Foundation 9 Stakes Claim as Industry's "Secret Weapon"

Foundation 9 Stakes Claim as Industry's "Secret Weapon"


The name Foundation 9 might not be well known, but its CEO says that it's one of the most popular developers around.

Forget about the likes of Valve or Bungie, it's apparently Foundation 9 that's the world's biggest independent developer. CEO James North-Hearn says that his company is the "go-to guy" for some of the biggest publishers in the world, even going as far as to call Foundation 9 the industry' "secret weapon."

Foundation 9 is the parent company of six different studios, all of which operate independently, which explains why Foundation 9 isn't a household name among gamers. Foundation 9 studios are responsible for Super Street Fighter 2: HD Remix, the port of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 on XBLA and PSN, Silent Hill: Homecoming, and the recent Doctor Who adventure games. Foundation 9 is also often contracted to made handheld versions of games that appear on the Xbox 360 or PS3, such as Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions or X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

"Secret weapon" might be a touch on the hyperbolic side, but it's clear that Foundation 9 does a lot of work on a lot of games that people might not be aware of. Whether it's actually the largest independent developer in the world is debatable, however, as it's really six studios operating under a single banner. You strap six PopCaps together, and then we'll see who's biggest.

Source: Eurogamer


So they're responsible for Homecoming, eh? OK, I'll know to stay away now that I know who they are.

The rest of the games are pretty good, though.

So they're responsible for Homecoming, eh? OK, I'll know to stay away now that I know who they are.

The rest of the games are pretty good, though.

Hmmmm... the doctor who adventure games not so much. As freeware they only suceeded in being mildy diverting and when compared to the rest of the adventure game genre they really fell short. I maintain they are some of the ugliest games i have EVER seen. Their colour pallete is gharish, their aliasing and lack of AF unforgivably bad and their modeling un-emotive.

So they are the ones to blame for secretly ruining the games industry.

So they make games that are generally not good in most people's opinions, such as handheld ports and such. In fact, it sounds like most of their games are ports. Why are they proud of that?

Their 2 best games were a port and a HD remake, neither of which were anything special.

Who are these jokers again?

Really, their biggest accompishments are ports and remakes. That does not a secret weapon make.

I wouldn't say there the Secret Weapon.

Out of the games listed i've only play Silent Hill H so they not a big deal to me it's not like i go "Oh Boy! a new Foundation 9 game".

I think this might be a self claim...

Seems everyone wants the title right now.

As for secret weapons...yeah

they are a company who specialises in ports, they are not the secreat weapon they are an easy button

till they manage to make something original and make it good, they are more of an industry "bitch" then anything else

so they have made ports of mediocre console games, remade games with pretty much no changes and released the 2nd worst silent hill game. if they actually were our secret weapon, the industry would be completely fucked.

im fairly sure the prhases "not well known" and "popular" dont mix.

Isn't the point of a secret weapon that noone, err, knows about it? Hence the "secret"? And how do you turn videogames into a "weapon"? Does this guy plan on using his company to blow up a city or something? I don't understand any of what he just said...

Secret? Clearly. I mean, I'd never heard of them.

Secret weapon? Maybe not.

Who the heck is Foundation 9?

"Secret" yes "Weapon" no.

All they seem to do is make ports...


"That does not a secret weapon make."

The master is right, it does not make a secret weapon, it just make them the worst porters ever (never liked their ports) but anywhay, good to know who is behind all that stuff.

So they're responsible for Homecoming, eh? OK, I'll know to stay away now that I know who they are.

The rest of the games are pretty good, though.

Not them directly, but they are the ones who have Double Helix working for them, DH is the ones you want to avoid, their games are utterly generic at best.

But the SSF2:HD remix, and the Marvel vs Capcom port makes up for that, as thats another studio, and honestly the Wolverine game was actually pretty decent, and that Shattered Dimensions game got a much higher score than Front Mission Evolved (another game from DH, again, generic at best, pathetic attempt at an Armored Core clone all the time).

Kind of surprised it's not called "foundation 6". They've worked on a lot of known titles but half their resumè seems to be porting games.

Glad to know this. I am staying far away from these guys. Nothing anything stellar except for a few ports here and there. And the rare good game.

Actually, I think we may be neglecting the grander scheme behind Foundation 9 as a secret weapon.

Ports and remakes are their forte, right? So what if these cheap games were somehow capable of being sold by the droves to drugged masses, forcing out all competition and dominating the market?!? Creativity, innovation, and quality would be doomed!

Somebody tell the CEO that popular means everybody knows who you are and therefore if you aren't well know, you aren't popular.

Is it just me, or are company's lately being all "MINES BIGGER"

So these guys are the ones who couldn't be assed to fix the stages in MvC2 and just have the chopped off polygons on the ends, or that has Ryu with his hair cut off in the loading screen.

Or Street Fighter 2 HD? The game that was nearly canceled because the game was having serious quality and time issues?

Yeah quality work fellas. Keep up the bragging, there'll be people to knock your back down a peg or two.

Edit: Silent Hill Homecoming?! Oh you bastards are the ones responsible for making Silent Hill Cliche, and dumb. You guys can't do ANYTHING right.


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