Duke Nukem Forever is Complete! (Maybe)

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Duke Nukem Forever is Complete! (Maybe)


Fire up the rumor mill! 3D Realms co-founder George Broussard may have tweeted a hint that could possibly indicate that Duke Nukem Forever might actually be done!

Could it be? Could it possibly, actually be? Could the legendarily vaporous Duke Nukem Forever finally be complete? Probably not, no, but the most recent tweet from Broussard, one of the creators of Duke Nukem, is nonetheless very intriguing: It's an image of winged pigs.

The significance? Aside from the fact that "when pigs fly" is a common figure of speech for something that's never going to happen, Broussard himself used the term in a 2006 interview with 1Up when he said, "I think it'll be out when pigs fly."

Decade-spanning development period notwithstanding, the Duke has had a rough ride over the last year or so, although things have smoothed out a bit in recent months. In June, an acrimonious lawsuit between 3D Realms parent Apogee and Take-Two Interactive was dropped and last month a rumor that Gearbox was taking over development floated to the surface. Entirely coincidentally, or perhaps not depending on how you feel about conspiracies, Duke Nukem Forever also won the Zero Punctuation Viewer's Choice award earlier this week.

Does it mean anything? Absolutely not! Unless it does, of course. Isn't it exciting? Stay tuned!


But... Duke Nukem Forever not coming out has been a staple of my childhood! If this is true, I dunno what do with self.



What was that for!?

Calumon: You were getting Hysterical!

Jack: No I wasn't! *Calu-Slap*

So yes, I second the picture: When pigs fly.

Doubtfully it isn't finished, didn't developement stop on it?

Couldn't it also be saying that it will never be finished? Rather than "look pigs are flying, DNF is finished" it could be "This needs to happen before DNF is finished" That's how I see it anyway.

It's something about the silver tree. And a battle that never happened. "Blood on the troubled garments..."

If it is, cool. If it's not, I'll never even notice the difference.

Interesting. I'd love to see the game come out, if only to fulfil my curiosity.

Wait...wait...what?! Seriously?!

Goddammit, this is becoming one strange chain of events...

Whos willing to bet that they announce a release date and then push it back by a couple of months? That scenario seems pretty likely don't you think?

I'm not sure why anyone would get excited over this. I know Duke Nukem Forever is gaming's Sasquatch and the old Duke games were pretty enjoyable back in the day, but DNF is most assuredly going to suck when/if it is finally released. I just can't bring myself to care.

No way. Impossible. Couldn't be.

...Could it?



Well, yeah it's done. Was the memo missed about how ZP has already reviewed the game?

It's DEAD! Get over it.

Meh, stopped caring about the game roughly six years ago. If its done then great but I really don't care anymore. Hopefully it does get released so people will stop talking about it.

I'm gonna have to quote Yahtzee from his GDC video in 2008.
"If this game doesn't turn out to be history's greatest contribution to human culture and the cure for at least 1 type of cancer, then I and every reviewer are going to saw it's bottocks off!"

Hehe lovely image. Fitting too.

Is this scam still happening? I thought everyone involved was sued/fined/castrated/whatever...

After what happened to my thread about this rumor (in its earlier stages), I won't be surprised to see a severe lack in positive replies. People seem to hate Duke for some reason...

I'm going to treat this like I treated GnRs Chinese Democracy, and real Chinese Democracy.

I'll sees it when I sees it.


Really? Well, who knows it might actually good. I've never played any of the DN games though.

Pretty cool I guess?...

There is nothing saying that this game will be good, so I'll see.

Even if they did release it, it would never be as good as people have hyped it to be.

It's DEAD! Get over it.

IU agree with this.

Lets, just let sleeping dogs die...

Could you imagine if this whole time we've assumed that DNF has been dead, and tomorrow they announce "Oh, Duke Nukem Forever is coming out in a week. Nbd."?

Hell would freeze over.

I find the shades worn by one of the pigs to be quite interesting alright...

I really hope it isn't done, and the game has been abandoned, and that all that's left of it is an arcade machine in their closed office playing the beta version, which turned out to be the best game ever made. Because if it is released, from what I've seen of it, it's going to be a crappy mediocre brown FPS. The gameplay demo released a while ago showed that they practically removed everything that could have been good, including the ability for it to be a remembrance and call back to the older, funner FPS'.

TL;DR: Get over it, it will inevitably be a pile of shite.

I would actually laugh my ass off if it just randomly appeared in stores one day, no warning no thing. But in reality I think that was just a funny picture he posted and nothing to do with the duke, unless it was just to fuck with our minds.

Who cares?

Holy twitter hint, batman!

This is exciting!

Do they not realize that it has been so comically long that nobody gives two hecks about a cryptic .gif image that may or may not potentially be about the possibility of the game maybe or maybe not nearing completion?
Shit or get off the pot 3d Realms!!!

I feel old now.

wait let me call Satan yes its FREEZING THERE?! yup its coming out hell has finaly frozen over

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