Fallout 3 Fan Creates Amazing Plasma Rifle

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Fallout 3 Fan Creates Amazing Plasma Rifle


Some people go fishing to relax, others make ships in bottles, and a select few create models of alternate-future energy weapons.

If you've ever entertained the idea of spitting hot green globs of plasma at a troublesome rad-scorpion, or seeing off some pesky, brahmin-rustling raiders, then Ryan Palser's incredibly detailed Plasma Rifle model is probably the closest you're going to get without inventing a whole new field of weaponry.

Palser - who is an animator by day - started building the model back in March and finished it earlier this month: a build time just a few weeks shy of five months. Palser wrote on his blog that he builds the models to relax, and has detailed all but the final step of the rifle's creation. It's constructed out of a combination of plastic, wood and metal, and contains electronic components to get that wonderful green glow.

The plasma rifle isn't the first Fallout 3 weapon that Palser has created either; also pictured is the laser rifle he created earlier this year. According to Palser's Flickr page - where you can see a load of pictures of the both rifles - his next project is building a turret from Portal, and considering the amazing job he did on his last two projects, it's almost certainly going to look spectacular.

Source: Dvice


Dang... that looks nice. That's quite a cool hobby.

Wow, things like this really make me wish i had talent at that kind of thing:(.
Bleh its so awesome (L).

That is sooo cool, wish I had that kind of talent!

If I don't own that thing in the next hour...I will be disappoint.

They'll go awesome with the Brotherhood of Steel power armour made by another fan.

hooly crap,I wish I had one of these...

I wonder if he takes debit...

I can't be the only one who read this as "Halo 3 Fan Creates Amazing Plasma Rifle"

This weapon is made by combining two highly unstable heavy elements: Win and Awesome.


I wonder if he takes debit...

Seriously. I wonder how much he would charge, though? Man, those things are beautiful.

Life = won for that guy.

Last Bullet:

I wonder if he takes debit...

Seriously. I wonder how much he would charge, though? Man, those things are beautiful.

Yup, Im guessing perhaps $1000?

Damn that's cool.
I only wish I had that kind of talent.

Give thems to us, we needs it.
He should start selling these.

I can't be the only one who read this as "Halo 3 Fan Creates Amazing Plasma Rifle"

Nope it's just you.

And well done sir. I declare this

Waaaaaaant . . . waaaaaaaaaaaant . . . *paws at screen*

That looks amazing. I wish I had the skill and patience to do things like that.

Its at times like this when I wish I wasn't so failing in the artistic category. This guy did a very cool job with that model, he should be damned proud.

Fuck yes! Enough with spamming wimpy laser rifles, old-school days of PLASMA weapons is where it's at dawg!

Truly an awesome work of art!

One word...


Last Bullet:

I wonder if he takes debit...

Seriously. I wonder how much he would charge, though? Man, those things are beautiful.

It would most likely cost $9001, just due to how epic it is. Seriously that thing just oozes awesomeness...no, nvm, that was just my drool, but even that was a product of the awesomeness created by this model.

Ah... the plasma rifle. That thing single-handedly got me through the Cathedral and Military Base in Fallout 1. I love it so...

On-topic: That looks awesome! I'd love to hang that up on my wall or something just so people think I'm some super-genious that is making plasma weapons. Or they'd think I'm crazy. Who knows?

Why is it that no one's mentioned the awesome Laser Rifle?

Those both look very sharp and authentic. He should be making movie props with that kind of detail. :)

This is the second most embodiment of all in which is awesome.

This guy wins at life.

seriously, that looks awesome
cant wait for the portal turret

I would so love to have that, just to hang it in my room. I could threaten people with it and it would then spit out good, it would be great!

This guy has amazing talent.

Haha! Thats awesome! Thats is amazing talent right there!

I want them so bad what if they shoot nerf darts....MUST.ASK.FOR.BLUEPRINTS.NOW.

WOOOOOOOW. That is awesome. Both of them look super realistic and the green on the plasma rifle.... URGH! I just jizzed my pants. Too bad that it says A3-21 Plasma Rifle on the side, as A3-21 isn't the model number, but the android that gave it to you in the game (It's called A3-21's Plasma Rifle in the inventory). That doesn't matter, though. This kicks ass. Please post a news topic when this guy makes the Portal Turret.

That's really cool, kudos to the man for having the time to do that.

He should considering making this a second job/hobby to earn income, he definitly has some talent/skillz.

Either way, some people around here instilled that love for Fallout 3 once more, I am well on my way right now!

Well, I'll start saving my bottlecaps and see if I can buy one off him

(I wonder if he'll be okay with plastic caps)

Well hot damn look at that, all I can say is someone's going to be a happy cosplayer.

and he creates the shitty plasma rifle. wonderful. if it isn't the Winchester p94 (turbo or regular), it ain't a plasma rifle.


it is a good model though.

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