Rumor: PSP 2 Features Reverse Touch Screen Controls

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Rumor: PSP 2 Features Reverse Touch Screen Controls


The PSP 2 is rumored to have a control scheme that could be completely new to handheld systems.

Though Sony's unannounced future version of the PlayStation Portable handheld is still a top secret project, it may already be on showcase to industry publishers. Most of us probably expected for Sony to follow in the Nintendo DS''s footsteps by including a touch screen control system into the next generation of the PSP, and this is rumored to be the case, but with a method that could vary from what has been seen before.

Sources at Eurogamer say that the next iteration of the PSP will have touch controls not on the front of the device, but on the back. The outlet affirms that "three separate development sources" have mentioned the reverse touch screen, though the PSP 2 is believed to still be an unfinished product.

The PSP 2 is reportedly being shown to publishers behind closed doors with one source alleging it could be released by the end of 2011, and others saying it won't happen until 2012 or later. It's also rumored to be the same size as the PSP-3000, and may use Flash memory for storage media. Keep in mind that this is all pure speculation for now, because if sources are saying it's not going to be out for a couple of years, Sony could still be working on the final specs.

The most intriguing rumor here is the reverse touch pad. It sounds strange, but theoretically it could allow for a form of touch control while still being able to use the PSP's face and shoulder buttons. The Nintendo DS's touch screen works great (for most games), but it does require losing the ability to use the handheld's face buttons. I'm not sure how comfortable it would be to feel around on the back of the PSP with the middle, ring, and pinky fingers while using the others to push buttons and control the D-pad/analog sticks, but it's definitely a new concept that sounds interesting.

Source: Eurogamer


That sounds... very, very interesting.

I like this idea a lot. Wonder how it will be in real life

Im just surpirsed that Sony is even bothering to make another PSP.

They better add another damn analog stick. Thats all I want. At the end there you use analog sticks in plural, so hopefully it'll have more than one. And not awkwardly placed.

Touch controls on the back.. Does this mean that the psp will bli slightly see-through or have i misunderstood?

Reverse Touch Pad technology: it touches you.

Lets get all touchy feeling with our psp2 coming out 2012. You know you wanna touch it

maybe bring back the psp squirrels

They better add another damn analog stick. Thats all I want. At the end there you use analog sticks in plural, so hopefully it'll have more than one. And not awkwardly placed.

I have to agree on this one, double analog stick with permit great fps games that are portable.

On the one hand, most of your fingers are back there anyway... but problems I could see from unable to SEE what your doing.

Touch controls on the back. This will definitely need something to cover them.

At any rate, sounds really interesting. I might just pick up a PSP2, or whatever it's called.

PSP with a bit better refresh-rate is all I want. I still have my old phat (aka PSP 1000) and it's a great portable device. Idea of touch screen "down under" sounds okay on paper, but we should wait and see at least a prototype of the new control system and hope it won't be gimmicky as in NDS.

Reverse Touch Pad technology: it touches you.

It does everything.

A psp with a touchpad on the back would be brilliant for shooter games... the touchpad would be way better than an analog for aiming. You would probably use your index finger for it, so you'd sacrifice full-time use of the right (or left) trigger.

This news has me excited about PSP2, I'm going to put off getting a 3DS until there's some concrete news about this. A touchpad I can use at the same time as normal game buttons > 3D display.

I don't like the idea of it being on the back, it's just far too awkward and clumsy to play with. If the other article I read was true, it has the same form factor/shape as the normal PSP, and tacking anything on the back like a touch screen is just bad. It's still rather daunting on how it will be used and all, I'll just have to wait and see, but the concept alone is too awkward and I don't like it.

I'd be perfectly fine with them turning the PSP massive screen into a touch screen as well, or ya know...just add a second stick to shut up the whiners (hey I'd love it too but I'm not that butt hurt about as some people are).

What I DO like s that the PSP2 will be using flash based media instead of UMDs which will cut down on load times, hold more memory (4gig sticks alone are dirt cheap these days) and be overall more portable. But PLEASE allow for some sort of backwards compatibility, I still wanna play my PSP1 games too.

Corpse XxX:
Touch controls on the back.. Does this mean that the psp will bli slightly see-through or have i misunderstood?

No, it's not touch SCREEN, just touch PADS... Like your lap top, the little touch pad that controls the mouse. i'm interested to see how this goes down

in other news it will also have 2 screens, motion controls and miis, I mean psiis

just give us the freaking second analog stick then its basically a controller for your ps3 and that is what were used to not this zoom in then aim while sitting still. seriously though why is it on the same side as the other move pad thingy. When you could use both your thumbs and not even need a 2nd analog stick!

...Intriguing. And transferable to other systems. You have my attention Sony; impress me.

And next to be added, motion controls...the PSP 3 senses when the user is frustrated by a particular game's difficulty via detecting the motion of being thrown against a nearby wall, and lowers the difficulty automatically based on the force with which it struck.

And then following that, on the PSP 4, Bad Touch Screen controls will be added. Details are hazy at this point in time.

I don't see how this is going to work without people acidentally touching the buttons. If you reduce the sensitivity then maybe it will work but otherwise I doubt it will be viable. Not that I'm not hoping it will work, I just think this has the potential to be incredibly annoying.

Hmm...I'm gonna need proof that the execution will work before I buy.

Huh? I'm not entirely sure how that would work, i need pictures D:

Reverse Touch Pad technology: it touches you.

In Soviet Russia, you do not touch the pad...

Sorry, I couldn't resist XD

Begone the claw!
A new age of controllers are coming, behold the crab, since the claw doesn't hurts your hands enough.

I actually quite like the idea, and, could work! I think its awesome they are experimenting with something new!

Here is how you make a PSP. Take a Dualshock controller, and strap a screen to it. It might look ugly, but it would be functional.

Reverse touchscreen = It touches you?

I'm a big fan of the psp, so this is pretty exiting news for me. it's nice of them to finally upgrade it. i have the psp 2000 and the psp 3000 and they are almost identical.

They better add another damn analog stick. Thats all I want. At the end there you use analog sticks in plural, so hopefully it'll have more than one. And not awkwardly placed.

yeah! then the monster hunter games will then become playable!

anyway, i think adding a L2 and R2 thing is a good idea. i want to be able to play my playstation games with the R2/L2 buttons and not constantly switching them!

My phone has a reverse touch screen, and I keep the thing turned off, because it's impossible to hold it without accidentally using the touch screen. I hope Sony finds a way around such a problem.

I've thought for years they should just put some buttons on the back of controllers, in some instances it would be much more comfortable and usable with extra buttons and you can't put more than six face buttons on a controller comfortably (and even six seems to be pushing it), why don't they just do that? Games industry, are you really going to be outdone in this by Nintendo?

I like the concept/idea behind it. If their execution is just near perfect, I will be getting one of those after a tech demo or two and personal experience. Also, an option to turn it off would solve many problems.

It at least gives me a legit reason not to obtain a PSP I right now.

Wish they would just design a handheld that would'nt get finger marks or a scratched screen :/ i would pay good money for this!

Interesting. If they bring 20 launch titles that properly show this new tech, then I might consider taking a gander at this.

This is all we want sony, 2 analog sticks, not a Dreamcast special, TWO analog sticks. Stop messing around and just stick that second part on. And they better stick with making things like their six axis optional in games so I can turn it off. Unlike Nintendo where they mostly force controls on you even though you can use 10 controllers on the damn wii! >:C

Ugh, I'd have to try it and perhaps get used to it before I can stomach the idea. It's interesting and could be great for the system, but I just don't know how well and comfortably it'd control.

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