GPS Imitates Star Wars X-Wing Targeting Computer

GPS Imitates Star Wars X-Wing Targeting Computer

The Force is a good way to determine how close you are to a destination when traveling, but this Star Wars GPS is better.

Want to pretend your car is an X-Wing? Now you can with a new Android application created by developer Christopher Caleb, assuming he lets you have a copy. It doesn't arm your car with proton torpedoes, but it does transform the typical GPS system into Luke Skywalker's navigational computer from Star Wars Episode IV.

You put in your destination just like with a normal GPS, but the X-Wing GPS doesn't give you a silly map. Instead, it shows the wire-frame tunnel graphics that the Rebellion use to navigate through space in the far flung future, with a distance countdown timer on the bottom. When you reach your destination, the graphics make you think it's time to destroy the Death Star.

As you drive, you'll also hear chatter from fellow X-Wing pilots in your squadron, which shouldn't be distracting at all while moving at 55 MPH down the highway. Unfortunately, the app doesn't appear to be available for purchase as it's not officially approved. If you somehow get your hands on one, please don't try to be like Luke Skywalker by switching it off and letting the Force be your driving guide.

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That's kinda cool, but what good is a GPS without a map? And, that chatter seems rather annoying..

This gets +1 to awesome.
Though I don't exactly see the practicality in it...
It's still damn cool.

Wow, that's incredibly obnoxious. I'll stick to the built-in Google Maps app, thanks.

Cool but utterly useless, it didn't even seem to actually give him directions, and it sounds annoying.

Doesn't seem as useful as a regular TomTom or something similar would be, but it's worth having for the geek-cred alone.

Somewhere dollar signs probably appeared in George Lucas' eyes and starting spinning around as he got on the phone to begin production.

I say this because there are already aps to add star wars voices to your GPS systems (the one I use most often has Darth Vader...), so he's obviously interested in liscencing for the technology. Since this guy apparently developed that without his official approval, I can see Lucas or one of his corperate guys, grabbing the idea, improving it a bit, and perhaps releasing it either as an app, or part of a full sized GPS system that looks like the fold down targeting sight when stuck to your windshield.

Goddamn that would be annoying after 5 minutes or so. Especially since I don't use a GPS unless I've never been somewhere before and need non-irritating help getting there.

Still, I love Android. And the nerds with coding skills.

I'd use it, the chatter might be annoying to some, but if you had the radio stations around where I live, you'd understand why I don't find that annoying in the least.

More crap for me to resist buying at some point due to nerd impulse, between this, the lightsaber app for the Iphone, and that Soundwave Ipod food will start seeming less important.

Star wars is actually set in the past: "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...."

OT: This is a useless, yet really cool app. I guess in the 70s they thought that GPS would be like this. How wrong they where.

*mandatory Ackbar quote here*

I was watching the video and got distracted by 'I recognise that place... yep it's Glasgow'

And I've been to the climbing centre where he stopped :)

edit: obviously didn't pay attention to the first 10 seconds where he sets its destination...

It's currently useless but if he changed it so that they could have Star Wars themed audio, ie 'in 100 metres, turn right' (or bank right since it's x-wing fighter..) it would be awesome.

Sounds very interesting for all the Star Wars diehards if you ask me. I rather stick to my TomTom.


"Stay On Target, Stay On Target...", "Great Shot Kid, That Was One In A Million", "Trust Your Feelings" or "I Have You Now".


What it really needs is a turning animation. I don't recall any sharp turns in the trench, so I don't know what that would look like, but right now it's just a 'distance to destination' counter.


"Stay On Target, Stay On Target...", "Great Shot Kid, That Was One In A Million", "Trust Your Feelings" or "I Have You Now".


"He turned off his GPS. Bill, what's wrong?"

hahaha so not practical but amazing[ly geeky] and awesome

To tweak Ackbar's famous words.


He parked on double yellows, silly rebel.

It looks cool but sounds absolutly horrible...

Maybe I just didn't have my speakers turned up loud enough, but I couldn't hear any of the chatter. All I heard was electronic noise and the "beep-beep-beep" slowly getting faster. So some of the charm was lost on me. Also, as a GPS: Total Fail. If your location is literally in a straight line from where you are & you just want a distance-o-meter, fantastic. Otherwise...worthless. IMO, the geek cred is outweighed by the sheer uselessness of the GPS "functionality" & the EXCEPTIONALLY irritating noise.

Even as a gimmick it's not all that good - give me Brian Blessed any day. And as for a useful GPS, Google didn't spend quadrillions on Maps and Streetview for nuthin'.

I don't care how geeky that seems, it is blatantly awesome.

How many Star Wars nerds are gonna go nuts driving on the freeway when their GPS calls out 'Incoming Tie Fighters!'?

Let me dedicate this moment by saying: "Stay on target...Stay on Target."

Now if they could get an Akbar voice for the GPS's then I'd be interested. "Don't make this turn, IT'S A TRAP!!!"

Tom Goldman:
If you somehow get your hands on one, please don't try to be like Luke Skywalker by switching it off and letting the Force be your driving guide.

Although, I think in this case turning the thing off and letting the Force guide you might actually be Safer.


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