The Week in Review - Hackers, War, and Mega Man

The Week in Review - Hackers, War, and Mega Man

In this week's edition, cracking your PS3 turns out to be super-popular and Treyarch talks about Call of Duty: Black Ops' gritty story.


"Portal Ball" Cut From Portal 2

Valve writer Erik Wolpaw has revealed that there were plans for Portal 2 to have a competitive multiplayer mode as well as its co-op puzzle mode. The multiplayer was supposedly much like speedball, but had a distinctly Portal twist, with players using their portal guns to move the ball around quickly, or prevent opponents from reaching the goal. Wolpaw said that the mode was dropped after it became obvious that it was just an unplayable chaotic mess, and didn't really feel much like Portal. (link)


No "No Russian" For Black Ops

The next Call of Duty won't have anything as gratuitous as Mewtwo's "No Russian" level, according to Treyarch's Josh Olin, but the developer won't be pretending that war is all puppies and laughter either. He said that Black Ops was designed to evoke strong emotional responses in its players, but that it would always be with the aim of making the story all the more immersive. (link)


Final Fantasy XIV Adds Mandatory Time Limits

When you're paying a monthly fee for a game, you'd expect it to be up to you exactly how you played it, right? Well, Square Enix apparently disagrees, as it has placed limits on how long a player can train in any single class over a seven day period. The idea behind it is to prevent hardcore players gaining an advantage over more casual ones, but whether it will actually work out that way is debatable. (link)


Marvel at These Mega Men

Here's something I bet you didn't know about Mega Man, he can take powers from anything that has them, not just Doctor Wily's robots. As sprite artist Irene Y Lee neatly illustrates, Mega Man can nab the abilities of mutants, sorcerers, demons, and even gods. Make sure you check out the full panorama and see how many characters you can name. (link)


PS3 Modchip Sells Out

A plug-in jailbreak kit for the PS3 has been such a big hit that the suppliers were unable to keep up with demand. Shoppsjailbreak announced over the weekend that it had run out of the device and would only be able to take reservations until it replenished its stock. But with Sony trying to get the device banned, its days may already be numbered. (link)


The time limit thing for FFXIV is an intresting ventrue. I am always willing to toy with new ideas but forfh ow long will it last before people out cry...

wow, the week flys by so quick.

And look how many things have happened since!
I still think the portal madness would be hilarious even though the chaos would explode someone's head.

The purchasers of all those modchips were named:

-Sony Interactive Entertainment.
-That one guy who clicked the wrong thing

MAy I be the first to say that the class time limit idea is one of the most retarded things I ever heard, right up there with kill streaks. What if I don't want to use other classes, then I just have to wait for the game to let me play again, while my monthly subsciption is ticking away? I don't see how keeping hardcore players from getting better than casual ones is a good excuse anyway. If they want to PvP and not die, they should find someone at their level, not expect everyone to be at their level because idiot game designers forced them to. Whatever, I wasn't ging to get the game anyway.

It regard to FFXIV...It's not a time limit. It has nothing to do with time. It's a skill points system with thresholds. If you pass I believe there are about 8. Once you pass the first one, you will get slightly less skill points with that weapon. Once you stop using that weapon, it will restore itself over time in addition to the hard reset on a 1 week timer. It will not be an issue after release for a few reasons.

First off, experience for weapons will be lowered and guildleve rewards will be adjusted. Second, I haven't encountered the issue at all and I've been playing the beta pretty frequently.

I think this is a step in the right direction actually. Everyone hates those asshats who play Make Love, Not Warcraft style. It's better this way. People just have to have to get over their spoiled conditioning and realize yeah it's your money but it's their game.

Unless you are literally grinding most of the day every single day and doing nothing else, this isn't a problem at all. It's just people crying foul because they feel they've been wronged when they haven't even paid to play yet.


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