Core Audience Will Love Kinect, Predicts Microsoft Exec

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Core Audience Will Love Kinect, Predicts Microsoft Exec


Kinect may make the Xbox 360 more appealing to a more casual demographic, but Microsoft VP Chris Lewis believes that plenty of the console's core community will embrace it too.

Motion controls have some pretty vocal critics among hardcore gamers, but Microsoft's Chris Lewis doesn't think that that attitude is as widespread as it might appear. In fact, he believes that a "large slug" of the 360's core audience will find plenty to like about Kinect when it's released later this year.

Lewis thinks that the core audience will enjoy navigating around Xbox Live with gestures, and that games like Joy Ride will be very popular. He said that Microsoft remained committed to the core audience, and that it would still make and publish games like Fable 3 and Gears of War. He agreed with Peter Molyneux's point that the second wave of Kinect titles would be very exciting to core gamers, and said that hybrid games, where Kinect was used to enhance a controller-based game, were likely.

Some gamers will scoff at the idea that a hardcore gamer would even want to be in the room as Kinect, let alone enjoy playing it, but just because those people are loud, it doesn't mean they're necessarily right. It's probably premature to say that Lewis is definitely right with his prediction, but it's equally premature to say that he's definitely wrong.

Source: Eurogamer


but it's equally premature to say that he's definitely wrong.

That won't stop the rest of this thread being one flame fest about how motion controls and 3D are a fad and yadda yadda.

Only reason the hardcore gamer is interested is because of voice commands, and video chat between matches of w/e game they happen to be playing.

Unfortunately for Microsoft, $150 is fairly steep for voice commands and video chat.

They'll have to get some of those games from the "second wave" out first before I'd think about getting one. I'm not really interested in petting tigers or moving around like an idiot and calling it dancing.

Wrong or right, he definitely has to say this to keep his job.

I thought the Microsoft Core Audience was drunken fratboys playing Call of Duty, and 10 year olds wanting to be a fratboy online? How are they going to like Kinect? The Fratboys might at Parties, maybe when the Kegs run dry and everyone is off their tits, they might break out the camera and pretend to go Canoeing, but I still can't see it selling that much.

Calumon: Same goes with Move!



Look at your core audience Micro$oft, do you REALLY think that they'll enjoy a wand over a trigger?

its got some cool tech and everything but ultimately it is doomed, for one its too expensive, for two its not included in every game unit, if the wii didnt ship with motion controls then probably no dev would use them for it

Microsoft VIP Chris Lewis says that Kinect is aimed at casuals and core gamers likely aren't going to find anything of substance with the device.

Nah, not likely is it.

I wont buy Kinect, but if one of my housemates does I'll give it a go and probably enjoy it. I enjoyed the Wii games aimed at the casual market afterall. It's just I can't see this as the future of gaming. It's just a side-show and a distraction.

I think core gamers will buy the game and have kinect, but just wish that the games didn't have all that kinect bullshit.

Wrong or right, he definitely has to say this to keep his job.

This. Of course he said that! If this fails, he is probably out of a job.


Kinect not for Core Gamers.

And then you said;

Core gamers will buy it first.

Make up your mind already, who are you trying to win over with Kinect? The "casual" audience? You guys seem to think that the hardcore will buy it first anyway, and the thing is priced at $150, hardly a "casual" prie. The "core" audience? You just said that it's "not for core gamers", what, do you think we're idiots? That "core" gamers will just buy whateverthehell you toss at us? Because that's the vibe I'm getting at from this.

Note: I'm not bashing the peripheral here, it may be genuinely awesome, but Microsoft's marketing department with the damn thing is head-over-heels and backwards-sdrawkcab. I get this feeling that Microsoft has no idea how to promote Kinect or who they should promote it to, and that's very dangerous considering they're launching with barely anything for the thing and with a $150 price tag out of the box.

I know I'm going to sound like a huge fanboy here (and I probably am) but at least Sony are primarily directing it towards the "core" audience with the Move. It's going to support games like Heavy Rain, Killzone 3, SOCOM, LittleBigPlanet 2, and some others (there's a list somewhere with some "hardcore-y" titles). Whether it'll be a good peripheral or not, I will not comment on, I'm just talking about the damn marketing.

