quietly been gaining a following ever since.

"Up, Up, Down, Down" is a great example of Kirby Krackle's style, but the game's nerd ballads span a pretty wide spectrum. Between the two albums that have been released so far (both of which are charming), there are songs about the troubles of being a James Bond-esque henchman, tributes to the women of Marvel Comics, and how the zombie apocalypse will totally mess up your weekend.

Source: Geeks Are Sexy


Wow, that went from incredibly awesome to disturbing in a very short time. It was still an awesome song though and the video was great. I'll probably check out some of their other stuff too.


Gamer girls are physcos...

Welcome to 2009, people.

In all seriousness, this is a fun band with awesome music.

That was actually a pretty good song (and awesome ending)

That was an awesome song! A tribute to all the gamer girls out there.. Sure they are all cute with their anime hair and schoolgirl outfits, but they are also psycho... You've been warned...

Well, I was right about one thing, she had a poison mushroom on her shirt, thus a bad sign.
The song is actually pretty good, never heard of that band before, looks promising. Happy sounding songs that take a strong turn in lyrics while keeping that happy feeling in the music are always so nice. Hi.

Hehe...Nice to see an iconic cheat code can still be put to use even now!

that was pretty good and very enjoyable to watch. The music isn't exactly my style but hey when you can take the most legendary cheat code in gaming and turn it into that I tip my hat to ya.

Don't like the music but kudos for the attempt and I'm sure there are people out there that will enjoy/love it.

Holy shit.
This band is awesome.

┬┤Listening to Vault 101, and I can't god damn stop!

Went to the website listened to the songs and I don't normally say this but: "OMFG AWESOME!!!"

Never saw it coming.

Whoa....that's an intersting turn for the song to take. Um....yea. Too bad he didn't have the extra lives that code gives.


Great song. I'll have to check out some of the band's other songs.

That went from disgustingly saccharine to disturbingly macabre awfully fast. Otherwise, not so bad.

Well, didn't see that ending coming. At all. Good music though, will definitely be checking these fellas out.

Huh, this song is kind of corny...

"I said we should do this again, that's when you stabbed me with a pen, because you planned to murder me, and you'd been stalking me for weeks! Then you shoved me in your house, and punched me hard right in the mouth, and warned me that I shouldn't scream, or you'd gut me like wolverine. This date had turned out kinda sucky, I thought I was getting lucky!"

It made me laugh.

This song was pretty good, and i quite liked the animations, too.
Too bad the ending was a bit...creepy.
But I'll go to their website to check their stuff out, anyways.

That was... creepy. I did not expect that.

That was a fun song, but clearly he should've actually used the code.

NESkimos did a cool, more hard rock konami code song. Pretty awesome.

I liked the song, but nothing ruins a music video like poorly drawn and animated anime style cartoons.

That was...painful to listen to. I gave up halfway through. OK, nvm ending was worth it.

...The fuck was that?!?!?!

Well that's cheered up my dreary exsistance for the next hour.


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