Ant Man Turns Spy in Scott Pilgrim Director's Script

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wow, a super hero who talks to ants, thats going to stop crime!

Ant Man Turns Spy in Edgar Wright's Script

See? Less garbled, more to the point, and isn't another blatant advertisement aimed at SP fans.

I would like to point out to everyone that Ant-Man and Wasp were the founding members of The Avengers along with Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, etc. In my mind you absolutely cannot have a movie about the original members unless you include them.

Besides, its not like Ant-Man's only power is shrinking, I learns how to turn into a giant pretty much right after he figures out how to shrink.



How is Hank Pym a Villain? Because he hit his wife ONCE? and has regretted that ever since.

I prsonally like Pym, he was an awesome leader of the Mighty Avengers.

So I take it you've never read the Ultimates? Hank Pym beat his wife since they were dating in college, ultimatly putting her in the hospital when during a severe beating she shrinks and hides under a chest of draws, he sprays her with bug-spray then goes down the pub. When Captain America finds out what happened he goes down the pub. Cap beats the snot out of Pym after goading him into turning into giant man.

He also joined the Liberators and fought against the Ultimates when they invaded mainland USA.

Because yeah... Ultimates is the only place Hank Pym exist?
Ultimate Comics, is NOT the mail Marvel universe. And in the Main Marvel Universe he hit Janet once, and has regretted doing so ever since.
I am not saying Hank Pym is perfect, he wouldn't be interesting then, but he is no villain in the main Marvel universe.

And before you claim that all the movies are based on the Ultimate universe because they chose Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury, I would like to remind you that Hulk is not a gigant pervert and Ironman isn't gray.

For more information on Ant Man/Hank Pym I suggest reading: Secret Invasion: Requiem.
It contains a lot of old "flash backs" of Hanks life, from the creation of the Ant Man to him hitting Janet and beyond.

This would be cool if they put other super heroes in the movie and he has to prove himself to them. IF its just a guy shrinking for his own reasons then ehhhhh.

The Atom was here, Ant-Man is a punk.

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