Half-Life 2 Remade in Incredible CGI

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I think I'd rather watch a movie about Gordon Frohman.

Good to know the guys at Weta Digital are keeping busy. :P

this reminds me, What the hell happened to Black Mesa Source?

After watching this, I DO WANT a CGI HL2 movie... It looked so slick and awesome, I really want something like this.


Why can't things like this actually get made into real movies :(

Can you imagine if Bay/Boll/Cameron/Lucas or Shyamalan got hold of this?

Best not to. Keep our dreams safe.

Just get Cee-Gee to do it. I want this. I want this so badly.


It looks OK, but from third person that HEV suit looks utterly hilarious in combat.

Someone get that man a beer.

Also, a budget.

Looks awesome.

I do often wonder how a Half-Life film would work, would Gordan communicate through his eyebrows?

Also, how the heck does a mute command troops in Half Life 2? Pointing?

arrrgh, you can see gordon's face! Its not right i tell you, its not right!

Looks awesome.

Also, how the heck does a mute command troops in Half Life 2? Pointing?

The military do use hand signals to command troops in combat, it doesn't seem like it would be too farfetched to believe that they would be able to do this in the HL universe too.

Very impressive work. If only this could inspire Valve to hurry up with Half-Life 2:Episode 3.


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