Super Meat Boy Offers Free DLC Through Loophole

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Well, good luck to them. Lets just hope Microsoft doesn't turn around and go "No, FUCK YOOOUUUU!" and stop the game from being released on Arcade.


Erherm, sorry about that. I needed to get that off my chest. Read it, learn it, accept it. They got our money from us, we were suckers. They dont actually care about those of us who use XBL. IF THEY DID, we would get a bug fix atleast. So poo on that arguement.

As for MS's DLC policy, it sounds like utter bananas. I dunno how it works, but I see plenty of free DLC all the time, depending on the game. But if people are finding loopholes, WOOT. More free stuff is good.

Tom Goldman:
According to the developers, nobody has released any kind of DLC in this manner in the history of Xbox Live.

Crackdown objects to this assertion. They released a free title update that along with some bug fixes, added new features (being able to reset gangs), new moves (ground stomp when your strength is maxed), and 2 achievements.

Crackdown also managed to release a DLC pack that contained new achievements. Some of those new achievements didn't actually require any of the stuff from the pack, and in a move no developer seems to bother with anymore on either the 360 or PS3, you could get those achievements even without buying the DLC. Most developers now will make you buy the DLC before you can unlock any achievements, even if you can fulfill the requirements without it.

So yeah, you can color me unimpressed with this. Another game did it before them, and has done even more than that. And of course, we have this:

I still don't get this...

There is loads of free DLC on XBL.

For arcade games and for full games. Not every piece of DLC is charged for.

As much as I want Valve to use this, I think the TMS (Title Managed Storage) area is too small for the sum of all Team Fortress 2 updates to be usable...

As much as I want Valve to use this, I think the TMS (Title Managed Storage) area is too small for the sum of all Team Fortress 2 updates to be usable...

TF2 has an enormous size on PC right now. (I think there's at least 2 GB's worth of update content)
TMS is only 32KB's.

Good show, chaps. However, once other companies take this more high-minded route, Microsoft WILL find a way to shut it down.

That's really smart of those guys. They finally broke the tiranny of XBLA.

I think it is nothing more than normal to have at least the option of releasing some content, even if it's just teaser, for free, but hey, that's probably just me.

Probably the reason why I don't have a mansion with a golden pool...

anyone else played the flash game before hearing about this game? im going to go play it, its very fun.

So Valve, time to either do this or admit to just not giving a damn.

this game is awesome! okay it's brutal...and I'm not one for self inflicted punishment, but it's pick up and play quick come and go
awesome stuff (it caught my interest as an Internet flash game but I didn't get into it because the keyboard controls were annoying)

I can see Title managed storage getting size restrictions pretty quickly the moment valve here of this.

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