I'm sorry if I'm coming off as overly negative with Kinect, I really want it to succeed and I mean no ill-harm to the device. It looks genuinely interesting and it has a lot of possibilities. It's the damn marketing for the device that's getting me to rant and it's leading me to believe that Microsoft have no idea what they're doing with Kinect.

I think I have to agree with Lewis actually. I consider myself "core audience" to the 360 (I'm 28), and although I probably won't be buying the novelty party games that they're initially releasing; I will be using for the ability to use the 360 without the controller, such as dashboard navigation etc. Also, I know that the following waves of games are more likely to have a title or two that will appeal to me.

I consider myself slightly on the "hardcore" side, if you have to generalize people, but I'm still looking forward to the Kinect. It's got potential

It ENTIRELY depends on the games. Aside from Child of Eden, I have seen absolutely nothing that interests me. And that's all that one game does, it has me interested. Show me something that isn't just a ripoff of Nintendo's Wii and DS products and I MIGHT become interested.

Wait, didn't they said this wasn't for the 'hard/core' demographic awhile back? Correct me if I am wrong but they were dissing out their 'hardcore' gamers out there for being wrong all the time.

What kind of hypocritical bitch are you? In all honesty, I will get this when I can decide which game I can purchase with Kinect because the 50 of the 150 pricetag = a game.

Also, price cuts please. The tech-demos and demenstrations didn't impress me at all, put me off more and more.

I am not obtaining shovelware which's novelty will wear off soon. Give me some games!

Show me a game I'm interested in other than Child of Eden, and maybe we'll talk.

Really, you think we would like Joy Ride? What about that game (which is seems that no journalist that has played it likes) do you actually think appeals to the "core" audience?

I think the kinect looks awesome! But I'm not going to buy one, not right away anyway. If they want they're "core audience to get involve then let's see some decent "core" games with it attatched


I know I'm going to sound like a huge fanboy here (and I probably am) but at least Sony are primarily directing it towards the "core" audience with the Move. It's going to support games like Heavy Rain, Killzone 3, SOCOM, LittleBigPlanet 2, and some others (there's a list somewhere with some "hardcore-y" titles).

I totally agree with you and I don't think you're being too fanboy. I think all this stuff and I've never owned a PS3. Atleast Sony have they're heads on straight with the marketing but then that's never exactly been Microsoft's strong point. Give me something I can actually play on Kinect then I might just buy it.

Microsoft's marketing department seriously needs to get a review after the fiasco surrounding this product.

This isn't even about me doubting that Kinect will make any big impact technology or entertainment-wise. This is about me noticing just how utterly schizophrenic Microsoft has been about this whole thing, plus the fact that they're pushing this thing as hard as hell into whatever direction the wind might blow, whereas the product itself will remain the same as it has been since the start.

Yeah, it looks oh-so-totally amazing:

Which Core audience? The 360's or the Wii's?

C'mon, it's a Microsoft exec talking about a Microsoft product. What do you expect he's gonna say?
I still hope it turns out true though.

Yeah, it looks oh-so-totally amazing:

Completely forgotten how to embed videos.

Quote me for a refresher. ^.^

I'd wager Mr Lewis is probably one of those people who sat around scratching their head unable to figure out why in the hell the EyeToy failed. That said, you keep on towing that company line Chris. Maybe someone will believe you if you keep repeating it over and over.


Yeah, it looks oh-so-totally amazing:

Completely forgotten how to embed videos.

Quote me for a refresher. ^.^

Holy god does that look horrible.


Yeah, it looks oh-so-totally amazing:

Completely forgotten how to embed videos.

Quote me for a refresher. ^.^

That's the one! Thanks babes.

but how many people have actually been clamouring for another bloody motion control console?

its the same with 3D TVs, who was begging for them? yet we still bloody get them...

