Fans Build BioShock Infinite in Minecraft

Fans Build BioShock Infinite in Minecraft

Ten friends, two weeks and a heck of a lot of digital building blocks equals one flying city.

BioShock Infinite fans have recreated the floating city of Columbia in the sandbox building game Minecraft, using information gleaned from trailers and screenshots, and a dash of imagination to fill in the blanks.

The leader of the project, known as "DrKamina," runs a BioShock themed Minecraft server called "City of Rapture," and according to the video's description, he and his ten-strong team worked on the project for two weeks before deciding to release the first video. DrKamina says that the map will soon be placed on its own server, which will be called "City of Columbia," so presumably other Minecraft players will soon be able to tour it for themselves.

It must have taken real dedication - not to mention a lot of planning - to recreate the city brick for brick, and the results are both quirky and impressive. My own experience with Minecraft was five minutes spent tunnelling until I hit lava, so I can't even begin to imagine building something so grand.

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now THAT, is impressive.

And must have taken some time and dedication to build. Congrats to the people who did it.

If this isn't one of the coolest things ever, I don't know what is.

Ooh! Ooh! What about re-creating Rapture in Minecraft, or when Bioshock Infinite comes out, there's a mod that makes everything look like this?

It's pretty cool to watch people build amazing stuff in that game.

Here hoping that the alpha carts will be fixed soon.

That was awesome. It makes me want the game!

edit: I find minecraft inspiring, and a little bit disenchanting regarding the rest of the video game industry. one guy made minecraft. ONE GUY.

Wow. Now THAT is dedication!

Wow. Now THAT is dedication!

Minecraft never ceases to amaze me in it's comunity colaberation endenvours. It's truely a model of what an online community can do if it puts it's mind to it. Heres hoping these people can find a way to channel that crative energy into their own games or projects because someone, somewhere clearly has a lot of tallent.

I hope they add a handrail feature soon.


Reminds me of Worms 3D, that would be an awesome level to play on!

It's nice to know BioShock Infinite will be so awesome, the fan creations were catapulted back in time to teach us all. :)

Now Build a model for real, with Legos!

Never played Minecraft. What's the big deal. Looks like digital legos (although the building was impressive).

That is the power of nerds working together. Now if only we could do something productive.

As impressive as it is, I guarantee that, five minutes after it enters the public servers, some griefer will mess it up completely.

thats awesome! I wish I could build like that, most of my constructions in minecraft look like lumps of resources smooshed together to make a livable space >.<

I love the atmosphere in singleplayer Minecraft though. Going from one island to another harvesting resources, then rushing back home at night to be safe from the zombie hordes.

Never played Minecraft. What's the big deal. Looks like digital legos (although the building was impressive).

Mine-craft sort of is digital Lego but in first person view with tools and fluids and various other cool things all in an infinite world (only limited by the size your hard drive its horribly addictive much more so than say GMOD

Looks like quiet a bit of work went into it. Of course if the development team decides to totally change the layout and movie that guy is going to be so mad.

Oh, how I love minecraft <3

Wow. That didnt take long at all! Fantastic!

I played that game once. I tried to build a giant Stargate. I gave up halfway through, and haven't been back since. My friend built a giant house, and some griefer screwed it up after about 2 hours into building it. He doesn't play any more either.

Hey does anyone else notice the Combine symbol behind the Big Daddy in the tittle card?

I am not sure I can comprehend how many hours were spent making this. Impressive!

I'm probably the only person who isn't impressed by this.
Because it was done in creative, where you have infinite blocks (heh) of every kind, and i believe (don't know for certain) you can fly.

The reason I'm not impressed is because it's not that hard.

Hell, I'm a noob at Minecraft, and I made a floating battleship (with a pirate theme) a survival mode (go farm your own blocks mode).

They're going to let random people on the internet walk around their meticulously crafted floating city? In a game where anybody can break anything at anytime and there is no recovery other than to rebuild?

Somehow I don't picture this ending well.


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