Boobs Oddly Censored On Samurai Warriors 3 Cover

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Boobs Oddly Censored On Samurai Warriors 3 Cover


The difference in boob content on the North American and European covers of Samurai Warriors 3 is astoundingly small.

There are some strange decisions made in the world of videogame cover censorship. I'm here to let you know that the cover of North America's upcoming version of Samurai Warriors 3 will be censored, but before you rage against the man, it's only by a minuscule amount.

So minuscule in fact that it's just plain laughable. I know the U.S. and the rest of the world have different standards when it comes to acknowledging the existence of human body parts, but this is pretty much ridiculous.

First, take a look at the cleavage featured on the European and Japanese cover of the game, which was released in December 2009 and May 2010 respectively.


Now, the North American version, coming out on September 27.


Notice the amazing difference? Was it really all that necessary to censor what amounts to maybe a few millimeters of painted cleavage on a clothed woman?

Is the U.S. really in a situation where Nintendo (publisher of Samurai Warriors 3 in the U.S. and Europe) felt it'd get heat for leaving a line on a cover that indicated a woman has lady parts? Maybe I'm overreacting, but it makes me a little bit sick to see the incredibly silly situation that the U.S. is in compared to the rest of the world as indicated by this cover. I'm dumbfounded, but glad to know that in some strange corner of the country a child doesn't have to be exposed to the horrors of a female samurai's mammaries.

Source: Aussie Nintendo, via GoNintendo


I actually think the bottom one looks better.

Even when the difference is essentially nonexistent, America still has to be the bigger prude.

Meh, whatever, I don't really see what purpose boobs should serve on a cover, anyways.

Not going to lie but I agree with sneakypenguin, it actually looks like it fits her body and not about to slip off any moment. Other then that I don't see why that would really matter considering the billboards you can see in Las Vegas show a lot more then that.

I think the 'fixed' one looks better.

Eitherway, there was no real point in changing it as its a very very minor difference.

eh, I don't really see why that was necessary

Looks like she's wearing more effective undergarments. But only since you pointed it out. I had to stare for about ten seconds before I noticed anything. And then ten more seconds, just to be sure. And then ten more, just for the hell of it.

Can't wait to play this game, regardless.

I'm surprised that us UHMUREEKANS didn't change it completely.

"Foreign sword using people that threaten our freedom." That would be a MUCH better game.

OT: I can't say I'm surprised as it is Nintendo, a family friendly company.

Y'know, it actually kinda smooths out the cleavage instead of covering it.

I'm going to echo sentiments here: I think the second one looks better. The top one makes it look like the poor woman probably has some serious lower back problems, while the bottom one (while not totally) is ever so slightly more reserved.

Still silly that they changed it, but in this case I honestly think it was for the better aesthetically.

You actually care about such a small discrepancy?

Furthermore, you actually observed that portion of that both of those pictures long enough to notice?

Thank you so much for writing this Tom. You perfectly expressed a problem I have had with American games industry for awhile. Whether the above or bottom picture looks better isn't really the point, I think. But maybe it's just me.

I cant believe a Samurai Warriors game came out without me knowing... gonna have to check Amazon!

oh and yeah the lower one looks better because it looks like its actually gonna stay in place and not slip off

Bottom one looks better to me.

Kinda silly censoring though. I'm hoping this was just a aesthetic thing, as opposed to intentional censoring.

I actually think the bottom one looks better.

While I do agree, this is simply getting ridiculous, the covered what, about half a centimeter of cleavage? Ohh yeah that's a completely necessary editing job.

This is like what they do to magazines and media covers in the middle east. Has anyone seen that? They tend to draw fabric over women's shoulders. It's pretty...usubtle.

this kinda censoring always happens

look at yugioh cards, im pretty sure u can easily find bout 100 something cards edited...

i dont get why we do it tho, i blame paranoid mothers tho..

Gotta admit, I had to check both out a couple of times to see the difference.

It's like the when they changed Mirror's edge concept art it's completely pointless because no one will notice...

Maybe the NA localizers thought that she looked chilly so they added a bit more covering for her.

Ah you silly Yanks and your completely pointless censoring.

To echo the statements of most people in this thread, the bottom one actually looks better. It's still a pointless change though.

Her chest actually looks larger in the second picture.

That really is odd. I would have never thought the second pic was censored.

I hate to point this out, but will it even matter at all? Seriously, it's Samurai Warriors 3. Is anyone looking forward to this?

OF COURSE ITS NECESSARY!!!! What if i child sees that? Jack Thompson will flip shit. Kids might get interested in SEX!!!

Oddly, the edited one looks more natural to me. It's hard to explain, but it just seems slightly more aesthetically appealing. Which is even odder since I'm a guy and "Me likes teh boobies!"

It's completely unnecessary though. Why do this? Then again, I'm often surprised by the dumb editing they do in some movies, games, television shows, and even card games. Yeah, they actually edit some card pictures from foreign markets. (I'm a nerd and use to enjoy playing a few different card games)

"I'm tired of these Monkey-Fighting Snakes on this Monday to Friday plane!!!"

funny thing is the way censorship works in the US if she was bludgeoning someone to death with those droopy tits it might actually be considered more acceptable :P

I hate to point this out, but will it even matter at all? Seriously, it's Samurai Warriors 3. Is anyone looking forward to this?

I'm pretty much a bunch of us Wii players are, since its only coming out on our console =D Woo!

You actually care about such a small discrepancy?

Furthermore, you actually observed that portion of that both of those pictures long enough to notice?

It's not as if it would take a significant amount of time to notice the difference - it is small, sure, but it's still apparent. And the OP is just pointing out how ridiculous it is that someone found it necessary to make such a minor alteration, although I will agree that the second one is more aesthetically pleasing.

I think the top picture makes it look like she has a butt under her shirt.

Whether it looks better or not was not the first thing I thought. My first thought was: Who gets paid to look at box art and alter the clothing of the characters?

Basically Americans like violence but shy away from sexual content. A game can be as bloody, gory, and violent as you can make it but if it shows so much as a nipple people freak out.

This reminds me of the censoring of Ivy Valentine in the promotional art for Soul Calibur IV, albiet the content in the game itself was untouched.

Honestly though, I do think this is pretty ridiculous, but then again censorship has been getting increasingly ridiculous in the US, and has hit a peak (Arnie, ACTA, etc...).

Oh no, her cleavage has been 4Kids'd!

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