I don't want to sit here and say that the Kinect looks completely stupid. A plastic box you stick on the wall or in front of the television doesn't really seem stupid, but imagining yourself flailing around like a monkey on fire doesn't really look smart. For all their posturing and proclamations, M$ doesn't seem to be putting a lot behind this product for the release, with only a handful of games for a while. That doesn't really inspire confidence in me that they want to really get this thing to sell, although from a business standpoint, I can understand them not wanting to put a lot of money behind something they aren't sure is going to last. Apparently though they feel that they can sell enough of them to make their money back to continue on with this.
If they (or Sony) can take this motion-control craze and have it appeal to a more adult audience (by which I mean content of a serious and violent nature, not sex you perverts) instead of some cutesy little cartoon graphics of an panda fishing, then I think the appeal with speak for itself. Bringing the technology to the "hardcore" gamers by bringing in some games like GTA, COD, or Street Fighter might encourage more core gamers to back this device.
It will probably take them two or three years to drop the price, unless they get into a price war with Sony once the Move hits the shelves and consumers get confused about which one to spend money on.

This is so stupid, but really who is surprised that MS execs have no clue when it comes to this kind of thing.

I, for one, welcome our new casual overlords...

These things wouldn't be developed if they didn't sell well. The Wii is proof that people like motion controls, seeing as it's apparently outsold both the Xbox 360 and the PS3 since release. The people yelling that motion controls are a fad are the outspoken minority, the vast majority of people do want these but don't proclaim it to the world. And the proof for that is in the sales figures of things like the Wii, as previously mentioned.

I'm personally one of the hardcore gamers who is looking forward to Natal (okay, fine 'Kinect'...). The only problem I have with it is the high price, which thankfully now I've managed to get a part-time job won't be as big a problem for me as it was before. Though I'll still wait for a price drop before getting it, either way. But whether the vocal minority like it or not, motion controls are coming, and they're here to stay. Didn't people have the same sort of reaction to things like digital distribution and the like, before they became popular, after all?

Wow Microsoft, you must be having your spindoctors work overtime to come up with this briliant little speech.

I still have no love for the thing, and I can't imagine it'll go over well with the core audience until some actual goddam games are made for the thing!

That's my main issue with it. Every bit of software for the kinect has been crappy shovelware that even Nintendo wouldn't touch. (OK, that might be a bit too much)

I like the potential, the kinect has. But until it has more appealing titles for it, I just can't see the price justification.

Maybe those second wave titles will be better, though you'd think they'd show some of those too. Instead we have air driving and petting an extremely disturbing looking orange thing... But I digress.
At least the star wars thing looks kind of cool, don't know of it'll be any good.

What do you guys expect more creative marketing that analyses the customer base more realistically what?

Money stifles creativity. Kinect, good idea stupid implementation poor marketing, slightly rushed.

Move, safe bet, quicker to make and implement even less creative than Kinect.

I atleast respect Microsoft for pushing the boat a little.

The article is the opinion of a MS exec not a press statement or anything dont take it so seriously. I'm sure next year when Kinect is trying to recover from a shaky launch, and has had a team of devs poking it to see what it does, that it will get bought by a few core gamers.

People act like it should be easy with all that money to make something awesome in a short amount of time but it's just scale. people are only so smart and creative in a set amount of time.

people cry "OMG $150" like MS can magically make the figure lower and its that high cos they are "all corporationy in their corporation buildings"
If a figure comes out telling me that they overhiking the profit margin then I would be angry. They just took a gamble on making a piece of kit thats expensive but "Next Gen" or whatever they hope that its shiny enough for you to want to buy it. once they can make a new deal with a sweatshop in asia somewhere to make the hardware cheaper it will go down or if the price of the raw materials go down.

Not that I don't think that it's expensive but yeah it's not like they are gunna go
"sorry gamers you were right our super huge corporationyness got the better of us we are gunna make it cheaper"

of course their plan is definately "make a buttload of cash"

Why do you think sony even went with the Move? tech exists, simple and safe, make a wii controller but without the dissapointment! Kinect maybe could of done with more devtime, defo the games could of. I think the launch will ruin it if anything.

i wont be buying it, but i really want it to succeed , i just dont imagine it will.

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