University Experimentally Bans Facebook and Twitter

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Pah! Facebook didn't take off as a major force until I was in my third year at uni.

Back then we organised how and where we'd get pissed by speaking in lecturers or them old mobile telecommunication units.

Well, that's amusing. I never really got into the whole social networking thing. I just don't like it, i never saw the point of 'liking' everything and i certainly don't care enough to know what people are up to. About the only thing i use it for is organising group events with friends, like getting everyone to go down the pub. Other than that i consider them useless - i don't even use twitter full stop. Maybe i'm just biased with rage over the whole bebo thing when i was at school. God i hated that.

Well, my school has ALL access blocked to ALL social networking sites (they forgot all the proxies though :D) and we get on fine, but that's a SCHOOL.
I lived without social networking for about 3 years after Facebook and Myspace became the thing for everyone, and I was fine.
I just called or texted people, or, SHOCK HOROR, actually TALKED TO THEM FACE TO FACE!!! :O

It was banned in my college,

Entering it via the secure server wasnt banned.


The McDonald's 20 yards from the edge of campus that has wi-fi will be doing AMAZING business that week.

Because unfortunately, modern kids fail at these sorts of thought experiments. Instead of diving in and experimenting with themselves, challenging themselves, maybe growing a bit... they'll just find a work-around and completely dodge even the ACCIDENTAL chance of getting the point.

And in doing so, they will prove that exact point. And we can all look down on them for about ten minutes before we realize what we've already come to know and dread. They may be stupid, brainless, will-less zombies, but they will all probably have three times as many children as you. They are the future.

They will hate him for it, but hes trying to point out they are all hopelessly addicted and programmed by it all.

I really don't understand the appeal of such sites. I don't have accounts with them, and nobody is bugging me to get one either. Then again, I don't know very many people to begin with.

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