Dancing Minister Uses DDR To Preach the Gospel

Dancing Minister Uses DDR To Preach the Gospel


Faith may have led an ordained minister to become the "dancing preacher," a world record holder in Dance Dance Revolution.

Some people's religions compel them to feed the homeless. Others travel to impoverished nations to provide medical care. For 27-year-old ordained minister Sterling Franklin (aka Djsterf), it's all about Dance Dance Revolution.

Franklin holds multiple DDR world records and combines his love of the game with his love for the omnipotent. He says: "I sense that the Lord is calling me, and I like DDR." He's been able to use the game to make his services more unique, and has been nicknamed the "dancing preacher." He connects religion with DDR in his sermons by saying things such as: "He's watching all the time, so you want to do your best."

He admits this is a little bit off-beat. "I would rather just preach, to be honest, but with the dancing preacher, I get to do what I love both ways," he says.

Franklin hasn't been able to find a steady preaching gig, partly due to the fact that many employers are looking for a family man. But it's not easy for Franklin to find a woman that enjoys both of his primary interests. He lays down the law: "Unless she's into games and godly, I'm not really interested."

And what of those that think dancing leads to impure thoughts, or worse? He has a message for those folks: "Some Christians don't approve of dancing because it can lead to other things. David danced before the Lord, so I don't think it's a bad thing."

"People have hobbies," he says. Franklin currently spends his days practicing to capture new DDR records on his very own $2,200 two-player arcade machine. I'm terrible at Dance Dance Revolution, so I truly believe Franklin's feet are guided by a higher power. That game is hard.

Source: Cary News via GoNintendo


I find the african preacher that uses street languange more interesting.But then again, it's no video game related news.

I... I'm torn. On the one hand this guy sounds thoroughly kool-aid drunk, but also..reasonablish..

Well maybe hes trying to bring back some of the kids the catholic priests scared away with being pedos. But I also sense a huge moderation of largely a religon easily to condemn such activities, and if he actually trys to teach the world his message of GOD!, I can say this man is a MAVERICK!

That's... Interesting. Well anyhows, congratulations on your record, Dancy The Preacher.

Ah yes, using his crazy skills to hypnotize his gullible followers.

Honestly I am not surprised, those guys will do any crazy thing to have their followers believe their every word.

"He's watching all the time, so you want to do your best."
Sounds like an another DDR game called Stasi. :P

Westboro must be shitting themselves.

Thanks for the article -- note that some of those quotes are being corrected by the Cary News in a future update since some of them weren't correct.

DDR was a hobby, but my calling is to preaching. Faith didn't lead me to DDR, but since I follow Jesus, I am a Jesus-follower who plays DDR. My priority is to tell others about Him, but again, I think it's a Christian's duty to do everything as well as s/he can, so I try to achieve excellence as best I can. Sometimes I fail or simply stink at tasks (everyone does), but God has blessed me with great aptitude with this game, as well as the time to get really precise.

I might also add to the comment above, people who abuse God's Word need to get out of churches. I care more that people who ruin others' lives as false shepherds get out and repent. I've volunteered in various ministries over the last 11 years, and I've done ministry with many legit men and women of God who love God and love people, though. Feeding the needy, giving to charities and churches, and telling people about hope through Jesus is of utmost importance. I believe it's a very blessed path of life.

Finally, for the record, the article was going to be about was the 5th mix record, which was 100% perfect. Check with Tim Stodden at Twin Galaxies or me if you want something on that record.

(Edit: And the gamer girl quote is incorrect -- there's a correction notice that Cary News stated that they will print in an upcoming edition.)

God bless,

- Sterling Franklin
'DJ Sterf'
Romans 5:6-8

That's an awesome thing to read! Seriously, I wonder how I'd have landed on it if I wasn't reading the Escapist! ^_^

well hes certainly not a baptist, they are the ones who hate dancing right? I can never keep track of all the different types of christians and Im always surprised that they stopped killing each other

DJ Sterf:
- Sterling Franklin
'DJ Sterf'
Romans 5:6-8

Hey, if this is actually you, then this is awesome!
It always great to see fellow Christians, especially pastors, involved in my favourite past-time: Games.
I've spaced out in my fair share of sermons over the years, but I can't help but think a sermon involving DDR would hold me longer then most! Especially if it's DDR while preaching! Now that would be a feat to behold!

At any rate: Godbless in your ministry!

Breaking news: Richard Dawkins beats the R-Type highscore.

A dancing preacher...

What a cool fellow.

Just putting this out there, I'm pretty sure the title is supposed to read Dancing Minister, not Dancing Minster. Minor typo.

Thats one way to get more people into the communion! ITs different though! Give him that! heh

I think someone needs to make a Gregorian chant mod for DDR. Maybe a Gospel mod too.

You got the high score! God is smiling apon thee!

....Im actually surprised this article didnt erupt into a flame war.

Like other articles and threads...

This is certainly one of the more unique methods to spread the gospel, so if it can help spread awareness or even entertain some people in the process then more power too him.


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