The Last Guardian Confirmed for Tokyo Game Show

The Last Guardian Confirmed for Tokyo Game Show


One of the most baffling E3 no-shows will finally see the light of day again next week at the Tokyo Game Show.

There were a few games that people were really hoping to see back at E3 this past June that, for whatever reason, simply didn't make the cut: games like Square-Enix's Final Fantasy Versus XIII, BioWare's Mass Effect 3, and Sony's The Last Guardian, to name a few.

Apparently, we'll be getting information on at least one of those games next week: Sony confirmed to Videogamer that The Last Guardian - and creator Fumito Ueda - would be showing up at the Tokyo Game Show. The Last Guardian's last appearance was a year ago at TGS 2009, so hopefully we're due for another trailer starring the boy and his big gryphon-monster-cat-dog-thing.

Even though we all know how it's going to end, I'm still really psyched for a third game from the creators of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, and I know I'm not alone. Maybe we'll even get a release date.

Okay, I won't be holding my breath for that.


Is that a picture of a giant dog, eating a man?

Oh god I'm looking forward to this game...

Looks like Altair is getting eaten. That will teach him to freerun everywhere.

The Assassin Swear Box David Jaffe was right, it was better when we didn't know what was going to be at conferences, while I'm happy Team Ico's latest masterpiece will be there it would have been nice to either be there or watch the live feed or be at a conference and be amazed and surprised by the games as opposed to watching it after a press release is ermmm released!.


Release date? Yeah, and maybe Value will be there to show off Half Life 2; Episode 3 XD

As of now, this year's Tokyo Game Show is AWESOME!

I finally get to see some new footage of my most anticipated game of the not to distant future.

Maybe they'll announce the Ico/SoTC collection too?

Oh hell yes! I need to go back and play SotC again...

The last who does what now?

Is that the fruity luck dragon from Neverending Story raiding a toga party for lunch? He's gonna be wasted by the time he's full.

Awesome. I am expecting great, great things from this title! Looking forward to seeing more of it

Is that a picture of a giant dog, eating a man?

Hah hah hah. :D

Watch the trailer to find out if your right, the picture is of a scene from it.
I can't wait to hear/see more information on the game, it'll be hard to beat shadow of the Colossus.

My face exploded with a grin, I can't wait for TGS now!

It's about time. This s gonna be awesome!

I wanna know why they keep putting effort into everything but the main character, The Castle in ICO was amazing, the Collosi in SotC we're phenomenal as was the environment, the falcon-cat dragon in TLG is the best looking anything i've ever seen in a video game, and most movies, but every fucking time the humans are some rushed cell shaded bullshit, that might look good in animal crossing.

Looking forward to the game though. :)

Great, now I'm happy!
Can I have a Team Ico HD Collection confirmation now?

mass effect 3? 2 only came oout a few months ago calm down. and i still cant understand why people are excited for this, it got best trailer and crap from game trailers but its just a big pile of crap its a glowing boy doing nothing and a terribly renderd creature thing spacking about, how the hell is this even a game?

And then one day later, its appearance is refuted in another article?


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